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Such a delectable man: Final Sunday SmoRgAsbord


BeFunky_London-23ddWith the allure of a star of the classic silver screen.   Nobody makes a tux look any better than he does (yes, Mr. Bond, that includes YOU).


Such masculinity in the pose, in those strong-looking, beautiful hands, the toned arms beneath the shirt, and the intensity and directness of his gaze beneath those bold dark brows.  Quietly confident.

BeFunky_photomania_15315704.jpgAnd then there’s those moments when he is just so boyishly cute and adorable. *sigh*

BeFunky_Cambear-05dddOh, Richard. *thud* The eyes, the smile. The hoodie and leather.


Richard Armitage. He’s made of magic. Nuff said.


The dazzling unforced smile. And windblown floppy hair.  😀


Stunning bearded beauty.

Oh, my. Once again I am discombobulated. But in a good way.


And the reason for my  discombobulation (finding oneself flustered into a state of confusion or disconcertion) was seeing this image from an Asian movie magazine at Richard Armitage Net:


I really should be asleep, or attempting to do so, but I’ve had this annoying pain in my upper left side for a couple of days–a pulled muscle, I am quite certain–and it’s hard to get comfy. So I decided to check RANet to see what I’d missed and lo and behold, I found the above image.

Now, I wish there wasn’t that big ol’ shadow, and I wish they hadn’t Photoshopped away his forehead scar or some of his lovely smile lines–but it’s still a stunner.  The gaze, the stubble, the open collar on the black shirt, the faintest hint of a smile that makes you wonder what he’s thinking . . . so I was forced, forced I tell you, to play with this image.  Here are some of the results. Yeah, there’s even more, and I still don’t think I am done having fun. 😉







Merry Christmas from “the catwalk”: RA, so sexy it hurts!


Just in time for the holidays, the nice people over at Muvee Reveal  Technologies got the grinches out of their system and allowed me to upload the Retro video style pack to this computer (thank you so much, Patrick Bello, for your able assistance. I hope Santa was good to you). And then my Christmas angel allowed me to not only make a vid, but to upload it from home without a single hitch! So here’s another little Christmas treat for RA fans. It’s very tongue-in-cheek fun featuring our reluctant sex symbol himself. I hope you enjoy!

WARNING: This “Catwalk” styling does feature flashing lights, stars and other effects that may bother some people