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Monet for a Sunday



Richard was just lovely as painter Claude Monet in The Impressionists. Of course, you could say he is lovely in pretty much every role, but there was a special incandescence to his blue eyes here, along with the joie de vivre in those broad smiles and from-the-belly laughs. He did an excellent job of capturing the passion, the struggles and the triumphs of an artist in love with color and light and life itself.

monet color quote




Must grab a quick bite and then head to town for the baccalaureate service. Kindergarten grad tomorrow night, a prospective daytime shoot of “The Wizard of Oz” one day this week and FDA graduation at end of week. PRP is busy!

Final Serving of Sunday SmoRgAsbord: Smiles!


I watched Downton Abbey tonight along with Faboamanto and RAblogger at Twitter. Let’s just say none of us can say we actually enjoyed this episode.  When the Dowager Duchess, played by the superb Maggie Smith,  loses her customary aplomb, it is time to break out the handkerchiefs, boys and girls.

So I thought I would close out the servings of RA SmoRgAsbord with something a bit more upbeat. Smiles, everyone–smiles!


You knew Harry would be in the mix! Nothing can lift one’s spirits quicker than a Kennedy grin.


Long eyelashes and stubble. And that smile. Lucas, I am your slave.

What a sight for sore eyes! John Porter, the tough soldier with the gentle touch and sweet, sweet smile.

What a sight for sore eyes! John Porter, the tough soldier with the gentle touch and sweet, sweet smile.

Mr. Thornton, you may brood beautifully, but those rare smiles are simply heaven-sent.

Mr. Thornton, you may brood beautifully, but those rare smiles are simply heaven-sent.

Ah, Claude, you gave us many sweet smiles, sunny grins and that laughter!

Ah, Claude, you gave us many sweet smiles, sunny grins and that laughter!

Two beautiful smiles between friends--Meg and Guy.

Two beautiful smiles between friends–Meg and Guy.

Sweet, Sexy Man in Black Leather


This is from a shot of The Hobbit cast members posing together after (?) the Apple Store interview in London. I cropped it down and used photo editing to take out an unnecessary shoulder and played a bit more. This is one of my favorite of the casual outfits Richard wore–love that sweater style under the now ubiquitous black leather jacket–and doesn’t he look handsome and relaxed? As if he’s enjoying the ride. A lovely man.


And of course the candid of him arriving after that long, long flight in Wellington before TH premiere. How can he look so good? It can’t just be due to first class seating, can it?


There were problems with a water leak down the road from us (on what used to be part of the family farm, now owned by a timber company) and our own water got shut off. Been wrangling around to get it cut back on. Waiting for the Quint-Mar folks to show up now.  *sigh*

Amaranthine Armitage: an unfading beauty


There are legends that tell of a flower, the amaranth, possessing a blossom that never fades. From that root we get the word amaranthine–an undying, unfading beauty.

I think there has always been beauty in Richard Armitage’s visage. A beauty hinted out, promised, not yet fully realized; beauty, nonetheless, of a coltish kind. Those eyes are so arresting and speak of an intelligence and sensitivity within.  And that smile. Shy and so sweet.

richard 22




It’s a rather unique beauty, not of the cookie cutter type. Nothing assembly line about Mr. A’s good looks.  The strong, aquiline nose, thin, delicate lips, elfin ears, gazelline neck–features into which he had to grow.



As he has grown older, Richard has simply gotten better. Not only has his talent flourished, his good looks have, too. Just when you think the man couldn’t possibly become more attractive, he manages to do just that. The lines and crinkles, the flecks of grey in his hair, all come together to give that handsome face even more strength and character.  It seems to speak of a man who knows how to live, learn and love well.

Amaranthine Armitage. Long may his unfading beauty continue to delight us.


Sunday SmoRAgasbord: Simmering, Scorching, Sweet


He’s banquet-worthy, binge-worthy, the divine path to repleteness.





After all this scorching, smouldering and simmering, we need a little sweetness. Enter Harry.

After all this scorching, smouldering and simmering, we need a little sweetness. Enter Harry.

Some sunshine for a rainy winter night.


Yeah, having fun playing with Windows Movie Maker again and its new bells and whistles. Didn’t figure you all would object. It’s another rainy night–just rain, thankfully, no thunder and lightning and tornadoes threatening–with rain forecast for every day until Friday. Had to take two muscle relaxers last night. Didn’t do a lot today . . .

Uncle is being cremated by a mortuary in Montgomery. Thursday night there is a sort of celebratory dinner in honor of Uncle at Nanny’s Restaurant. Benny’s cousin wants to take him to lunch one day to Krystal’s Hamburgers, a favorite haunt for the Long family back when you could buy a whole bagful for a couple of bucks and feed four hungry boys. Things have changed.

When Benny and Uncle used to go out once a week, Uncle would offer to pay, and Benny would always wave him off and say, “One day you can buy me a few Krystals.” So Cousin is going to keep that promise to Benny.

In case of a need for sunshine, watch video below




RA Sunday SmoRgAsbord: Rich is a treasure


653433316sza(These are gleamed from Richard’s recent photo shoots, candids and various interviews and appearances tied to The Hobbit.  Sources include Richard Armitage Net, RA Central and the Russian RA site.)

Oh, Richard, what a lovely fellow you are. Looking so sharp in your new outfits–wearing them instead of them wearing you, as Servetus might say–looking polished and confident, exuding good humor and that thoughtfulness that never fails to impress me. You seem to grow more handsome by the day, and yet remain that modest and humble boy-next-door sort we all adore so much.

I would say you are a right old treasure, my dear Richard.






Harry’s Got That Gemutlichkeit: TAE Word for the Day


Gemutlichkeit: (noun) warm friendliness; coziness, comfortableness.  The word comes from German word gemutlich (comfortable, cozy). Earliest documented use: 1892.

If “troth” made me think of John Standring, this word made me think of a certain tall, lanky handsome stranger with a penchant for striped jumpers.


I think of the warmth of that dazzling smile with which he greets the vicar and Alice on their visit to Sleepy Cottage; of his sweet and sunny personality and how good it must be to cuddle with someone like Mr. Kennedy.

Harry exudes gemutlichkeit.

I can easily imagine a cold winter’s eve, curling up beneath a quilt on a comfy sofa in front of a cozy fire, head resting on one broad and reliable jumper-clad shoulder,  listening to Harry read aloud in that delicious chocolate voice . . .



I hope you find some gemutlichkeit in your life this holiday season, my friends.