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Computer glitches, Comic-Con panel predictions & some Richard


I confess I am still scratching my head a bit over the fact I actually got those Comic-Con passes.  Someone up there likes me, maybe?


Here’s a UPI story that ran about the rapid sellout:

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 17 (UPI) — Tickets for the  annual pop culture orgy Comic-Con sold out in less than two hours online,  organizers said.

Tickets to the event, sold in single-day and four-day passes, were gone in  little more than 90 minutes. With an online waiting room reaching capacity in  mere moments, many would-be attendees were shut out shortly after the 9 a.m.  start-time.

Organizers acknowledge the event, which draws some 130,000 attendees to San  Diego each July, has sorely outgrown the city’s convention center. Plans to  expand the center to accommodate the event are stalled, awaiting a court’s  decision on whether an increased hotel tax aimed at helping fund the $520  million expansion is legal, U-T San Diego said Saturday.

An economic study found Comic-Con generates $67.8 million in economic  activity annually for the city. Organizers said they’re committed to keeping the  event in San Diego through at least 2016, despite being heavily courted by other  municipalities

Read more:  http://www.upi.com/Entertainment_News/Movies/2013/02/17/Comic-Con-sells-out-in-90-minutes/UPI-53831361131069/#ixzz2LFGsv5Q0

I really, honestly, truly feel sorry for most of the people who tried to purchase Comic-Con passes, following all the instructions to the letter, and yet still got caught up in the technical glitches that struck Saturday morning. This is not the first time would-be ticket buyers have cried foul over how the system is set up, either. Surely there has to be a better way?

(courtesy of unsocialized.net)

(courtesy of unsocialized.net)

But for some, I do not feel sorry. The person who whined about already shelling out $1600 for hotel  and plane tickets without having Comic-Con passes in hand?

As someone commented,“What’s really annoying and frustrating? Hearing someone stupid enough to prepay for stuff for an event that they didnt even have confirmation of attendance to and then complain as if it is someone else’s fault.”  Totally agree.

There’s actually quite a lot going on outside of the convention center that doesn’t require the “golden ticket.” Benny doesn’t have a pass for Saturday, so I am guessing he will be checking out some of the alternate offerings. I really don’t think he’ll be bored.

As for what will be offered inside, Comicbook.com is speculating the following panels will appear in massive Hall H this July. I think I could live with sitting in on some of these sessions:

Marvel Studio Panel: Lots to promote, including Thor 2. Yeo, that means Chris Hemsworth and a certain Hiddles that a number of RA fans also crush on are likely to be present, plus expect early looks at Captain America 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Tom HIddleston

Tom HIddleston

Dimensions Films Panel: With Sin City: A Dame To Kill For set for October 2013 release, it looks like cast members such as Jessica Alba, Josh Brolin & Joseph Gordon-Levitt will probably be attending.

20th Century Fox Panel: With Wolverine set to open the week after Comic-Con, it seems a sure thing that the film’s director James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman will be on hand and an early screening is likely. Director Bryan Singer and several cast members for the next X-Men film, Days of Future Past are also probably going to be in attendance.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

Sony/Columbia Pictures Panel: With the Amazing Spiderman 2 coming out in May 2014, this will be the only opportunity to promote it at Comic-Con. Director Marc Webb (who is already promoting the film on Twitter) and key cast members including Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Jamie Foxx are almost certain to appear.

Warner Brothers Panel: Man of Steel opens before Comic-Con and no new Batman film has yet been announced. But those weren’t your top priorities, were they? Because WB is the studio that will bring us The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, which Comicbook.com is certain will be featured during the studio’s panel. There may also be footage from the Godzilla reboot and some sort of presentation on the 2015 release, Justice League, but no director or cast is expected.  Who will show up to represent for TH? We’ll have to wait and see . . .

I think there should be an even LONGER Hobbit presentation this year with massive amounts of Richard Armitage in the flesh and in movie previews as Thorin.  But that’s just me. 😉



(Picture courtesy of HeathRA Productions. Please credit accordingly.)


