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So are the Days of our Felines’ Lives . . .



Like sands through the litter box–er, hour glass–so are the days of our kitty cats’ lives.*
It’s not all sleeping, eating and answering the call of Mother Nature for our girls.
Now there appears to be a sort of love triangle that has sprung up between Thumper Cat, Little Thorin and the newest arrival, Plush Thorin. I dearly hope it shall not come to blows—but it is feeling a tad soap opera-ish chez fedoralady.

*There is a long-running American daytime soap opera called “Days of Our Lives” that we used to watch during summer vacation and other school breaks. Each episode began with a voice-over solemnly intoning, “Like sands through the hourglass, so–are the days of our lives . . .”