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RA in black & white (with a smidgen of color) & more. Collages & Photo Edits.


Just seeing that scan of the RA-as-Byronic-young-actor photo from LAMDA the school tweeted today reminded me (1) how much I love looking at images of Richard from throughout his career and (2) how much I love RA in classic black and white. So I did some editing and some plundering of my stash of old edits.

Of course, being me, I also had to play with that lovely black and white image of our handsome floppy-haired Richard and tweak it a bit. I simply could not resist. Call it theRApy of sorts.

And speaking of therapy, tomorrow I see the local orthopedic surgeon and have him take a look at me, my MRI and my EMG results to see what he recommends re the wrist.  In the afternoon I am traveling with the newspaper publisher to a neighboring county to tour one of their historic old homes and surrounding property. She’s shooting the photos and I will take notes to write the copy for the upcoming edition of the Camellia Magazine. I LOVE old homes, so although I know I will be tired afterwards, I am very much looking forward to it (and getting paid to write it).


BeFunky_73043cea91b38e79954db25bfb387dc7 (1).jpg




New Assorted and Sundry RA Collages for Your Viewing Pleasure


Just a few collages with quotes and pics/fanart of Richard/his ChaRActers I made this week. Some have already shown up at my FB page, The Richard Armitage Effect. Hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful weekend! (PRP *finally* has a gig shooting two pageants Saturday. I anticipate being thoroughly tired and sore but happy to be working again).


PicMonkey Collageconfidence

PicMonkey Collagegentleman


Sir Guy is ever so smug. Hold on there, big fella. Ricky’s here, too!


“He really IS getting in touch with his inner hot henchman, isn’t he?” Sir Guy said with a trademark smirk.


“I mean–look at the longer hair. The leather. I started it all, you know.”



Photo by Sarah Dunn Photography

“Listen, Mate, you aren’t the only bloke the CReAtor has been channeling just lately. There’s some of ME, too,” another deep, husky voice sounded. “In leather–AND in plaid.”




By Sarah Dunn Photography

Sir Guy sniffed and folded his arms across his chest. He nodded slowly, begrudgingly. “I suppose so—” He smirked again. “But I was still FIRST. And have you seen that other black leather jacket of his–pure ME . . .”

Ricky’s mouth curled with amused disdain. “Don’t like yourself much, do you?”

Guy’s eyebrows rose. “What’s not to love?”


Who needs Batman? Give me an Armitagehero every time.


So Richard is not going to be the next Batman. No problem. As far as I am concerned, he’s already brought some amazing superheroes to the screen–and he didn’t need superhuman powers or fancy gadgets or a silly costume with a mask and tights to do it.  Real men with challenges and weaknesses, flaws and fears, who nonetheless stand their ground, believe in loyalty and family, know how to be both tough and tender when it’s needed, and who ultimately win our respect, admiration and our hearts.  Hooray for Armitageheroes!









Like I said–who needs Batman??

Easy like (RA on a) Sunday Morning . . .



A smugly sexy Guy smile on a Sunday morning.




The sweetness of a Harry smile on a Sunday morning.



A swimming pool. Jeans. Wet Lucas. Sunday morning swooooon.



A steaming hot cup of joe with Ricky Deeming  . . . on a Sunday morning.



The pure sweetness of an RA smile . . . on a Sunday morning.




Sgt Portah  . . . even his scars are sexy. Sunday and every day. *thud*

Sunday SmoRgAsbord: It’s ba-aack! (Part 1)



Rev up your motor with Ricky, dive in the deep end with Lee, savor sweet romance with Mr. Thornton, sizzle in sexy steaminess with Portah, admire the medieval beauty that is Sir Guy, thrill to Thorin’s amazing way with a weapon or simply bask in the sunshine that is sweet Harry’s smile as you sample our first smorgasbord for Sunday.

Still wet and downright soggy here with 70 percent chance of rain tomorrow and a good chance on Monday, too. Everyone is pretty tired of the endless precipitation. Hope these fellows will help brighten up all our days!






BeFunky_vod2-126harry (2)

More of the same. Super Sexy Saturday, that is! Fanart & Vids


It’s a glorious day in the neighborhood–Lower Alabama, that is. The gray skies and rain and damp have gone, replaced by cerulean blue and blessedly lower humidity. Enjoyed a little jaunt out with the dogs, who are enjoying the warmth of the sunshine. Jack in particular is in a jolly mood today.

A nap will be in order a little later–stayed up too late reading the Bronte book and trying to pry my cats from my side and legs. I am too restless a sleeper for furry attachments.;) In the meantime, enjoy a second installment of SSS–Super Sexy Saturday.  Sssssssmokin’!


One word. Erotic.


Mmmmmmmm. Porter as diamond smuggler John Dean.  Love everything here–the look of intense concentration, the elfin ear, the beautiful hand, the wristwatch.  The way the lighting accentuates those beautiful lips. Heap sexy man.


Half-mad, dirty, disheveled, wild-eyed, wounded animal . . . speaks volumes to my inner caveman. Sexxxxxxy.


Sexy nineteenth century mill owner style. Cravats have never looked better on (or off) anyone else.


Ricky Deeming. Enigmatic. Defiant. Rebellious. And dead sexy. The black leather doesn’t hurt, either.


How about Lucas as a dark angel in his black singlet?  Beautiful and so sexy.  *sigh*


Sir Guy isn’t the only one who can smoulder oh, so beautifully. The proud warrior–the majestic and deliciously sexy Thorin Oakenshield. Thinking of you, Bechep.

Good grief, what a day! Ricky, I need you.


