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After eight years, Richard Armitage, you still move me.


I don’t have the extended edition of the BOTFA yet (maybe for Christmas if I am a very good girl). However, I have certainly appreciated getting to see the clip of   the preparation for Thorin’s final scene and the numerous screen caps from various bonus videos people have posted.


Seeing these various images–some solemn, others light-hearted–touched off a wellspring of emotions inside me.  How could I not fail to be moved seeing Richard’s preparation for Thorin’s death scene? Seeing how he lay there so quiet, so still and deep in thought, as the crew members moved around him, shifting snow, adjusting his costume, saying very little themselves as if recognizing the solemnity of the occasion.

untitled (2)

And then watching Martin and Richard acting that scene–absolutely heartbreaking. I remembered my husband reaching over and squeezing my hand to comfort me as the tears flowed freely down my face watching that scene in the theater. And I cried once again as I watched it unfold on the screen of my laptop.

Richard Armitage, I am not sure there is anybody who can die more–beautifully, poetically–than you onscreen.  I might be prejudiced, of course–but you do have a tremendous capacity to move me with your artistry.


I was also very touched seeing the little shrine the crew created on the spot where the death scene took place.

It was a fitting way to honor this larger-than-life character and the rather extraordinary man who brought him so vividly, unforgettably to life.  Here’s to Thorza!


Seeing the smile on your face as you talk about it makes me believe you were also touched by the tribute, both proud and humbled by this gesture.

Seeing you in full concentration mode–the dedicated, focused actor who is always on task–and in those lighter moments when Richard breaks through the Thorin guise and we see the grins and laughter, the humor, sweetness and genuineness reflected in those eyes–well, I am once again impressed by that dedication and drawn to the man I perceive you to be. Unpretentious, good-humored, attentive, discerning.







And huggable. Huggable is very important.



Oh, those eyes. That smile. I won’t even get into how impossibly sexy you also are here (ah, there goes that head bob as you murmur a self-deprecating remark). Beyond the obvious attractions of grey-tinged beard (growing older ever so gracefully, you are), glimpsed chest hair, lovely crinkles and that plaid shirt with its tempting snaps, there’s that aura you exhude. Yes, even in a screen cap of a candid moment.  Especially in such a moment.

Richard Armitage, after more than eight years as a fan, you still move me. Move me to tears, to smiles, to giggles, to that funny little flutter in my heart and in my stomach.

Richard Armitage: Bamboozled by a Burly Man Beard


We’ve grown so accustomed now, between the long shoot for The Hobbit films and now Richard’s summer-long run as the burly John Proctor in “The Crucible,” to seeing RA bearded or at the very least, heavily stubbled. Now I love him in any flavor: Bearded, Stubbled Light or Heavy, and Clean-Shaven. Still, there is something about a hirsute Mr. A . . .

I recall that first glimpse of him at the initial Hobbit press conference . . . in the Little Black Shirt, sporting those bodacious biceps and THE BEARD.


Remember that deep, deep voice when he responded to the female journalist who was a bit too general in her questions? And those devilish grins he flashed? Oh, wow . . .  sexy Richard indeed!

But there’s his silly side, too–which I also love.   ‘Cause I married me a sexy, silly, funny man.

Richard Armitage tweeted this slightly startling and quite amusing image of himself purportedly attempting to disguise his Proctor beard (“too #ladyGaGa?”) for an upcoming Hobbit Movie photo shoot today. Richard, you ham, you!  Really getting into this whole Twitter thing, aren’t you, old boy?!



Of course, once you say goodbye (for however long it proves to be) to your beardy goodness, Rich, there are many who will mourn. May I suggest you look into obtaining this T-shirt?


It could be just the ticket, right? 😉 See you on Twitter!

Once you go black (knight) . . . Happy Guyday Friday!




Happy Guyday Friday to you all! Still having considerable trouble with my left wrist, so I am continuing to limit my online time in terms of responding to comments, etc. anything that requires me to utilize my entire hand. I promise I will try to catch up. And thanks for all your comments of late. 😀 And now without further ado, more sexy Sir Guy!




