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Sir Guy is ever so smug. Hold on there, big fella. Ricky’s here, too!


“He really IS getting in touch with his inner hot henchman, isn’t he?” Sir Guy said with a trademark smirk.


“I mean–look at the longer hair. The leather. I started it all, you know.”



Photo by Sarah Dunn Photography

“Listen, Mate, you aren’t the only bloke the CReAtor has been channeling just lately. There’s some of ME, too,” another deep, husky voice sounded. “In leather–AND in plaid.”




By Sarah Dunn Photography

Sir Guy sniffed and folded his arms across his chest. He nodded slowly, begrudgingly. “I suppose so—” He smirked again. “But I was still FIRST. And have you seen that other black leather jacket of his–pure ME . . .”

Ricky’s mouth curled with amused disdain. “Don’t like yourself much, do you?”

Guy’s eyebrows rose. “What’s not to love?”


The publicity machine, shyness & ‘safe’ skiing: check out Richard’s ‘Profile’


An intriguing profile by Adam Jacque of Richard from Sunday’s The Independent UK. Many thanks to RANet for the heads-up. The more I know of him, the more I know I will never “know” him and the more he fascinates me.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this . . . and I do think it’s pretty safe to assume Richard would like to be asked some different questions. And in spite of his shyness, I’d say he’s a very interesting guy.

I never like to go out of character when filming starts I fear that if I do, I might not be able to pick it up again. This was particularly the case with the character Thorin Oakenshield [in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit]. He’s moody and broody, so people kept their distance from me during the production. I wish I was good at jumping out of character in between takes, as I’d be more popular socially.

Publicity for ‘The Hobbit’ was relentless I was travelling and doing junkets around the world, being asked the same questions every day for three weeks. Then at the end of the working day I’d have to get down the red carpet. It’s pretty hard work. I much prefer being in front of a camera.

I love how Gary Oldman disappears into a role You see a character before you see him; you believe him as he’s so invested in that character, such as his George Smiley in Tinker Tailor… That’s what I’m striving for.

I’d like to act in a film without special effects I’ve spent the past two years in a special FX environment for The Hobbit. I also need to find something where I’m not fighting or inflicting violence on someone, as a lot of the roles I’ve had, such as Lucas North in Spooks and Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood, have involved that. I don’t know why that’s been the case!

It’s bloody annoying being shy I’ll spend a whole evening at a party asking everyone else about themselves. I’m not being self-deprecating; it’s because I’m too shy to talk about myself. So people come away from the evening actually having learnt nothing about me.

I hate selfishness in people I lean towards the Japanese idea of “you first”, such as always allowing another to walk through a door before you. Though admittedly, in their culture, this [thoughtfulness] is shame-based, to some extent.

I’m an avid skier Most of the time that I’ve been skiing, I’ve been about to go and film something, so I’m always living in fear of a broken leg and I ski very safely. I’ve taken a few tumbles, though. I once flipped and bounced on my head, landing in a mess on the floor; it’s a dangerous sport but it’s exhilarating and it allows me to unwind.

Snowboarders ruin the piste They shave off all the snow so it’s like an ice patch, and they sit in the middle of the piste, chatting with friends in a line, so you have to jump over them as you come over the crest of a hill.

I’d like to live off-grid I’m fascinated with the documentation of the environment [and its degradation] through photography, and our hunt to move away from fossil fuels and towards new technology. I’m attempting to build a home that uses water, wind or solar power. Right now it’s just a pastime, but it’s an exciting prospect.

Richard Armitage, 41, is a British actor. ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey‘ is available on DVD from tomorrow

Black tie or black leather, he’s bee-you-tiful.


OK, still struggling with this head-jaw-neck-shoulder situation, which happens to be on my left side, and I am left-handed. Anyway, now using one of those rice-filled wraps you can heat in the microwave and another muscle relaxer. Working on a post featuring Monet‘s house and garden (absolutely beautiful!!) in Giverny, but it is slow going. Supper–cube steak and gravy–is simmering away in the slow cooker and tea is steeping. In the meantime, my lovelies, enjoy the man in black tie, black leather and open-collared shirt (back, kathryngaul, back!!).

Sunday Behind the Scenes with Richard: Sir Guy of Robin Hood


Richard in a S2 DVD extra interview. The leather pants straining over the thighs. The bare arms. The great eye makeup job. Our medieval rock god.