More dress-up fun with Guy and the Creator


San Diego Comic-Con International

There’s a reason why I made Guy a highwayman in my novel in progress. He sends chills down my spine when he declares, “Stand and Deliver!”

Guy is still trying to determine just what costume he wants to wear for Comic-Con International in San Diego. Here are some ideas he is tossing around. Yeah, I am seriously enjoying FaceInHole, Loonapix,BeFunky and other fun photo editing sites online. When you can’t sleep anyway, it’s a creative and pleasant way to pass the time and the subject matter is so–appealing. And I always did like playing dress-up. And dressing up the ChaRActers. 😉

You gotta admit. Richard–and Sir Guy–would make sexy, sexy pirates. He’s already got the kohl liner down pat.

This really isn’t a stretch for our dark knight. But he does look so good in chain mail and armor (and out of it!) and knows how to wield a weapon.

Being a tad jealous of a certain King Under the Mountain, Guy is thinking of getting his royalty on. This photo was originally of Al Pacino as, I believe, Richard III. This seemed quite fitting. 😉
Too bad Pacino’s neck isn’t longer. Well, not everyone can be as beautifully made as our dark knight.

The wasp-waisted Victorian dandy. The man does do period very well.

Comic-Con International is coming to San Diego in a few short days. Sir Peter Jackson and the lead actors in The Hobbit–Martin Freeman, Sir Ian McKellen and RICHARD ARMITAGE, along with director/actorAndy Serkis and co-screenwriter Phillipa Boyens will be part of the blockbuster movie’s panel on Saturday afternoon, July 14 in Hall H. And I will be there, too, as a reporter for Comic Book Resources and as an enthusiastic RA blogger and admirer.


Deutsch: Ian McKellen bei der Weltpremiere des...

Deutsch: Ian McKellen bei der Weltpremiere des dritten Teils des Herrn der Ringe in Wellington (Neuseeland) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Peter Jackson promoting the 2009 film...

English: Peter Jackson promoting the 2009 film District 9 at San Diego Comic-Con. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Empire Awards 2008 - Martin Freeman

Empire Awards 2008 – Martin Freeman (Photo credit: claire_h)

In case you need a wake-up: Technicolor Armitage re BeFunky


Technicolor Armitage . . .  most of these were done with another site I discovered called BeFunky. BeFunky actually allows you to order custom products with the artwork you create–mugs, tees, bags, keychains, magnets and more. I admit I am sorely tempted, once I am not so poor, to create myself an RA mug . . . looks like they do a very high-quality job.   In the meantime, have a flashback to the psychedelic ’60s without having a “bad trip.” 😉


Dawn’s lovely winged heart necklaces are garnering rave reviews from the ladies who have so far received them.  Here’s her description from the jewelry website:

A heart with wings represents a joyful, optimistic, and free spirit. Often, love is said to make the heart take wing. This petite charm has a lot of detail in a small package. It makes a great gift for the free spirit in your life.  Sterling silver winged heart pendant is just half an inch tall and less than 1.2 inches wide (30x15mm).  Fine cable chain is wire-wrapped to the springring clasp for greater security. Sized at 16 inches (41cm). If you would like another length, either shorter or longer, just send a convo with your request.   

Dawn generously offered to use these delicate necklaces as a fundraising tool for me and my trip fund for Comic-Con International in San Diego.  They can be paid for via the donate button here on the blog. The cost is $35 including the cost of shipping and Dawn will make them to the specified length. Shipping addresses and requested lengths should be sent to my e-mail addy.  Once again, thanks so much for all your support, financial, moral, spiritual and otherwise.

Oh, and my husband’s oldest brother is VERY jealous of his sister-in-law getting to go to Comic-Con. 😉


LW, the Dark Knight and Guyday Friday


“You still look tired, my lady.”