Can’t help waking up sexy, can he?


It’s raining, and dreary, and not a good day for someone with FMS/arthritis/tendonitis. Ah, but there’s good news! There’s dear old Rich, looking splendiferous.  Whether he’s stubbly, bearded or clean-shaven, close-cropped, sporting nape curls or extensions, dressed in a suit and tie or that slightly ratty black tee–he’s always got it goin’ on, bless his sexy, sweet, gorgeous heart. Lucky us.


Guy is here and he’s bringin’ the smirks, smoulders, struts and snarls!



Soooo many “S” words suit our super sexy Sir Guy–smirking, snarling, smouldering, slinking, strutting . . .

He IS the hottest baddie turned goodie. The hottest baddie, or goodie, period.




Happy Guyday Friday, my darlings!!

The delightful & dashing Mr. A & Real Life Stuff with Fedoralady


So, I feel as if I am w-a-a-y  behind in terms of the Armitage blogs, FB pages, et cetera,  and keeping up with Armitage World these days. Part of it boils down to issues with my computer and my “Country High-Speed,” which is to say, not very fast at all. And there are problems with my Windows Live Mail, which of late is not very lively.  Still, it’s better than no internet at all (as I found out during that long week when I did without).

Part of it is that my mind is going in a thousand different directions (I really do begin to wonder if it’s all the FMS or if I have developed some sort of adult-onset ADD).



Now that April has arrived, Real Life gets much busier for us re community events and video production company work.  And I am doing more writing for pay–not a lot, but more. Yay! And part of it all is my sleeping patterns are all screwed up (perhaps even more than normal), so I am often not online when others of you are.  So–if you are reading this–“HELLO!” *waves cheerily and grins*

So–I have managed to do some photo editing in fits and starts involving our beautiful boy’s most recent appearances. Here are some examples of what I’ve done, some of which have already appeared on Pinterest and at my FB page, The Richard Armitage Effect.  I hope you enjoy, and I hope you are having a good week.

P.S.~ I got my Urban book this week–hooray!–but as I have been boning up on the finer points of our Papa Bear camera, I have postponed getting started on it. This weekend will be busy with three events–a family reunion luncheon and an outdoor memorial event to shoot for PRP Saturday, and our humane society’s Bark in the Park on Sunday, which we also plan to video and shoot stills for. Thinking of waiting to begin the book until next week . . . getting better and better at this delayed gratification stuff.











Just Call Me the RA Collage Queen. Boom, Boom, Boom!



Well, it’s fun and when you can’t sleep, it’s a nice way to pass the time. A mixture of collages and FB covers I’ve made this week. Hope you enjoy!

guy facebook cover



Try saying the above 10 times fast. It’ll make you giggle.


Mulligan facebook cover.jpg

Sir Guy: The Most Toothsome Knight of ALL! Mmm, mmm, good.


65f18346_o (1)guyadamsappleAnd no, we aren’t just referring to those dazzling white chompers he too rarely displays (but, oh! When he does—be still our hearts).

Toothsome: (adjective) 1. Pleasing to the taste; palatable, delicious 2. Pleasing or desirable. 3. Sexually alluring. Synonyms~tasty, appetizing, mouthwatering, scrumptious.  Definition provided by Dictionary.com & Bing Dictionary.

Sir Guy–from the top of those touchable jetty tresses to the tips of those big, beautiful feet (let us help you out of those boots, my lord, and give your pinkies a nice massage . . .”), he is definitely toothsome. Oh, myyyyyyyyyy. Yummmmm.

Those kohl-rimmed azure eyes, giving those smouldering glances that could peel the bark right off Sherwood Forest’s trees (and the clothes right off Nottie’s wenches), the sensual lips with that delicate Cupid’s bow that begs to be traced with a finger tip (or tongue?) . . . the strong jaw with the stubble that a girl longs to stroke, the noshable swan-like throat, the magnificently masculine nose, the tempting raspberry-like nipples of the amazing chesticles, the—-*sigh* *swoon* *thud* (Damn, didn’t make it to the long, strong, lean horseman’s thighs AGAIN!)
Yep, he’s mighty toothsome!!




