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Sunday morning treat! More RA pics from 2012 have surfaced. :D


More RA pictures from last year have been unearthed, thanks to those eagle-eyed fans at the Russian RA site (link below). And our friends at Richard Armitage Bulgaria shared them on FB. So I am bringing them to you, my dears!!  All photos by Ben Rayner 2012.


I am not in love with this coat–a little too trendy for my tastes. But Mr. A is looking just fine. Oh, yes.  He rocks the upturned collar and the designer stubble and color of the coat is nice on him.





Armitage: So Expressive


After a long, gloomy, sleepy sort of winterish spring Friday I succumbed well before my normal bedtime, only to wake up between 2 and 3 a.m. The weather is shifting again–more rain and thunderstorms on their way, with 70 to 80 percent chance of the wet stuff all day and into the night and to a lesser extent, into Sunday & Sunday night. I’d say that was perfect movie-watching weather. A repeat engagement with TH, only this time in Blu-ray, perhaps?

thehobbit-p1_1277ddThorin thinks a rewatch of The Hobbit is a grand idea.

I’ve been reading a weighty tome (or it would be if it weren’t on my Kindle Fire), a sort of family biography of the Brontes, beginning with papa Patrick and his years at Cambridge. Lots of fascinating historical details, including the mention of a manorial house owned by a certain baronet named Armitage.  A mention which naturally led my thoughts to an Armitage of much more recent vintage . . .

Last night before falling asleep I worked a while on editing some photos I had snaffled from the wonderful Russian RA website http://armitage-online.ru

(If you’ve never visited, they have a terrific collection of Richard photos from various media events, photo shoots and more from over the years,  and always seem to come up with some shots I’ve never seen anywhere else.)

I really love how expressive our Richard is when engaged in an interview (or even when forced to shill for WB in those little videos) and it’s nice when that emotiveness is also seen in a photo shoot, thus offering us higher-quality images with which to work (versus video screencaps).

That mobile face with its crinkled brow, querying eyebrows, expressive mouth. those elegant masculine hands with their ever-present need to also talk; the intelligence, thoughtfulness and humor seen in his beautiful eyes: all this and more adds up to images I return to again and again.