LW sighed and, taking off her spectacles, rubbed her rather sticky eyes. Ah, allergies!

“Could have something to do with getting only four hours of sleep.”

” Still excited about seeing the Creator at Comic-Con?” Guy heaved a manly sigh. “I thought I wore you out good and proper–with the pillow fight, dear LW.”

Putting her glasses back on, she smiled up at the dark knight, a distinct twinkle in her sleepy blue eyes.

“And I appreciate that, Sir Guy. It was good fun, wasn’t it?”

Guy’s shapely mouth curved into a lop-sided smile.

“Yeah. It was. So–”  He tilted his dark head, raising a quizzical brow as he ticked off the list with his long and elegant fingers. “You’ve  caught up with your comments, sent in your unemployment certification info and taken your medicine, including your Super-Secret Vitamin. Why not take a nap?”

LW smothered a yawn. “Great minds think alike, Sir Guy. However, I do have something else I need to do first. You know what today is, after all.”

The smile turned into a rather dazzling grin. Breathaking, one might say.

“Guyday Friday,” he purred.

“Right in one, my dear knight . . . and I’ve got new fanart!”

“Well, as Harry would say–there you go . . .”

Comic-Con International is coming to San Diego and Mr. Armitage and I will be there!  *squee*

If you’d like to help with transportation/meal expenses over the six days of travel and CC fun, you may donate through the button on the right. And thanks very much to all who have supported this endeavor. 😀

San Diego Comic-Con International

San Diego Comic-Con International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thoughts on Comic-Con & our little community


Comic-Con (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

English: Richard Armitage at the 2010 Televisi...

Two weeks from today–good Lord willing and the Creek don’t rise–I will be at Comic-Con. Thursday through Sunday, July 12-15, I will be in sunny San Diego, battling the crowds, seeing people dressed in outlandish and amazing costumes, listening to various celebs and industry people speak, recording panels and interviews, writing articles and, hopefully, gleaning information you all will find interesting, informative and just plain fun.  After all, if it weren’t for you all, I wouldn’t be going.

Comic-Con Costume Girls 09

Comic-Con Costume Girls 09 (Photo credit: heath_bar)

First, I have to thank Frenz for providing the link to Comic Book Resource’s article about needing reporters for the event. And once I was accepted by CBR and earned my free four-day pass and the promise of a stipend and all the convention junk food I could eat, it was Frenz who created my donate button through PayPal for my Comic-Con Trip Fund. She and fellow bloggers were kind enough to promote it and readers and fellow bloggers were generous enough to donate to it.  Dawn not only offered practical advice as a Comic-Con veteran, she also provided financial support and offered her lovely jewelry as an additional fundraising tool.

You all are good folks.

When Benny and I were at the salon yesterday, we were discussing the trip while Renee cut his hair. He was telling her how people from all the world had supported me and made the trip possible  (He’s extremely impressed by the RA community by the way). Renee is fully aware of my recent troubles–the unexpected jolt in more ways than one of unemployment and the subsequent car accident–and she is truly happy for me to have this opportunity.

“God has a way of looking after us,” she said with a gentle smile.

Which made me think–is it God, or karma or sheer dumb luck or something else that is leading this to happen?  Were all the stars perfectly aligned?  I don’t know. But I think a lot of credit, obviously, has to go to Richard Armitage. It’s because of Richard that I started this blog and got to know so many of you.  It’s our love and admiration for Richard that has led most, though certainly not all, of us to our intense interest in what happens at Comic-Con, particularly on Saturday in Hall H.

Of course, we are all hoping and praying that Richard will be at Comic-Con; that I will have the opportunity to, at the very least, meet him and better yet, to interview him (and find out what he smells like for all you curious ladies out there).

And I would dearly love to  be able to briefly tell him how I ended up at Comic-Con in the first place.

No matter what happens regarding RA, I think Comic-Con International will be a very eye-opening experience.  And I will share as much of it as I can with you all.

