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The publicity machine, shyness & ‘safe’ skiing: check out Richard’s ‘Profile’


An intriguing profile by Adam Jacque of Richard from Sunday’s The Independent UK. Many thanks to RANet for the heads-up. The more I know of him, the more I know I will never “know” him and the more he fascinates me.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this . . . and I do think it’s pretty safe to assume Richard would like to be asked some different questions. And in spite of his shyness, I’d say he’s a very interesting guy.

I never like to go out of character when filming starts I fear that if I do, I might not be able to pick it up again. This was particularly the case with the character Thorin Oakenshield [in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit]. He’s moody and broody, so people kept their distance from me during the production. I wish I was good at jumping out of character in between takes, as I’d be more popular socially.

Publicity for ‘The Hobbit’ was relentless I was travelling and doing junkets around the world, being asked the same questions every day for three weeks. Then at the end of the working day I’d have to get down the red carpet. It’s pretty hard work. I much prefer being in front of a camera.

I love how Gary Oldman disappears into a role You see a character before you see him; you believe him as he’s so invested in that character, such as his George Smiley in Tinker Tailor… That’s what I’m striving for.

I’d like to act in a film without special effects I’ve spent the past two years in a special FX environment for The Hobbit. I also need to find something where I’m not fighting or inflicting violence on someone, as a lot of the roles I’ve had, such as Lucas North in Spooks and Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood, have involved that. I don’t know why that’s been the case!

It’s bloody annoying being shy I’ll spend a whole evening at a party asking everyone else about themselves. I’m not being self-deprecating; it’s because I’m too shy to talk about myself. So people come away from the evening actually having learnt nothing about me.

I hate selfishness in people I lean towards the Japanese idea of “you first”, such as always allowing another to walk through a door before you. Though admittedly, in their culture, this [thoughtfulness] is shame-based, to some extent.

I’m an avid skier Most of the time that I’ve been skiing, I’ve been about to go and film something, so I’m always living in fear of a broken leg and I ski very safely. I’ve taken a few tumbles, though. I once flipped and bounced on my head, landing in a mess on the floor; it’s a dangerous sport but it’s exhilarating and it allows me to unwind.

Snowboarders ruin the piste They shave off all the snow so it’s like an ice patch, and they sit in the middle of the piste, chatting with friends in a line, so you have to jump over them as you come over the crest of a hill.

I’d like to live off-grid I’m fascinated with the documentation of the environment [and its degradation] through photography, and our hunt to move away from fossil fuels and towards new technology. I’m attempting to build a home that uses water, wind or solar power. Right now it’s just a pastime, but it’s an exciting prospect.

Richard Armitage, 41, is a British actor. ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey‘ is available on DVD from tomorrow

Guyday Friday: Guy bares all (sort of)


It was a perfect day for an outing. Not a cloud in that cerulean sky, temperature in the 70s. Got home,  carted in my shopping, fed the dogs, scooped litter boxes and popped some clothes in the washing machine. Now I am stretched out with an ice pack on my lower back.

Shopping can require a lot of bending. I still don’t do bending all that well.   Popped a muscle relaxer and plan to  chill my back and then go with the heated clay pad while I relax for a bit. My faithful companion aka Thumper is curled up at my side. The cat is too darned adorable.

I got a real kick out of your comments re a certain Tall, Dark and Toothsome Knight. The black leather speedos would, of course, be for showing off his magnificent physique on the beach. They would need to be removed before he did any swimming, naturally. Heaven forbid the poor darling get chafed! He could change into a sexy blue Speedo a la Lee–or do a little skinny dipping.

Now, imagine Guy’s dark head arising above the water’s surface,  drops of water clinging to the thick fringe of lashes framing those eyes,  eyes as blue as the sky and the sea. Rivulets of water cascade down from his tousled raven locks, down the pale, almost luminous flesh of his broad chest, down the sculpted planes of his stomach, down . . .

I will let you take it from there.  Have a lovely Friday night/Saturday morning.  Got to do some sorting and packing and figure out what the heck I did with my other New Balance show . . .

I can completely understand how these girls feel.

One of my favorite GIFs. Can’t pinpoint exactly why . . .

Guyday Friday Kick-Off: That face! That bod!