Richard and His Ridiculously Attractive Hands. I love how he talks with them, don't you?



A shot with the tracking dolly from the seige on Nottingham Castle from S3 extras.



Love to see Richard laughing--especially in his Guy guise.



Told ya I loved those hands. And everything here.



An intellligent, thoughtful, interesting and talented actor. And a glorious-looking one.






Rare and Amusing Insults: Guy & the Cockaloram


Vasey was always hurling insults at our poor Gizzy, the sheriff’s favorite whipping boy.

"Stop sniveling, Gisborne! If you didn't go around painting your arm like a girl . . ."

Here’s a good insult Guy could have used to describe  his loathsome employer.

Cockalorum: A boastful and self-important person; a strutting little fellow.



What Guy is thinking: God's tears! It's bad enough to see this cockalorum fully dressed--but in the rude nude. That's a cockalorum I just don't want to see . . . or hear. *sigh*



This Robin fellow could be pretty much of a cockalorum, too, come to think of it.


Screencaps courtesy of RANet

It’s Guy Friday once again! Here’s some Reasonably Happy Gorgeous Henchman for you.


Some pretty pictures of Sir Guy in a good mood. He’s happy it’s Friday, too, it seems.

Oh, you are such a foxy fellow, aren't you, my beloved henchman?

I lurv this one. The smile, the eyes. The awesome masculinity.

Oh, Guy. She's gonna run out on you, but at least you can have some temporary satisfaction.

Richard Armitage loves the baddies. And he keeps me from hating them.


Richard Armitage has said he is not interested in playing floppy-haired heroic types (but, darn it, Rich, we love your floppy tresses!) and when he does play heroes, he looks for their dark side. After all, perfection would be a bit–boring, would it not?

He loves playing the bad guys, and he’s so very good at it.  Because just as he looks for the dark side in the heroes, he also seeks the humanity, the light, no matter how dim, within his darker characters.  And he always finds it. It makes all the difference in how I respond to characters like Paul Andrews, John Mulligan, Robert Lovelace , Heinz Kruger or my beloved Sir Guy of Gisborne.

John Mulligan--"Could you be a devil? Could you be an angel?"
In RA's hands, you are one complex, charismatic baddie.

I find myself unable to completely despise any of the cads, rogues, heinous henchmen or sinister spies he has played thus far. I may reject many of their actions and attitudes and find elements of their characters revolting; still, that glimpse of humanity, that sometimes subtle-yet-discernible struggle between good and evil, allows me to identify with them and empathize in a way I rarely do with other actors when playing the same types of roles.

Heinz, you are a saboteur and a murderer. And yet--I feel the need to know more about why you chose this path rather than immediately condemning you. Would I feel the same if another actor had played the role? Would I even care?

I have asked myself, “Is it because, as Lucy Griffiths quipped on one of the RH commentaries,  Richard makes  ‘such a good-looking murderer?'”

Is it Richard’s beauty and charisma blinding me to the characters’ flaws that keeps me from despising the baddies?  I honestly don’t think so.  I clearly see these are flawed, damaged, sometimes amoral and dangerous men who also happen to possess great looks and considerable charm.  The latter qualities certainly can make them easier on the eye and soften one up a bit.

Sir Guy: vain, temperamental, hungry for wealth and power, the evil Vasey's henchman who has killed and tortured for the sheriff. And yet. We also see his vulnerability, his naivety, his aching need for love, his ability to show courage and chivalry.

Still, it’s what is going on inside these characters that ultimately makes them so compelling for me.  It’s that glimmer of light inside the darkness. It’s wondering where they came from, what molded them into the men they have become and what lies ahead of them. In Sir Guy’s case, it was longing for that redemptive arc, for him to become the good man, the hero we knew he was capable of being. Before Richard, could we imagine a Sir Guy of Gisborne we’d actually prefer over the titular hero of the show?

A baddie in Richard’s hands becomes a three-dimensional, fully-fleshed-out character, a real human being with a mind, a heart and soul. And knowing they are created with such detail and dedication by  this wonderful actor, who works so hard to breath life into each one, makes me appreciate them all, good, bad, and something somewhere in-between.