English: San Diego Comic Con 2010 Joker Cosplay English: San Diego Comic Con 2010 Joker Cosplay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Description: Entrance to the San Diego Gaslamp...

Description: Entrance to the San Diego Gaslamp Quarter, historic heart of San Diego, from the Gaslamp Quarter trolley station. Date Created: Thursday, July 24, 2008, 10:46 AM Location: Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego, California Event: Comic-Con International: San Diego, Day 1. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good morning sexiness courtesy of the ChaRActers


 It’s 16 days until I head west for ComicCon in San Diego! Four days of costumes, panels, interviews and sneak peeks of new and returning TV shows and upcoming movies–including The Hobbit!  And Richard Armitage and Martin Freeman are on tap for the panel . . .

Chinatown, London. Martin Freeman during filmi...

Chinatown, London. Martin Freeman during filming of Sherlock. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Richard Armitage at the 2010 Televisi...

English: Richard Armitage at the 2010 Television BAFTAs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Comic Con sign.

A Comic Con sign. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s in the bag: Comic-Con, RA and lists


I am going to try to travel as lightly as possible when I wing my way to Comic-Con in two-and-a-half weeks. Benny says I am genetically incapable of this–traveling light- so I am, of course, determined to prove him wrong.   I frankly don’t want to pay Delta Airlines $35 to check a bag, and that worrywort part of me that makes me very much Joe and Ova’s baby girl also makes me fear a checked bag might end up in, oh, San Francisco while I am sitting in San Diego.  I speak from experience.  So I needed a roomy bag I can stuff under the seat to go with my carry-on with wheels for the overhead.

I went online where I found myself a sturdy, affordable, well-reviewed tote to serve as my handbag/Comic-Con gear bag, one that won’t show dirt easily, with room for lots of stuff.  (BTW Duluth Trading Company also has some gorgeous leather bags and briefcases I think RA would love, but they were out of my price range and not really what I needed for my journey there and back again.)

My tote arrived in yesterday’s mail and here’s what it looks like (only in washed brown instead of khaki).

Looks like I could get plenty of stuff into this bag. Unfortunately, I don’t think Richard would quite fit.

And here’s the description from the website.

Weekender Travel Tote is 3x the size of our original Travel Tote.

It’s big. Really big. So big you’ll turn a 3-day weekend into a 5-day trip. Check out what Duluth inventory manager Vickie fit in hers: 2 pairs of pants, 4 shirts, 1 sweatshirt, 2 pairs of pajamas, 1 jacket, a pair of hiking boots, socks and undies for 4 days, and toiletries. Holy cow! Has a zip organizer pocket in front with 3 sleeves, 3 pen slots and a key fob, plus 3 large sleeve pockets, a zip pocket and a cell phone sleeve inside. Huge outside pocket and secure zip top too. You’ll finally be ready for that long weekend you’ve been putting off.
It’s too early to pack in reality, but I’ve been doing it in my head a plenty. I am envisioning my folder with all my pertinent paperwork–my bar code and instructions for badge pickup for Comic-Con, hotel and flight details, etc.–in the zipper pocket on the side. Perhaps I will also tuck my Kindle in there. I have it loaded with as yet un-read books and some audiobooks, so I can stay entertained on the flights to and from SD.  There’s the tiny iPod Shuffle I won in a competition at work I could take to enjoy some tunes.
 Of course, with all those photo ops I am anticipating, my Digital SLR, a container with extra batteries and camera cards, my recharger, the mini videocam and batteries for that. I am debating whether or not to take the telephoto lens. It’s a bit on the heavy side. But I find myself imagining zooming in on a certain bearded beaut’s face. Decisions, decisions.

With my old  palm recorder malfunctioning, Benny found me a new one on Ebay that is smaller than many cell phones, a perfect fit for one of the pockets in the tote. After all, assuming I DO get an interview with Richard, I can’t take a chance on any of my gear not working (perish the thought!).  Instead of this trusty old laptop, I think I’m going for my little netbook–it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles loaded on it this does, but once again, it’s smaller and takes up less space. Traveling light, remember?

