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Guy gets vilipended: TAE Word for the Day


Sherry doesn't like it when Guy questions his authority, thus feeling the need to vilipend his master-at-arms once more.

Vasey vilipends Guy yet again after the "Nightwatchman" escapes execution.

When I saw this word, I could only think of a certain short, balding, black-nailed, beady-eyed, silk-wearing devious creature I like to call the Treacherous Troll. Vasey was the bane of my beloved Guy’s existence.

Vilipend (verb): (1) To regard or to treat as of little value or account. (2) To vilify; depreciate.

The sheriff would vilipend his master-at-arms at every opportunity, throwing insults in Guy’s beautiful face and threatening him with bodily harm, using Guy as his whipping boy. So on those rare occasions when Guy stood up to Sherry, I rejoiced. If only he had made certain Vasey really was dead . . .