Without speaking a single syllable in that deep chocolate voice of his, Guy can express so much through smiles, smirks, sniffs, scowls, disdainful rolling of the eyes . . . and that long, lean and muscular body encased in buttery soft black leather–or wearing nothing but a few pieces of armor and his medieval undies–speaks volumes, too.

RA behind the scenes: Hood Academy & more


I love the Hood Academy images of Richard. As usual, they capture his intensity, his level of concentration and dedication to getting it right when he approaches preparing for a role, qualities we also see in behind-the-scenes photos of him in Spooks & Strike Back,  the same qualities we are seeing in the video blogs from Sir Peter.  And of course, the heavy stubble, disheveled hair and bared forearms in some of the pics don’t hurt either.  When we see him in his Sir Guy garb but speaking as Richard Armitage, we see the reflective, articulate, good-humored gentleman who brings us these amazing characters–and we get those lovely Richard smiles.


Guyday Friday continues: My dark angel


There’s a reason Richard referred to playing Guy as walking around “with a face like thunder.”  Guy sneered. snarled and sometimes growled. He often smirked. But a real, genuine smile was a rare thing.  And so when such an expression appeared on his beautiful face, he really did look like a dark angel to me. I was captivatd all the more.  And once more I asked, “Oh, Marian . . . why?”

I’m on a roll . . . with the roles. And the real thing.


I fear I have an addictive personality. It’s a good thing I never cared for alcohol much, had any desire to smoke or try recreational drugs. Because judging by how much I like writing, blogging, vidding and Photoshopping in connection with Richard Armitage, I would be prune-faced with a whisky and cigarette-laced voice by now.

Anyhoo, here’s some more evidence of the fun I am having with Photoshop and images of Mr. Armitage in his various roles and as his sweet self.

It’s Guyday Friday: Guy’s Guide to Enjoying Easter


Get out and play some fresh air games with your friends.

Easter eggs

Easter eggs (Photo credit: StSaling)

Pause to reflect on your blessings such as having So Not Dead status after being Loved into Being.

Spend some quality bonding time with the ones you love.

Dress in your Easter best. You'll be the grandest fella in the Easter parade.

Boris Kustodiev's Pascha Greetings (1912) show...

Boris Kustodiev's Pascha Greetings (1912) shows traditional Russian khristosovanie (exchanging a triple kiss), with such foods as red eggs, kulich and paskha in the background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Enjoy good food and drink.

                                                                           Wishing you all a Happy Easter weekend, my dears!

Was it serendipity that led you to discover Richard Armitage?


Serendipity: Luck that takes the form of finding pleasant or valuable things that are not looked for.

In the mid-18th century, Sir Horace Walpole stumbled upon a Persian fairy tale called The Three Princes of Serendip (Serendip was the name of the island that is now Sri Lanka). The heroes of the stories traveled about, making happy (and chance) discoveries. Walpole added the word to the English language in 1754

Horace Walpole

Horace Walpole (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I didn’t go looking for Richard Armitage, but I found him one Saturday night playing the bog-standard henchman as a supporting character in a kid-friendly show on BBC America, Robin Hood 2006.

The show turned out to be more than a bit cheesetastic. And full of anachronisms. Still, Robin Hood the show had its charms. I particularly liked the characters of Allan and Much and the young actress playing Marian. All talented and entertaining actors.  And then–slowly–I began to pay more attention to one specific character. And it wasn’t Ye Olde Legende Hero.

I'm here for the bad guy. Our meeting was serendipitous.

Sir Guy as played by Richard Armitage might be a right smarmy bastard, but he certainly was a good-looking right smarmy bastard who also turned out to be more complicated than he first appeared on the surface.  And by the time he got left at the altar by the woman he believed would cleanse his soul with her goodness and purity, I felt something funny going on inside me.  This character was getting to me.  It was as if I could see inside his heart; I could see the “evil henchman’s” humanity, his vulnerabilities.

"Let her go." Guy moments after being slugged by his bride-to-be and left at the altar. My heart truly belonged to Guy from that moment on.

That Richard Armitage fellow was a very good actor. And not bad to look at. He had–presence. Charisma. He had–IT. I wondered what else he might have done.  And so I started searching on the Internet, and found various forums, blogs and websites and the fanvids on YouTube, and started reading fanfiction. And so it began . . . the fascination, the obsession, the addiction, whatever you will call it.