Of course, there will be the airline travel-approved Ziploc bag of small toiletries of the liquid kind,  other toiletries, a travel container with all my meds,  spare contacts and other lens paraphernalia, my glasses . . . all the things I really can’t do without.

I am still debating over what to wear. There’s supposed to be an iron and ironing board in the room so if stuff is squashed into wrinkles, I can take care of that.  Lists, lists, decisions, decisions.  Thoughts of Mr. A.

I’m still tingling over those photos of RA with fans from the theatre fundraiser. My gosh, but the man is handsome! He just gets better all the time, doesn’t he?   Be right, Lee Pace, and let RA be there in all his gorgeousness at Comic-Con International.

Even if I can only admire him from afar, it will be a lot closer than I’ve ever been before . . . thanks to you all. 😀

Angie leaves for Comic-Con in 17 days and counting!

Thanks for your contributions to her Comic-Con Trip Fund.

Help her get “there and back again” (from the hotel to the event and back again, that is) with your donations. 😀


Comic-Con (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

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The Bearded Beaut will be at Comic-Con!


At least that’s what this bloke says. And I am holding you to it, Lee Pace. Hey, I have even written a blog entry about you, you know. The link is at the bottom of this post.

I’ve always liked you as an actor, you seem like a pretty swell guy in real life, and frankly, I love you for your loose tongue. Waiting for all these official announcements tires me out. I want to know NOW.   And to hear that you said Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage would be at Comic-Con International  in San Diego made me very, very happy indeed.

This is cutie pie Lee Pace at a previous Comic-Con. Apparently Lee reported to some individuals at Sir Ian’s fundraiser that Martin Freeman and–WHOO-HOO!Richard Armitage will be at Comic-Con in July.

So it looks as if we Americans will get to see the Bearded (?) Beaut on our own shores again in less than three weeks.  And if all continues to go well with my own unexpected journey, I will see him in all his glorious fair flesh–and hairy forearms. *sigh* And hear his voice and if I am lucky, I’ll get to talk to him, ask him a few of those questions we’ve been cooking up.

Didn’t he look great in the photos from the fundraiser? A sparkle in those azure eyes, glowing skin and–just for Servetus–brown hair and beard! And did we mention those muscular forearms? *thud*   https://twitter.com/prwelly/status/216507591923208192/photo/1

And because I never get tired of the images from that Hobbit press conference, here we go:

Comic-Con is coming, I am going and so–it appears–is RA!!

Thank you to all who have donated to my trip fund. I now have my flight, my hotel room (although there is some confusion about which rate I am going to get, so it may be pricier than hoped) and now shuttle service (cheaper than a taxi) from and back to the airport is reserved. Thank you, asilomar for the heads-up!

I am still taking donations and likely will be right up to the departure date. I will have access to my PayPal account through my debit card while I am away.

I sincerely hope I not only get to talk with Richard, but also get to tell him it was a group of his dedicated and generous fans from around the globe who made it possible for me to attend.

 I definitely could not do this without you all.

San Diego Comic-Con International

San Diego Comic-Con International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Planning to go there and back again: Comic-Con conundrums


We’ve had our walk–no snakes!– and I have taken my Super Secret Vitamin.  Twenty-one days from now, I will be boarding a plane at Dannelly Field to begin my somewhat unexpected journey to  lovely San Diego and to Comic-Con International.  I’ll leave my country and my little home town of some 8,000 souls behind to visit a city of more than one million, to attend an event that will draw more than 165, ooo people.  That’s a good chunk of the population of our state’s capital city.

English: This is a photograph of the terminal ...

English: This is a photograph of the terminal of the Montgomery Regional Airport in Montgomery, Alabama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia

If all goes well, I will get settled into my room at the Otay Valley Best Western that afternoon and then grab a taxi or trolley over to the convention center before 8:30 p.m.  to pick up my badge.(My badge! I’ll be official!)