So, Richard. Maybe what we need is a complex anti-hero role where you start out a baddie, end up a goodie, get the girl and survive past the final credits?  Angst, danger, brooding, romance, heroism and ultimately a happy ending. What do ya think?

"Hmmmm. Better shop that sort of scenario around to some scriptwriters . . ."

I love Guy when he’s bein’ all bad-ass and wolfish, don’t you?


The darkening eye, the flash of white teeth and those strong, nimble fingers. The wolf is after its prey. I think I would come out and play with this Big Bad Wolf if he asked . . .

Oh, those big, beautiful--and sometimes lethal-- hands. And the glimpse of those piercing eyes.

Ah, the floppy hair and the dangerous glint in those kohl-rimmed eyes.

The wolf shows off his sharp claw.

Thwarted yet again. And still sexy as ever.

Early start on Guyday Friday: Sheriff at last, if not for long


We saw Guy finally achieve his dream of being named the Sheriff of Nottingham after killing the sheriff and doing away with Isabella and Robin. Or so he thought. Guy, oh Guy–you have to stick around and make sure the dead are really DEAD. Still, for a few brief, shining moments, you were the Big Man on Campus in Nottingham. And power looked good on you.  (screencaps courtesy of RANet)

He's done the prince's bidding, slaved away for years under the poisonous troll Vasey, doing his dirty work, collecting his blood money. Guy doesn't want to wait any longer.

The sheriff is dead, along with Isabella and Hood. Now Guy's time has come.

There's an almost child-like glee--the kid at Christmas opening his longed-for present--as Guy looks at the castle's keys finally in his own beautiful hands.

He can barely believe it has finally happened.

PJ introduces Guy as the new sheriff. At long last . . .

That rare thing. A true grin on Guy's face. It won't last long, but it's lovely to see it whilst it does.

A storm’s a-brewin': the volatile Sir Guy


Sure, he sneers, snarls, sniffs and walks around with a face like thunder. But a good storm can be fascinating–if frightening–to watch. Especially when the thunder and lightning come in that tall, smouldering leather-clad package known as Sir Guy of Gisborne. I am sure you’ll agree . . .
(Guy screencaps courtesy of RANet)


(mississippi red cross)

Super Sexy Saturday starts with RA’s eye-catching “bad boys” in another new vid


So what do you do when you feel very creative but your hands don’t feel like doing a lot of typing and your eyes are a bit fuzzy for writing?

You make another video where you can look at a lot of pretty pictures of Mr. A’s characters. Obviously.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Check out all the goodies at FanstRAvaganza 3 which ends Sunday.

PS Ever heard of a book called Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James, part of a trilogy?  I just downloaded to my Kindle. It’s supposed to be quite a sexy page-turner. I will let you all know what I think. ;)

Another new video: The Way That I Want to Touch You . . .


I’ve been raiding my mental closet again, and found yet another song from my younger days. This song’s lyrics made me think of Richard and the wonderful array of characters he has given us. Characters who bring darkness and light, sunshine and shadow–who are very touchable, or so I imagine.  And I love Toni’s voice.

Never fear, Guyday Friday will continue. I have my final F3 post going up tonight. Let’s just say it has ties to Guy. ;) And you might get some pretty pictures in-between.

Flashback: Wild Man Guy and the Mysterious Appeal of the Greasy Mane


Those mad eyes peering through the dark tangle of hair, the open mouth--oh dear. Such a visceral reaction.

Yeah, he's unkempt. He's dirty. But I would still try to wrestle him down and drag him off to my womancave for fun and games. Then clean him up afterwards. Bathtime can be fun, no?

(I wrote this a while back and posted at LJ. And Wild Man Guy still has this effect on me. I should add my husband is astonishingly good-humored about my whole RA addiction. But sometimes I do make him scratch his head a bit.)

The Mysterious Appeal of a Greasy Mane; or My Spouse Thinks I’m Crazy

Men just don’t get it sometimes. That knowledge was reinforced this weekend when my husband watched the first episode of Robin Hood S3 when they re-ran it on BBC America.

“Is that him?” Benny queried, as a boozy, hollow-eyed Sir Guy of Gisborne, his greasy, tangled mane falling across his face, told Jasper and the sheriff he had killed Robin “with these hands.”