Leading to a tall stack of DVDs featuring Mr. A’s performances.  Leading to writing fanfiction and making fanvids and now, blogging about him. And all because I sat down one night to watch a show in BBC America. And I just keep discovering more things to like, admire, respect and adore about him.  He is a most pleasant and valuable thing to discover when you aren’t even looking for him.

Thank you, Sir Horace, for introducing “serendipity” to the language, and thank you, Richard Armitage, for being a shining example of it.

Richard, you serendipitous sweetheart, you!

Sunday Behind the Scenes with Richard: Sir Guy of Robin Hood


Richard in a S2 DVD extra interview. The leather pants straining over the thighs. The bare arms. The great eye makeup job. Our medieval rock god.



Richard and His Ridiculously Attractive Hands. I love how he talks with them, don't you?



A shot with the tracking dolly from the seige on Nottingham Castle from S3 extras.



Love to see Richard laughing--especially in his Guy guise.



Told ya I loved those hands. And everything here.



An intellligent, thoughtful, interesting and talented actor. And a glorious-looking one.






Rare & Amusing Insults 3: Guy and the Princely Milksop

Sir Guy of Gisborne (BBC TV drama)

Sir Guy of Gisborne. Definitely NOT a milksop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

milksop: an unmanly man; a mollycoddle (pampered or effeminate boy or man)

Origins: Literally meaning “bread soaked in milk.” Chaucer was one of the earliest to use milksop to refer to an unmanly man. The modern version of milksop is milquetoast, taken from a timid comic strip character named Caspar Milquetoast.

The spoiled, capricious Prince John definitely had more than a hint of the milksop in him.

With all his talk about love and the way he was cupping Guy's face, we all half-way expected Prince John to kiss the handsome henchman. Well, if any man could convert you to the other team, it would be Sir Guy.

Early start on Guyday Friday: Sheriff at last, if not for long


We saw Guy finally achieve his dream of being named the Sheriff of Nottingham after killing the sheriff and doing away with Isabella and Robin. Or so he thought. Guy, oh Guy–you have to stick around and make sure the dead are really DEAD. Still, for a few brief, shining moments, you were the Big Man on Campus in Nottingham. And power looked good on you.  (screencaps courtesy of RANet)

He's done the prince's bidding, slaved away for years under the poisonous troll Vasey, doing his dirty work, collecting his blood money. Guy doesn't want to wait any longer.

The sheriff is dead, along with Isabella and Hood. Now Guy's time has come.

There's an almost child-like glee--the kid at Christmas opening his longed-for present--as Guy looks at the castle's keys finally in his own beautiful hands.

He can barely believe it has finally happened.

PJ introduces Guy as the new sheriff. At long last . . .

That rare thing. A true grin on Guy's face. It won't last long, but it's lovely to see it whilst it does.

A storm’s a-brewin’: the volatile Sir Guy


Sure, he sneers, snarls, sniffs and walks around with a face like thunder. But a good storm can be fascinating–if frightening–to watch. Especially when the thunder and lightning come in that tall, smouldering leather-clad package known as Sir Guy of Gisborne. I am sure you’ll agree . . .
(Guy screencaps courtesy of RANet)


(mississippi red cross)

FanstRAvaganza 3: Day 6! (fanfic) The Hot Henchman interviews Lady Writer on Sloth Fiction

English: pg 1 of The Velveteen Rabbit.

Image via Wikipedia

For our final F3 post, Sir Guy conducts an interview with Lady Writer (aka fedoralady) on the evolution of Sloth Fiction.

Sir Guy: So, Lady Writer. You are my first—interviewee? (crinkling his brow, the Dark Knight rubs the bridge of his magnificent aquiline nose as he glances over his notes. Lady Writer has taught him how to read and write, in case you were wondering).

 Lady Writer: (gives him an encouraging smile) Don’t be nervous, Sir Guy. I promise I won’t bite.

Sir Guy: (smirks as he narrows his kohl-rimmed eyes) Oh, I don’t know—I might like it if you did–bite. In the right places . . .
Lady Writer: Now, Guy . . . Mr. Lady Writer is home, you know. (Gives him that school teacher look.)

English: pg 18 and 19 of The Velveteen Rabbit.

Sir Guy: (raises a brow and clears his throat) Sorry. So—for the uninitiated, could you tell us just what Sloth Fiction is?