Comic-Con International: San Diego 2007

Comic-Con International: San Diego 2007 (Photo credit: statelyenglishmanor)

I don’t want to have to wait in line the next morning for it. I’ll have places to go, people to see, things to do! And a case of jet lag, no doubt. I will start out at Central Daylight Time when I leave Montgomery, go to Eastern Time and gain an hour in Atlanta, and then lose three hours by the time I arrive in SD. Hmmmm–perhaps a nap will be in order? Or will I simply be too darned excited?

Will I need a nap like Lucas when I make it to SD? Or will I be too hyped to even consider such a thing?

The closest thing I can relate to this event in terms of an experience is the ten days we spent in Europe back in 1999. My husband was amazed I did as well as I did, up early every morning and on the go until bedtime. I was so exhausted I took my Ambien and passed out.

I was determined to drink in every moment and not miss a thing. After all, I might never visit London or France again. I wanted to make the most of it!  However, that was 13 years and way more than 13 pounds and several conditions ago. And I had the help of Benny in keeping up with the kids in our group. The convention center is a sprawling place. Lots of walking, standing, and sitting are ahead for me.

And so I keep  giving myself pep talks and rehearsing in my mind all the steps involved in getting “there and back again.” And taking walks and trying to work out carrying all the essentials with me–no checked baggage to worry about losing or having to pay a fee for. Hoping to travel light and experience traveling mercies along the way.

Will my travels be as pleasant as Margaret and John’s trip together? I will miss having my best bud with me, that’s for sure.

I’m excited to know I’ll have the chance to be a reporter again, something I did for a decade and was pretty good at. At least the people who judged the Alabama Press Association awards each year thought so. Who knows? Perhaps this could be the beginning of a new chapter in my life, just as John and Margaret’s fateful meeting at the train station marked a new beginning for them.  Life can indeed take us on unexpected journeys, as Bilbo Baggins and Thorin and his company discover.  You never know what’s around the corner . . .

I won’t have a shaggy pony or a big sword, but I will be armed with camera, recorder, camcorder, pen and paper when I arrive at Comic-Con.

And now I have something very important to decide. What in the heck am I gonna wear??  Lightweight, comfortable, easy to move in and still “casual professional” is what I’m thinking. With pockets.  Boring compared to the costumes I’ve seen from past Comic-Cons. Hey, I am going to see and not be seen, right? And there will be SUCH A LOT to see.  Like this . . .

Darth Marino of the Miami Dark-phins. Nothing like a costume that combines an American football hero with the infamous Star Wars villain. (neatorama.com)

San Diego Comic-Con International

San Diego Comic-Con International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Comic-Con International is coming July 12-15 in San Diego and I will be there!

Thank you to all who have helped make this trip possible. Richard and I appreciate it.

The flight is booked: closing in on Comic-Con


Let’s hope I get the aisle seats I requested. People with fibromyalgia need room to stretch a bit while they ponder the geekapalooza (love that term. Saw it on another blog) known as Comic-Con International. And I’ve requested wheelchair assistance. Hey, I’ve got energy to conserve. The geekapalooza covers a lot of ground.

San Diego Comic-Con International

San Diego Comic-Con International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ll be winging my way to San Diego  July 11 via Delta Airlines, arriving shortly after 3 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.  Yes, the ticket is now purchased.  The seats were fast disappearing on any desirable flights (i.e., those that didn’t leave very late, meaning I’d arrive in SD the next morning, and/or required me to make multiple connections and spend long hours in the airport. Fifteen hours to get from Montgomery to SD and vice-versa by air is tooo much).

English: A Delta Airlines Airbus A330-323E lan...