Thursday has sort of been my Monday. Internet and phone went down, very likely due to a certain set of dogs, in particular a puppy fond of chewing on wires. *ahem*

Couldn’t get the DVD of the Relay Pageant to play on my laptop so I could listen to entire soundtrack and point out any issues for Benny. Well, tried repeatedly playing it in the DVD player and couldn’t get it to work there, either.  I hadn’t had much sleep last night so I finally gave in and did what this dude appears to be doing.


After a lot of tossing and turning and grumbling about Even Worse Knee, I DID discover I could hear the whole pageant DVD through the Surround Sound hooked up to the player. So I sat here tonight listening while I re-read some of my writing.

I read through what little of the revised version of The Lady & The Panther is actually on this laptop (got to find my WriteWay software!) along with a chapter or two of JP fic Truce and part of The Hazards of Love, an erotic vampire pirate tale I co-wrote with Applebeing at LJ several years ago.

Have decided I am not such a lousy writer after all. Just too many doubt fairies and certain RL issues bugging me, such as my unemployment compensation having run out. I love blogging, but it doesn’t pay all that well. 😉

Hubby late getting home having attended another POTR rehearsal.  He managed to finally get the internet back up by running phone lines out the window and directly into the utility box out there. We have signal!!


Childhood memories of watching Eddie Albert as Oliver forced to make calls directly from the telephone POLE on Green Acres.  Things haven’t gotten quite that bad.

Now, of course, we have no regular phone service. And I need to pay the house payment, which I normally do by phone. Don’t like paying using the cell phone.
“Ah, but we have a set-up that allows you to use your cell phone through the regular cordless system,” Benny reminded me.  He also had to remind me exactly how it works, as I have reached the point in my life where something I don’t do very regularly can easily confound me.

OK. so now I think I know how to do it. Mortgage to be paid tomorrow. Won’t have to use those annoyingly teeny buttons on the cell phone. *phew* Internet working for now.  Cooler tomorrow (Yes!) with showers and thunderstorms on their way (No!). Weather Knee already kicking up a fuss.

Going to watch George Gently on my laptop now and enjoy the sexy complexity that is Ricky Deeming as portrayed by the fabulous Richard Armitage.


Tomorrow is Friday, and I suspect Guy will be making an appearance. Assuming my puppy can’t climb poles . . . *sigh*

Sunday SmoRgAsbord: ChaRActers & the “real” RA


Spouse and I watched The Hobbit on Blu-ray tonight. More on that later (he did say it didn’t seem as long watching at home ;)).  I spent a good portion of the afternoon trying to use Muvee Reveal to edit a birthday vid and let’s just say it wasn’t cooperating. I have since moved to the more vanilla offerings of Windows Movie Maker. A 30 minute video can seem like an eternity under such circumstances . . .  I’ve recorded the new Doctor Who to watch tomorrow, just caught Orphan Black ( very good performance by Tatiana Manslany) and now watching The Nerdist.

Tomorrow night–the long-awaited return of Game of Thrones (oh, Tyrion, how I have missed you!), the debut of Mr. Selfridge on PBS and once more, it’s a return to too many things I want to watch ending up on Sunday nights.  Feast or famine at times, I have to say.

Anyhow, here are some new photo edits for you to peruse, my dears. Hope you all have a happy Easter/Easter Monday!








Monday SmoRgAsbord: Some Legendary ChaRActers We Love



The majestic warrior prince who guided his people to a new home after a devastating attack; now seeking to reclaim his homeland. We’d follow Thorin Oakenshield anywhere.  And provide him with plenty of TLC.


Savvy, smart, rescourceful sergeant who kicks arse and takes the time to be tender. We’d want John Porter to come and rescue us if we ended up in a terrible jam.  Or let us give a nice soothing massage . . .  to all those big, buff knotted muscles.


Sir Guy, the beautiful, complex henchman who smoulders like nobody’s business and puts his own life on the line to protect and save the woman he loves . . . too bad she never appreciated him properly (not even after he returned to Nottingham to fight and die by her side if necessary).  We would have done better!

photomania_18457522ccLucas, cool, enigmatic and sexy spy, haunted by the torture and deprivation of years in Russian prison but still loyal to his country (don’t believe everything certain writers dish out).  We’d love to help him move past the pain.


Another engimatic character, black leather-clad rebel 6os biker, Geordie Ricky Deeming, who knows how to make our motors race. We’d like to hop on the back of his bike for a spin . . .


The handsome, hard working Victorian mill owner who seeks to improve himself and discovers a foolish passion for a certain demure young lady. We’d have made up our minds about you much sooner, John Thornton. What a catch!


John Strandring, shy Yorkshire farmer with a heart of gold, a gentle giant. No wonder we call him Sweetie John. Beautiful inside and out, our John is faithful and steadfast. We long to make him feel loved and appreciated . . .

Sexy for all seasons–don’t I know it!



Sexy when you want it warm and cozy.


When you want to dive into the deep end.


Or take a walk on the Dark Side.


Sexy when your compass is aimed at true North.


When you need a good old-fashioned lover boy . . .


He’s ready to get your motor runnin’


To blow you away with a red-hot sexuality.

Sunday SmoRgAsbord: Always my nominee for Best Actor



Year in, year out. For past, present and future performances, whether in roles large or small. In his case, there truly are no small roles, only small actors.  My Best Actor, because  his characters become flesh and blood to me, real, flawed, compelling human beings. Men of  many shades, light and dark, with whom I go on a journey of discovery. His performances inspire, provoke and encourage; they break my heart and make it sing.  Thank you, Richard Armitage.








He’s got the power.