LW: I’d be glad to. First of all, the name “Sloth Fiction” came about from some confusion over a comment made on Servetus’s blog, Me+Richard Armitage. It was a misunderstanding about sl**h fiction. Instead of “slash fiction,” it became sloth fiction.
And I thought wouldn’t be funny if you had these heroic, sexy, gorgeous ChaRActers just hanging out, being couch potatoes, eating junk food, arguing over who gets possession of the remote control, petting my cats and playing with my dogs, being more-or-less regular guys who happen to live in my den?
So I wrote a one-shot. And it was so well-received I ended up continuing the installments. There are 12 chapters now, I believe. I have another one dancing around in my head right now. It’s just a matter of getting it written.

Guy: And you never have confusion with all of us tripping over one another? I mean, in the sense of taking over your house–and your brain.

LW:  Frankly, I’d rather have you all here at my house than being mangled by TPTB. Call it me being in Armitage Protective Mode. As far as you all inhabiting my brain–resistance, I have found, is futile.  And in fact, I see all of you as very separate and distinct individuals. Who happen to bear a physical resemblance to one another. Harry is the sunny-natured peacemaker, intervening when you and Porter get into a scrape. John is your fellow alpha male, ready to enter the fray, and also a true gallant at heart; you each have your own personalities. And I can find something to appreciate in every ChaRActer.

Guy: There were actually some earlier forms of this type of story, weren’t there, that you also posted at Live Journal as fedoralady? Featuring—one of your characters, primarily? (azure eyes glinting)

LW: Yes, as far back as 2009 I was periodically penning ficlets called “Lady Writer and . . .”  Little reflections on what was going on both in my real life and my fan fiction universe. Featuring—as you well know—you, Sir Guy. You were my first—chaRActer, that is.

Guy: (graciously bows his head before flicking back his glorious mane of hair) I thought everyone would like to know about that. And how you and other admirers of my Creator assured my So Not Dead status.

LW: Ah yes. When the Second Episode that Dare Not Speak Its Name on Robin Hood aired, I confess I was rather upset.

I believe you actually said (glancing at notes) “I cried buckets.”

LW: (graciously nods her head)  That is true. As did many others who shed tears that day. I thought of the children’s classic, The Velveteen Rabbit, and how one little boy’s love for his stuffed animal, a rabbit, allowed that toy to become a real, live rabbit. The Velveteen Rabbit was Loved into Being—and so were you, Sir Guy, by all your loyal and adoring fans.

Guy: And I was the first to officially achieve SND status.

LW: Oh, yes, the first. But, sadly, not the last. Lucas and Porter have also gone on to achieve it. As did Captain Mcalwain retroactively. The Creator’s ChaRActers touch our hearts in such a way, we simply cannot let go of you all. Call it wish fulfillment, but it makes me my readers happy. It’s good to know that in spite of the slings and arrows of outrageous showrunners and writers, our beloved Creator’s ChaRActers live on. (grins) And I enjoy being the Queen of my Fanfic Universe.

Guy: In Lucas’s case, we actually launched what Soldier Bo—I mean, Porter, called a “black ops,” using many of my fellow ChaRActers. Harry, Mulligan, Standring, Mcalwain, Thornton—my, but that mill master does know how to thrash a miscreant, doesn’t he?—joined forces in order to set things right.

LW: Oh, yes, that was the chapter of Sloth Fiction in which the ChaRActers Strike Back. I recall how you used your skills for– intimidation very well in avenging your brother ChaRActer.

Guy: (with a faintly wolfish display of gleaming white teeth) My pleasure, LW. I did learn a thing or two from the Treacherous Troll.

LW: (sighs) If only you’d learned how to make sure the Evil One really was dead. And your scheming psycho sister.

: (a manly sniff) Bloody writers. (imperious flip of his raven locks) So, what is in store for me—and my fellow ChaRActers, of course—in the next chapter of Sloth Fiction?

LW: Well, the core group of ChaRActers will certainly return—you, Harry, Porter and Lucas. And Monet, who is still giving Lucas painting lessons. And–Thorin will very likely make another appearance.

Guy: (frowns slightly) Oh, yes. Him. Will—he become a regular in the den, Lady Writer?

LW: I suppose you will simply have to wait and see, my darling Guy. (a distinctly mischievous grin)

(sighs, lips parted, and tips back his head. Lady Writer likes it when he does that.) Alright. You know—I am feeling a bit peckish, LW. Doing interviews whets one’s appetite. Any Cheez-its in the pantry?

