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Sunday Smorgasbord: Spicy & Sweet


Oh, those smiles. Sweet, sunny, shy, quietly content, downright flirty-girty, sly and sexy. Wonderful smiles reflected in those amazing azure eyes.   Sugar and spice and everything nice . . . those smiles.

Wow Wednesday with more of Mr. Thudworthy


I have always loved these pix from one of RA’s photo shoots. I have posted them before but I thought it was time to bring them back again. They are early examples of me having fun with Photoshop, as all had watermarks which I removed with varying degrees of success after converting the photos into B&W.

I think RA’s magic shines through anyway.   The smiles.The smoulders. The biceps!! *sigh* It’s all good.

More smiles courtesy of Mr. A


Word Press is being stroppy tonight here at Chez Fedoralady. Just doesn’t want to let me add any more artwork. Anyway, here’s more of those lovely smiles from Mr. A–Lucas, on a charm offensive (and he’s an ace at it) and Mr. Thornton taking a break from looking stern and rather grim to captivate us with a sweet, sweet smile, crinkles and eyelashes and all.

More writing done–a good start on the “new” Chapter 3. Time is still scrambled up for me somehow. Sleep is erratic. This afternoon, a heavy thundershower but no nearby lightning strikes or loss of power, thank heavens. Just messes with my FMS.

 However, looking into the face of Dr. Track–kind blue eyes, crinkled brow and that sweet smile–allows me to answer his question in the affirmative. Hope it does the same for you.

Sometimes you just need those smiles . . .


Richard Armitage has such a lovely smile. It’s more than the delicate shape of that upper lip with its Cupid’s-bow and the way the corners of his mouth seem to naturally want to curl upwards, more than the gleaming white teeth or that crease–dimple?–in his left cheek. It’s the expressiveness of it.  It’s the sweetness, the tenderness, the shyness, the goofiness,the sexiness; the mischief in it at times. The kindness. Even the sadness is lovely. For the chaRActers who rarely smile, the moments when they do are all the more special. All these smiles touch my heart, my soul.

And tonight I really need some of those smiles.

More Sweetness for Saturday . . . Harry Kennedy


Harry and Gerri prepare for That Kiss--right this second.

A tall drink of sweet, sexy water. KInd of like his Creator.

And that sunny, sweet smile!

He loves good books and quotes from Thomas Hardy. I love a man with beauty AND brains.

Good-humored, bookish, sweet, a bit shy, well-mannered, great with numbers. A smile like sunshine. Dark hair that flops endearingly across his brow. His tastes in wooly jumpers may be a bit dodgy, but it doesn’t take away from his adorableness. And those long, long legs in those jeans . . . and kisses. With tongues. The apparent patience to put up with the daft citizens of Dibley in order to share his life with the vicar he adores.
And he’s the character Richard says most resembles his own personality in real life. How can you not love Harry Jasper Kennedy?