English: A Delta Airlines Airbus A330-323E landing on runway 18C at Schiphol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You know, I love that husband of mine. Benny saved me (or should I say, our little community) another $90 beyond previous discounts by discovering I could pre-pay for my room in San Diego rather than just reserving it.  That freed up enough cash to cover the ticket cost.  And so the deed is done, the die is cast, the ticket booked and the room paid for in full–thanks to those of you who have generously contributed to the cause.

Will he be in disguise at Comic-Con? Or will the It Factor simply penetrate any attempt to go incognito?

This trip will involve a lot of firsts for me: my first trip to San Diego, although not my first to California; my first Comic-Con, my first reporting gig since being laid off from the paper and, I dearly hope, my first time seeing and hearing Richard Armitage in person. At times, it is all a bit overwhelming, frankly.  But in a good way, unlike some of the ways I have felt overwhelmed in recent months.

I wonder how Richard felt when he learned he’d been cast as Thorin in The Hobbit.  Excited, ecstatic, nervous–overwhelmed?

Maybe I will get to find that out. Along with how he smells. 😉

For those interested, here is  a link to an online article KG and I were discussing offline.


A Look at Lucas for Monday


Let’s look at lovely, sexy,  angsty, haunted, heroic Lucas . . . enjoyed reading all your comments re questions for Richard. I need to eat brekkie, take my Super-Secret Vitamin and try to get a little sleep.  Hope you’re having a good Monday/Tuesday wherever in the world you may be. 😉

Angie’s going to Comic-Con in San Diego in July!

She’s got her press credentials lined up with Comic Book Resources and she’s making her plans to experience the wonders of Comic-Con International and share them with you all!  If all goes well, she’ll be bringing back lots of news including the 411 on The Hobbit and–*squee* Richard Armitage!!!  You can help make it all possible by donating to her Comic-Con Trip Fund. Any amount is appreciated. Thoughts and prayers welcome, too.  Click the donate button in the sidebar to make a contribution. And Thanks!!
English: This is a picture of the front of the...

English: This is a picture of the front of the San Diego Convention Center. It was taken by myself in 2001. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: People playing Rock Band 3 at San Die...

English: People playing Rock Band 3 at San Diego Comic Con International 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

San Diego Comic-Con International

San Diego Comic-Con International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


One Step Closer to Comic-Con

English: Richard Armitage at the 2010 Televisi...

English: Richard Armitage at the 2010 Television BAFTAs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No, I still haven’t booked a flight and hotel yet. Costs and logistics and determining how much wear and tear this old body can take must still be sorted.

San Diego Comic-Con International

San Diego Comic-Con International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Angie Long Comic Book Resources UNITED STATES

However, an email popped into my box tonight from Comic-Con International. I am identified as a press associate for Comic Book Resources and I have my confirmation number and bar code that will allow me to pick up my four-day press badge. I feel kind of “official” now.

I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m eager and anxious all at the same time.

I thank you all once again for the financial support I have already received and will appreciate any additional help. It ain’t cheap for a hotel room or taxis or much of anything in sunny Southern California, it seems. Thankfully I’ll get free food at this shindig and whichever hotel I end up in should provide a complimentary breakfast, so I won’t need lots of dosh for eats.  Saturday–the day of the scheduled Warner Brothers time block–I may not be able to eat anyway.  I think you know why . . . something to do with the handsome gent in the tux.

Oh, Richard Armitage, please bring it on for all the fanboyz and fangurlz.

Please be there in all your sweet, shy, funny and beautiful glory. Because if this guy with the initials TH shows up and you don’t,  I will be a little disappointed. No, make that a lot. No pressure, though, darling. And I don’t really care if you’re dressed up as Thorin or in your LBS and jeans or wearing a burlap sack (although the latter could be rather itchy, I would think), just as long as you’re there . . .

English: Tom Hiddleston at the 2010 San Diego ...

English: Tom Hiddleston at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Panoramic photo of the people around ...