LW: Limited Edition Monterey Jack. Just for you, my Dark Knight with the Hollow-but-Beautiful Leg.

Guy: (smirking) You know you love ME best . . .

(returning smirk) Well, you were my first.  Thank you, Sir Guy.

Guy: (takes her hand and presses a kiss to it. He’s quite the flirty-girty himself sometimes)  My pleasure, milady.

(screencaps courtesy of RANet)


Sloth Fiction and Lady Writer/fedoralady’s other flights of fancy over the past three-plus years can be found at www.wattpad.com (fedoralady60) Dreamer Fiction (fedoralady; requires membership) and www.livejournal.com as fedoralady.

Continue FanstRAvaganza 3 fun  in the fanfic thread with tagteamer Jo Ann at http://cerridwenspeaks.blogspot.com. You can see yesterday’s posts in the thread with Jas Rangoon at http://memythoughtsandwhoknows.wordpress.com and Maria Graza at http://flyhigh-by-learnonline,blogspot.com. Tomorrow’s fanfic tagteamers will be Maria again along with Gratiana Lovelace at http://gratianads90.wordpress.com.  Enjoy! 😀

Flashback: Wild Man Guy and the Mysterious Appeal of the Greasy Mane


Those mad eyes peering through the dark tangle of hair, the open mouth--oh dear. Such a visceral reaction.

Yeah, he's unkempt. He's dirty. But I would still try to wrestle him down and drag him off to my womancave for fun and games. Then clean him up afterwards. Bathtime can be fun, no?

(I wrote this a while back and posted at LJ. And Wild Man Guy still has this effect on me. I should add my husband is astonishingly good-humored about my whole RA addiction. But sometimes I do make him scratch his head a bit.)

The Mysterious Appeal of a Greasy Mane; or My Spouse Thinks I’m Crazy

Men just don’t get it sometimes. That knowledge was reinforced this weekend when my husband watched the first episode of Robin Hood S3 when they re-ran it on BBC America.

“Is that him?” Benny queried, as a boozy, hollow-eyed Sir Guy of Gisborne, his greasy, tangled mane falling across his face, told Jasper and the sheriff he had killed Robin “with these hands.”

“Richard? Yes, that’s him in the center – Guy,” carefully avoiding any “squee”- type response. I try to be sensitive to the male ego. And I do love the dear old thing (50 next month).

“The gay-looking guy?” He said incredulously.

I huffed just a little. “He is s-o-o-o not gay.”

He rolled his eyes and moved over to the computer desk, as I continued to watch my gorgeous and so-not-gay dark knight.

His eyes would occasionally stray upwards to where the TV sat.

“You see, Richard can really act with that hair, honey. Guy’s all angsty and in torment right now because of what happened with Marian . . .”

Benny’s expression remained noncommittal.

“And I find it – very – appealing.”

He gave me that “you must be crazy” look I’ve seen a few too many times.

“Look, I can appreciate a good-looking guy, but that-” he jerked his head toward Shaggy Guy’s image – “that greasy mop and all is just not attractive.”

I sighed. ~Oh, it is to me, honey. The things I want to do to him. And then the fun I’d have cleaning him up afterwards~

Discretion being the better part of valor, I kept those thoughts to myself.

“He has a real animal magnetism. It’s like I have this – primal response,” I said with a rather sheepish shrug.

“Hmmmm.” Raising a skeptical brow, he shook his head.

Sir Guy of Gisborne (BBC TV drama)

Image via Wikipedia

Of course, we all know Sir Guy cleans up nicely. But I like him dirty, too.

Undaunted, I showed him my lovely netbook wallpaper featuring shots of Richard circa “Cold Feet.”
“Now you have to agree he looks perfectly presentable there,” I insisted.“Yeah, he looks OK there.”

~OK? I want to lick my computer screen!~

“Anyway, it’s a good thing he’s off in England, it’ll limit your opportunities to stalk him,” he added dryly.

~As if! I mean, really~

It was no use. He just couldn’t comprehend the fact that a boozy, greasy, wild-eyed medieval knight played by one Mr. Armitage was a breed apart.

I did have one triumphant moment. He knows I am no great admirer of Robin.

“I’ll agree with you on one thing,” he said. “That Robin Hood is sure nothing to write home about . . .”

Finally. A meeting of the minds.

Men just don’t get it sometimes, do they?