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Sir Guy as Swashbuckler? Or Angie’s longings for a PiRAte.

Cover of "Captain Blood"

Cover of Captain Blood

Rackham, Jack, aka Calico Jack, Pirate of the ...

Jack Rackham, known as Calico Jack, a real-life pirate of the Caribbean. Image via Wikipedia

It was this sort of look in RH S3 that made me think of RA playing a swashbuckler.

I think Richard Armitage would make a swell pirate. S3 Guy may have been what entrenched the idea so firmly in my mind, although I have long been a fan of swashbucklers. There is something about adventures on the high seas, great ships with billowing sails, lots of swordplay and handsome, dashing rogues in billowy shirts and thigh high boots, wielding gleaming cutlasses as they fight over possession of chests of gold doubloons and pieces of eight . . .

A highly romantized view of piracy, I know, but what fun such movies were. The Sea Hawk, Captain Blood, The Black Swan

Richard has the athleticism, the charisma, and the masculine beauty to certainly pull off such a role. Pirates of the Caribbean helped renew interest in real-life pirates like Blackbeard and Calico Jack and I love Johnny Depp as Captain Jack.

(I do think the franchise also should have ended about three movies ago. I guess Disney wasn’t quite willing to give up that cash cow.)

At any rate, if a good screenplay, a good director and the right love interest came along for such a project, I wouldn’t mind if Richard and his long locks and eyeliner resurfaced wearing  a billowy shirt, snug-fitting breeches and thigh-high boots.

After all, a girl can dream. (RH screencap courtesy of RANet, other images courtesy of Wikipedia)