San Diego Comic Con International
San Diego Comic Con International (Photo credit: San Diego Shooter)
Comic Book Resources

Comic Book Resources (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Want to help my dream come true? You can donate through PayPal or a major credit card by pressing the button in the sidebar. Or consider purchasing one of Asilomar’s lovely sterling silver winged heart necklaces for $35 including shipping. She is donating a generous portion of each sale to my fund. Questions? Email me.  And thanks!

Thoughts on Thorin


I was watching The Two Towers this afternoon–the second film in the LOTR trilogy–and naturally, I was thinking about the world’s tallest dwarf.

Richard Armitage channeling his inner Thorin. It always amazes me how wide he can open that expressive mouth of his.

I found myself paying particular attention to Gimli the dwarf, played by John Rhys-Davies. Davies has said the makeup process for the three films was less than enjoyable.  Since it was only his voice that particularly resembled him once he was out of the makeup chair, I can see why.

If  ladies world-wide were chasing John after the first LOTR film, imagine what they will do to Richard. Then again, maybe we shouldn’t imagine.

John Rhys-Davies as Gimli in LOTR.



English: British actor John Rhys-Davies at the...

English: British actor John Rhys-Davies at the Lord of the Rings-Convention Ring*Con 2003 in Bonn, Germany. Deutsch: Der britische Schauspieler John Rhys-Davies auf der Ring*Con 2003 in Bonn, Deutschland. Français : L’acteur britannique John Rhys-Davies à la Ring*Con 2003 à Bonn, en Allemagne. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wonder how long Richard has to spend each day getting his Thorin hair, makeup and prosthetics into place (and then getting out of it all)? We know he’s a guy who doesn’t like to fuss about his appearance in RL. But he is also a professional who wants to get all the details right, so I am sure he undergoes the process with grace and good humor. And considering what some of the other actors playing dwarves in TH have to undergo for their comical looks, he may very well count himself lucky.

Richard from one of the earlier video blogs, getting his fierce on in rehearsals.

His look has evolved somewhat from the earliest glimpses we had of Thorin.  The hooked nose seems to have been modified; we know adjustments were made to allow his mouth and jaw greater mobility. I am very glad of this because Mr. A has a marvelously expressive face. He also has a very regal-looking countenance  to go with that regal bearing. His character is, after all, the uncrowned King Under the Mountain.

They opted for Richard’s own facial hair rather than a long false beard, a change which disturbs certain purists. However, I am sure Richard’s magnificent mane of hair is enough to contend with (I will be interested to see what sort of hair acting he will bring to the role).

In the end, it is not the beard that makes the dwarf; it’s the actor inhabiting the role.  And I would say Thorin is in safe hands with Richard.

There’s that wonderful rawr Mr. A does so well. Hooray for a mobile face not saddled with too much makeup and prosthetics.

One of the things I anticipate about Comic-Con next month in San Diego is getting to see more of Thorin in a sneak peek. Apparently the largest conference room at Comic-Con is equipped to show films in 3D.  I can’t wait to drink it all in!!

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Since my brain is highly scattered at the moment (see new addition to the sidebar on the right in case you were wondering why. Comic-Con! California! Richard Armitage! Crazy costumes! A job!), I am going to share a few scattered images of Mr. A and his assortment of ChaRActers.

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As many of you know, I applied and was accepted for a reporting position with CBR at this year’s Comic-Con, which is set for July 12-15 in lovely San Diego, California. Naturally, I am totally hyped over the notion of getting the opportunity to see RA and other TH folks, along with lots of other interesting possibilities. Just seeing the costumes sported by some attendees alone should be highly entertaining and I promise to take my camera.  And I long to be an ambassador for my fellow RA fans at the event and to be able to share as much as I can with you all as “the next best thing to being there.”

However, to get from Alabama to California is no mean feat. It takes funds, and I’ve been unemployed since last September.  There’s nothing left in the “rainy day” fund, if you know what I mean. People have offered to help, and so we’re setting up a way for you to do so.

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In a few weeks, I hope to be sitting not too far away from this bloke: