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Stormy weather & sweet Richard


I am watching the delightful Strictly Ballroom— one of my favs and a movie I haven’t seem in a long while–on Ovation and playing with more images of Mr. A in Photoshop.  My brain is somewhat on autopilot at this point. I’m very tired and giddy so bear with me, darlings. We’ve had more storms tonight–heavy rain, wind, and the crackle of lightning. No loss of power this time around, thank goodness. Twice in one day is more than enough.  It’s quietened down for now.


Strictly Ballroom poster art.

Strictly Ballroom poster art. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is some more artwork celebrating our handsome, talented, expressive, down-to-earth lad. May we all have a good night’s sleep/a good Friday.

Oh, and even with the Worldwide North & South Watch tomorrow, it will still be Guyday Friday. He’d never let me hear the end of it otherwise.