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Prepping for Isaac, thinking of RA


Gosh, I’m sleepy. Must stay awake through supper, the season finale of True Blood (must see if Lucy’s character appears to survive the likely bloodbath and if Bill turns any more batsh*t crazy than he has already done) and keeping an eye on what a gentleman named Isaac is doing.  I watched the last series of Garrow’s Law and am bummed out I won’t know what happens next for Will and Lady Sara and their expanding family.

We are trying to get ready for Isaac, whatever he may bring. The larger generator has been ordered and should be delivered out here Tuesday. It’s heavy–100 lbs.–but it will also be able to power the fridge, freezer, A/C and TV if we alternate between them.  That would allow us to save the perishables, have a bit of news and entertainment and keep from roasting to death if summer heat remains. 


Benny took a hose and has it supplying water to the roots of the big pecan tree out front. As we have seen first-hand, drought conditions + hurricane winds equal toppled trees, taking the root balls and all. Better, we figure, a higher water bill than a tree smashing into the house or across the road. Just in case we lose water service, we are filling up empty containers.


We don’t know just when or where the storm will make landfall; various models have it Monday or Tuesday, and it could hit anywhere from the Florida Panhandle to the coast of Louisiana.  Certainly, it is a wait and see situation for us.


I wish the whole thing would quietly fizzle and die out before any more damage is done and lives lost, but I have a fear such won’t be the case.  I feel guilty hoping it makes landfall much farther to the west because it’s going to impact people no matter what.  I don’t wish this kind of thing on my worst enemy.  It’s almost the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Nobody wants something like that to happen again.

So, I need to think about something good, something positive.   Ah, I think this fellow can help me.



Screencap from behind the scenes featurette for Spooks 7. Courtesy of RANet



Richard during interview prior to Spooks 7. Courtesy of RANet


Storyteller Richard charming us with a Cbeebie tale. Courtesy of RANet

What do you know? I do feel better.  Thank you, Mr. Armitage.  You are good medicine for a stressing soul.