BeFunky_rh108_091 (2)guygrinsht




aaa202_120 (2)

Winter is still here–but so is Sir Guy! Feeling warmer now?


“Sir Guy, I feel ancient. And tired of the cold and damp . . .” Ladywriter sighed, then winced as she gingerly rotated her sore right shoulder and flexed her stiff right thumb. After falling two nights in a row, LW was, as her daddy used to say, “stove up.”  Grace was definitely not her middle name, especially not during this Endless Winter.

“But you have your lovely red and black-striped fingerless gloves given to you by your cousin,” said Guy. Tilting his dark head, he smiled, his kohl-rimmed azure eyes gleaming. “And–you have–ME.”

Waggling her fingers, LW nodded and returned his smile. “I appreciate so the kindness of others–and the sweet hotness of you, Dearest Dark Knight.”

A flash of white teeth and a deep, dark, delicious chuckle. “Well–naturally.”

Electric blankets, hot choccie, cuddly cats—and Sir Guy. Great winter warmers!  Happy Guyday Friday!






Portah rocks a shemagh; or how the keffiyeh does he look so good?




Porter was a character who accessorized well. The shades, the bracelets, the vests . . . and those scarves, also known as shemaghs or keffiyehs. And boy, are those pieces of cloth really versatile! Just take a look!

(Not too sure you’d want to re-use that rockin’ scarf after making it your toilet paper or feminine hygiene product, however . . . )


“Portah’s so sexy . . . rockin’ the shemagh, rock the shemagh!” (with apologies to The Clash)


Hotter–and better accessorized, too.

What’s your favorite Portah accessory?

Polar Vortex? Pssshaw. Richard’s here to warm things up!


140127029Brrrrrrr! It’s 27 degrees F at 8:11 a.m., which isn’t that unheard of during the winter in Lower Alabama–except that we hit our high for the day a few hours ago and the temps keep continuing to drop, with a low of 10 frigid degrees and below-zero wind chill expected tonight. It’s colder here right now than it is in NYC. Yes, the Polar Vortex (cue ominous music) has arrived down south and is moving east. Another big mug of coffee, cuddly cats, cozy blankets are all called for. Hmmm, what else can I use to warm things up? Ah, I think I know . . . Happy Monday!BeFunky_801304059dd

BeFunky_f (2)ss




Oh, Guylty, Oh, Guytly, Your *Ooofy* Posts Delight Me. May I say thank you? ;)


Technical expertise and the history of photography combine beautifully with pure appreciation of our lovely Richard in your posts, dear Guylty,making them pressies we can anticipate each week throughout the year. Because you, my friend, also love my creative endeavors in fan fic, especially that wild slashy NC-17 ride known as “Guy and Rebecca: The Adventures Continue” (which *ahem* can be found at Dreamer Fiction and Live Journal under fedoralady) I made these little photo edits with you in mind. Ho, ho, ho!!! 😉 I hope you will all enjoy these images . . .




Guyday Friday: Anachronistic never looked so good.



OK, so the sleek and slinky black leather togs sported by our favorite henchman weren’t exactly historically accurate. Are we really going to complain about it?


Because Guy + Black Leather = Mmmm, mmmm good.


And he knows it, too, the rascal. 😉


Of course, he also looks mighty fine underneath all that buttery soft black leather . . .


Happy Guyday Friday!

GuyDay Friday: Let’s hear it for the Guy!



Whether spying on Hoodie and the Sister from Hell in a forest glade . . .


Or smouldering in some dimly-lit castle corridor . . .


Or screaming like a man who has toppled over the edge into madness . . .

BeFunky_rh108_091 (2)guygrinsht

Or sexily smirking in the face of Hoodie’s threats and bluster (and launching a thousand fantasies!)


Sir Guy remains the Hot Velveteen Henchman—our ORIGINAL Dark Knight.

And, oh yeah–don’t refer to him in the past tense. He IS, after all, SOOO Not Dead.

ariane179254_RobinHood_3x11_TheEnemyOfMyEnemy_2576 copy