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Tah-dah moments, footie fun & that blasted elephant in the room.


I am late to the party and I apologize. After an extraordinarily tiring Saturday and a largely lethargic Sunday, I couldn’t get inspired or motivated to do much more than catch up on some comments, wash a load of clothes and do a bit of work for the next DVD project, the Relay For Life Pageant.

As I was doing some photo editing, this particular pic really made me smile. I like the sort of “ta-dah!” moment with the one little red-haired girl.


The contestants ranged in age from four months to, shall we say, “of a certain age.” Many are not normally pageant contestants; they participate in events like this to raise funds and awareness.  An oncology nurse from Mobile came to be one of the adult contestants; she walked in honor of all patients battling cancer. Everyone took the stage in honor and/or memory of a loved one, friend, neighbor or classmate with the disease.

Take a look at this “tomboy” named Sydney:


She is the young teenage daughter of a long-time friend who works at our bank. Marie, was diagnosed with a very rare form of lung cancer several years ago. I am happy to say this lovely young wife and mother of two beat it and has gone on to be a very active part of the Relay For Life Board every year. Sydney has been a helpmate to her mom all along the way, a really good kid.

Is it any wonder the two pageants this normally jeans-and-t-shirt kind of girl has participated in– her middle school’s (a requirement by event sponsor for its female yearbook editors) and in this ACS fundraiser, Sydney was chosen first runner-up?  I find it perfectly reasonable. I can’t wait to show some of the pix to her mom.  Sydney is a beautiful young lady both inside and out.

And now, on to some Richarding!

531976_439153266177657_2017111501_n                                   Richard with Jamie Edwards of Magic FM.

I read through the transcript of Richard’s radio interview with Rick Astley (and NOW I can’t get “Never Gonna Give You Up” out of my head) and saw Astley brought up “that old chestnut,” yes, the story of young Richie running off to Budapest to toss batons and perhaps, perform a bit of mime (or is that “meme”?).  I think Richard should just start mock-strangling chat show hosts with more ferocity and maybe they’d stop asking.

Looks as if he’s still keeping a safe distance from the whole Richard III project. And we now know he’s a fan of Gotye (one of my little fantasies is to sit down with RA over an cup of coffee and talk music, films, TV and books. A very large cup of coffee . . .).

Here’s the link to the transcripts at Richard Armitage Central: http://t.co/TgHZLeGJkX

Go to the news page at http://richardarmitagecentral.co.uk/news/ for a link to the audiofile.

jamie edwards and Rich playing table footie

My gosh, but I like this photo of Mr. A playing tabletop footie with Jamie Edwards of Magic FM.  Apparently, Rich’s footie skills are rusty, but I’d say his form is just–dandy. The boots, the hands, the long, long legs in those jeans . . .  lots to love.

Richard will be in what we can assume is a pre-recorded interview on Steven Wright’s show on BBC Radio 1 at 2 p.m. Monday UK time. Wonder if he gets the circus question yet again? Bless his heart.