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In need of theRApy right now. My close-up edits & nice quote from co-star



I am sad and grieving, sore and skinned up, moving gingerly because too many parts hurt. The pain is really settling in now and I hear the rumble of thunder moving closer. Mr. Armitage, give me something to smile about, to dream about, to drool over (sans blood, please); help me, in your own special way, to feel better.





Thank you, Rich. You are a darling.

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Sarah Wayne Callie, RA’s co-star in Black Sky. Thanks go to Grati and RAFN at FB for the heads up on this:

“So it got me my fourth consecutive English leading man and put me on the screen with Richard Armitage. Andy (Lincoln) and Richard had worked together on some project and so they were writing to each other about me long before I got on set.

It was a lot of fun. It is a big budget, high special effect project and it is a movie on the scale that I have never had chance to work on before.

And yet I found the same thing that I found on The Walking Dead, that it is driven by simple moments of honesty between people. And so the special effects only matter in so far as they support the human story. But it was a ton of fun and Richard and I had a ball together.”

Read more: http://www.femalefirst.co.uk/tv/sarah-wayne-callies-interview-297265.html#ixzz2XSxZM9Cq

Sounds like Sarah finds him a darling, too. Are we surprised? No, we are NOT.

Hoping to feel better tomorrow, fearing I will feel worse. Will get you a Guy post up when I can. Love, love . . .

He’s lookin’ fine . . . well, no surprise THERE.


Gosh, ladies and gents, I am tired. Throat is sore; probably just sinus drainage from these cool nights/hot days we’ve had.  Tried to get at least partially caught up with the comments (you have been busy little bunnies!). You seem to be having a good time and that’s really what it’s all about. 😀

I’ve been working on the website for Pecan Ridge Productions for a good part of the evening and then decided to go ahead and write a “let me introduce us” blog entry for it, too. The blog entry is published, but the site is not live yet–still some more things to sort out, and Benny lost some additions he had made to the products page this morning (yes, e-commerce!).  I managed to lose an entire blog post, so we are pretty much even there. *sigh*

Hope to get the new website up and going tomorrow.  Now that school is out, we need projects booked for the summer and the ability for people to check us out online without going to FB.

I decided to relax with a bit more photo editing with my fave photographer of all things RA, Robert Ascroft.

Some of the original images aren’t the best quality, but one does the best one can. It’s still such fun . . . hopefully I can serve up some smoRgAsbords for you tomorrow, my dears.






It’s Richard Freakin’ Armitage! More of my photo edits.


I am really feeling very emotional at the moment. Someone upset me on FB–I stupidly made the mistake of commenting in the politics/religion arena, which I had sworn I would never do–and I paid the price. Anyway, we’ve kissed and made up, so to speak, but still feeling the after-effects.  Must dry my tears and spackle the face and try to be–well, not dazzling, but at least presentable–tonight for the graduation.

Thanks for all the fun and kind comments on the blog entries. I will try to get caught up over the weekend, but have to get ready for tonight’s commencement exercises shortly. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy some of my latest efforts.



Action in Welly, More Ascroft & PRP’s been busy.


NZ media reports that The Hobbit gang is back at work today.


Best wishes to Richard, Sir Peter and all the cast and crew of the films. Stay safe, healthy and have fun! (Although I must admit I DON’T want to think about some of what you’ll be filming . . . *sniff*)

I am sure you’ve already seen these but won’t object to the opportunity to drool over the latest Ascrofts a bit more. 😉
Courtesy of the Richard Armitage Bulgaria page at FB; also now posted at RANet.  The drip feed continues . . . and no one’s complainin’!



Yesterday I manned a video cam for the second time for the Baccalaureate. Benny looked at footage from Honors Program and said it looked like I’d been doing it for years. So I guess I passed muster. 😉 Tonight I help capture the cute kindergartners on video. Wednesday morning I will be heading to my elementary alma mater, WO Parmer, to shoot their drama club’s performance of “The Wizard of Oz.” Already heard great buzz about this performance and the daughter of a former co-worker plays Dorothy.


Isn’t Vivian a cutie as the little girl who’s not in Kansas anymore?

Thursday night we have graduation. And Benny has a LOT of editing ahead of him.  Looking forward to the day when we have the business built up enough that he can quit a job he really has come to hate. When you have zero respect for the people you work for, it’s not a good thing. :-/

Hope you all are doing well. Going to try for a little nap.  See ya!!

Because I just can’t resist playing with Mr. Armitage.



There’s a certain challenge in his look in the photo above–and I find myself responding with thoughts of just what I would like to do to/with him . .  .


Wouldn’t the world be a prettier place if Mr. A was painted on the walls of our old buildings? Could cause some traffic congestion problems, though . . .


Edited this one using classic sepia allowing some of the original color to bleed through–with a little extra *pop* for those amazing eyes.


Wanted this crop of the latest Ascroft armchair shot to have the look of a photo on a vintage movie magazine cover. He is every inch the star.


Emphasized that angelic masculine beauty here. Just heavenly . . . *sigh*

All photos by that master of RA photography, Robert Ascroft, with my edits using BeFunky. Don’t be surprised if there’s more to come . . . because I just can’t get enough of Richard Armitage–or his image. Happy Tuesday!

Yet another RA of RA. (Robert Ascroft portrait of Richard Armitage)


Well, look at what showed up this morning. Yep, another one of Robert Ascroft‘s photos of Mr. A.


Ali at Richard Armitage Net pointed out to me this looks like same T-shirt RA was wearing in that street shot of him walking toward the camera in his Burberry coat. Now here he is looking casual–and curiously American to me–sans coat and with those cool Converses. It’s Gary the Oklahoma school teacher,  ready to do some weekend DIY or mix it up on the court with his basketball buddies.

I think Christmas came again over the last couple of days. *sigh*

Richard Armitage: Some Favorite Images for Monday



Love or hate the plaid three-piece, but those colors were sensational with his complexion and made his blue eyes POP.

I’ve only had about three hours of sleep, so my plans to do some more writing and finish another blog entry will be shelved for now. My fingers and brain seem to be having a hard time coordinating things, if you know what I mean.  So I am going to simply share some images and brief thoughts of the man who is the reason this blog even exists. The lovely, modest, charming, funny, sweet, thoughtful, sexy and oh-so-talented Richard Armitage.


Another Robert Ascroft photo. My gosh, let’s give this man some sort of award, shall we? The large number of irresistible photos he’s given us of Mr. A deserves one. Love B&W, three-quarter view of face, the ear, the stubble, the open collar, the chest hair, the eyes . . . it’s all good.


From Toronto during press junket for TH. Oh, so much to love here, too: the cardi-shirt-tie combo, with the sleeves pushed up to reveal those wonderfully hairy forearms; that wristwatch, the strong, beautiful hands, the long fingers lightly touching his face, the soft smile matched by the benign look in his beautiful eyes . . .


Even not feeling well that day, he still had a ready smile and his sweet nature intact. And it’s simply a treat to see him from head to toe. *sigh*

Walk this way, Mr. Armitage. Please.



Channeling a little of Lucas here? And wearing his own coat from the 24 Hour Play after-party at the Old Vic, if I am not mistaken.


I love the look on his face here. A mixture of amusement, challenge–that je ne sais quoi that makes him so irresistible.  Such a sharp-dressed man, too. A bit of a Mad Men vibe?


I wanted to make this look slightly less like a police line-up (although The Usual Suspects is one of my favorite movies) so I used a Lomo effect to highlight his beautiful face, then added a blue sky with clouds overlay and matte effect. Because he is soooo heavenly, n’est-ce pas?

More of Robert Ascroft‘s wonderful photos of RA with my edits.

Ascroft’s “Adam”: A beautiful photo of a beautiful man



So much to love in this Ascroft photo, courtesy of Richard Armitage Net.

There’s the way the light accentuates the planes of Richard Armitage’s face, its strong features softened by that smile, and the radiance further highlights those fine fair hairs on his forearm and the architectural beauty of his hand. I see strength and grace and hope in this image. And a great deal of true masculine beauty.

What an amazing man. And how happy am I that I discovered him back in 2007.


And God looked at his creation, and it was very good indeed.

Richard was in my mailbox. And NOW he’s making a spectacle of himself.


10:10 p.m. and it’s raining. Again. With a repeat performance scheduled through tomorrow and into Wednesday. I jes’ washed my hayah and I cain’t do a thang with it. Ah well, I’ve run some serum through it and am preparing to twist it into pincurls for overnight. I may look like the blonde version of Little Orphan Annie tomorrow, but I am staying home anyway. At least it’s clean.

Good news in the midst of the sogginess and possible Bad Hair Day! I got my FAULT magazine today, direct from–Germany?

“You’ve got a package from–Deutsch Post?” Benny said with a quizzical brow raised as he thumbed through the mail tonight (I hadn’t bothered to slog through the puddles to check the box).

I frowned. “Well, it must–the only thing it could be is the magazine.”

His eyes widened. “Ah. That one.” His lip curled just a little.  “That cost so much.”

“Yeah,” I said with a slightly sheepish smile. “I’ve been wondering when it would show up.”

I tore open the plastic mailer bag and heaved a sigh of relief I’d already been warned a certain hound dog face puffing a cancer stick might meet my eye at first glance. Otherwise, this girl would have been cursing like Porter on a really bad day, thinking those nasty FAULT people had sent Billy Bob instead of the Divine RA.

Turning the magazine over, I gave a little sigh as I looked into the heavily textured visage of my dear Rich.  Mine. At last.

This is my favorite photo. It’s larger in the magazine and those EYES just draw you in. And it happens to be one of two photos with the least amount of photo editing done to them.


I am just not sure you should tamper too much with gloriously imperfect masculine perfection, if you know what I mean–and I think you do.

And now, on to some fedoralady silliness for Monday night. I finally managed to get a few hours of sleep after lunch but I’m still tired and feeling a bit goofy.  And here is the result, uber-sexy RA as you’ve never quite seen him before. My apologies to Richard and to Robert Ascroft, the fine photog who took the original photo. Remember, I am sleep-deprived . . . have a lovely night/good morning!BeFunky_RobertAscroft-02dd

Richard, I don’t that is going to work as a deterrent, dearest.

BeFunky_RobertAscroft-02boaterTwenty-three skiddo!


Oh, yeah, he’s stylin.’


Pip-pip-cheerio, old boy. Where’s your brolly?