“Richard? Yes, that’s him in the center – Guy,” carefully avoiding any “squee”- type response. I try to be sensitive to the male ego. And I do love the dear old thing (50 next month).

“The gay-looking guy?” He said incredulously.

I huffed just a little. “He is s-o-o-o not gay.”

He rolled his eyes and moved over to the computer desk, as I continued to watch my gorgeous and so-not-gay dark knight.

His eyes would occasionally stray upwards to where the TV sat.

“You see, Richard can really act with that hair, honey. Guy’s all angsty and in torment right now because of what happened with Marian . . .”

Benny’s expression remained noncommittal.

“And I find it – very – appealing.”

He gave me that “you must be crazy” look I’ve seen a few too many times.

“Look, I can appreciate a good-looking guy, but that-” he jerked his head toward Shaggy Guy’s image – “that greasy mop and all is just not attractive.”

I sighed. ~Oh, it is to me, honey. The things I want to do to him. And then the fun I’d have cleaning him up afterwards~

Discretion being the better part of valor, I kept those thoughts to myself.

“He has a real animal magnetism. It’s like I have this – primal response,” I said with a rather sheepish shrug.

“Hmmmm.” Raising a skeptical brow, he shook his head.

Sir Guy of Gisborne (BBC TV drama)

Image via Wikipedia

Of course, we all know Sir Guy cleans up nicely. But I like him dirty, too.

Undaunted, I showed him my lovely netbook wallpaper featuring shots of Richard circa “Cold Feet.”
“Now you have to agree he looks perfectly presentable there,” I insisted.“Yeah, he looks OK there.”

~OK? I want to lick my computer screen!~

“Anyway, it’s a good thing he’s off in England, it’ll limit your opportunities to stalk him,” he added dryly.

~As if! I mean, really~

It was no use. He just couldn’t comprehend the fact that a boozy, greasy, wild-eyed medieval knight played by one Mr. Armitage was a breed apart.

I did have one triumphant moment. He knows I am no great admirer of Robin.

“I’ll agree with you on one thing,” he said. “That Robin Hood is sure nothing to write home about . . .”

Finally. A meeting of the minds.

Men just don’t get it sometimes, do they?

If only there WAS an All-Richard Armitage Channel . . .


Imagine gathering around the TV with fellow RA fans in flesh or in spirt for an RA marathon you could enjoy any day of the year. Break out the popcorn and beverage of choice! (photo from tvwriting12)

“I suppose you wish there was a channel with nothing but Armitage on it, don’t you?” My husband commented one night while I was working on a fanvid.
“Oh–yes. I do. That would be wonderful . . .” In my best breathy voice, I batted my eyelashes and then made an exaggerated “squee” sound. He teases me, I tease him back.

Truthfully, I do wish such a channel existed on Dish Network. We have a jillion other channels, many of which I have never watched; why not have one devoted to to the total package of talent, class, beauty, sex appeal and intelligence that is our sweet Richard?

I live in the U.S. and in my part of the country, Robin Hood is the only series of RA’s that has aired (thank you, Sir Guy of Gisborne, for introducing me to the Armitage Effect). There are local PBS stations that have carried some, if not all, of the series of Spooks featuring RA. It hasn’t happened here, unfortunately.

Hmmmm . . . an all-ME channel. I mean, are you sure anyone would want to watch it? ~ Yes, Richard, we ARE.

Sure, most of us who have been in the fandom very long have most, if not all, of his performances on DVD or saved to our computers or DVRs. If our connection is fast enough, we can watch streaming video online. We don’t have to rely on scheduled television broadcasts to get our RA fix.

Still, there is something rather special to me about sitting down and watching Richard on the telly and knowing fellow RA fans in my part of the world are doing the same. Somehow, it also makes me feel like I am showing my solidarity as a member of Armitage World.

So, imagine, if you will–24 hours a day, seven days a week, uncut and commercial-free (unless it features RA, of course. RA could sell anything and I would buy it). All Richard Armitage. All the time.  All the shows/films he has appeared in/narrated. All the behind-the-scenes featurettes and all his interviews. Oh, and a separate audio channel offering everything he’s done in the audio field.  The best RA fanvids, too! Heaven . . . I’d be in heaven . . . *swoon*

To paraphrase Sting — “I want my, I want RATV . . .”