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Fedoralady’s Monday Meanderings: Thorin et al



I am sharing a variety of things I found on FB and some of my own stuff today. I hope you enjoy! I just love this piece of artwork. It could be Richard on set or a younger, more carefree Thorin. Great job, Evank7!


If you aren’t familiar with Grumpy Cat, he’s (she’s?) something of an internet phenom. That face! But even GC is being won over by the delicious Thorin–well, sort of.


I find Smaug Cat both beautiful and fearsome!!


Someone found these two images on fanpop. I then enlarged them and did a bit of tweaking. Me like–hope you do, too.



Nothing like  Thorin when he’s truly p—ed off and not gonna take it anymore. Forbidding and still beautiful. BeFunky_untitled-4-copy.jpg

Now, must do some video critiquing for spouse and then on to playing in photo editing with more scanned images. Such fun!

I dream of Thorin kicking Smaug’s Scaly Arse . . . ING interview


hobbitauj-0191500470roar“Hopefully I come face to face with Cumberbatch.” Richard Armitage on possibly meeting Benedict Cumberbatch on set. BC is playing the dragon Smaug (via voice and motion capture).

In case you’ve missed it, an interesting little video featuring Richard, James and Andy discussing Smaug, that mean ol’ gold-loving dragon who drove Thorin and his people from Erebor (with no help from those effing elves). Link is below:


Now, I really like the talented Benedict as an actor, although I still maintain he resembles an otter (hey, I think otters are cute) and he has a lovely voice, too (NOT as lovely to me as RA’s, of course). But part of me just wants to see Richard Thorin kick the ever-loving daylights out of Sherlock Smaug. If you know what I mean.


“In breathtaking style”: More from the Hobbit Tribute Mag


More quotes from The Hobbit Tribute: The OneRing net’s Collector’s Edition. And one of my favorite variations on a certain handsome young dwarf (to be seen in flashbacks in the trilogy–

“As a young dwarf, Thorin Oakenshield saw the dragon Smaug invade his home in the Lonely Mountain and slaughter most of his kinsman. Ever since, the exiled dwarf king has furiously pursued his revenge against the terrible wyrm.

“Veteran British actor Richard Armitage relishes the opportunity to play such a conflicted, emotionally complex character, and if anyone can accurately portray Thorin’s flaws on screen while still remaining sympathetic, it’s the talented Shakespearean actor and self-professed Tolkien fan.

A screenshot courtesy of RANet of Martin and Richard doing a short interview with News 3 New Zealand. Yes, RA is talking with those fab hands once again.

“In addition to his enthusiasm for tackling Thorin’s psychological state, Armitage’s work on the BBC’s Robin Hood makes him well-suited to the physical challenges of playing the fearsome dwarven warrior, and it’s clear from the advanced footage of the film that his bellowing baritone will also be put to use singing a dwarven dirge or two. Thorin earned the name “Oakenshield” by defending himself with a tree in a battle, and while Armitage won’t be lifting any logs, expect to see him slaying orcs, wargs and giant spiders in breathtaking style.”

Personally, I expect no less. I’ve seen Jas’s GIFs of him twirling like a lethal top, the most graceful dwarf warrior around, I will wager.  And in a few hours, folks will get to see it all on screen in Wellington . . . wow.