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Time to talk about putting pain aside and thinking pink, my darlings


I was asked by my old employer, for whom I do some stringing, to cover the local community theater’s production of “Pinkalicious: The Musical” Friday night.  And boy, am I glad I did. It’s not so much for the money I make for providing a story and picture page for the paper, although a few extra bucks are always welcome.

Instead, it’s the wonderful boost my spirits received from watching 14 of our most talented youngsters and young adults sing, dance and act up a storm in this sweet, funny production, based on the popular children’s book by Elizabeth and Victoria Kann.  For a couple of precious hours, I was able to chuckle, giggle and snicker as I snapped away, forgetting about the pain in my wrist, back and various other assorted and sundry parts of my body.  That, boys and girls, was NICE.



I’ve watched some of the kids in the cast for years now, performing with the Greenville Area Arts Council’s Ritz Players for the organization’s annual musical fundraisers, playing piano and dancing in local recitals and acting in their respective schools’ plays. The arts are dear to my heart and have been for most of my life. I love being able to attend the performances (and in some cases, videotape them). I really enjoy the opportunity to encourage the young performers as well as the chance to spotlight them in our local media and in social media.

And, honestly, some of them are like family to me. The young lady who performed the lead role of “Pinkalicious” is the niece of my best friend in high school, someone I used to hang out with in the school’s pep club, sometimes spending the night at her home near Greenville during football season. My old friend is the Spanish teacher at our alma mater now; it’s always a hug and a “Hola, amiga” when we see each other, as we did Friday night. And another niece, daughter of one of Old Friend’s older sisters, is the mom of two of the little boys appearing in the cast.

As for the talented Abbie,  I started taking her photo several years ago for the newspaper when she started performing with the Ritz Players. From the first time I saw her in rehearsals, I thought, this child has “it”–that elusive quality that makes a particular performer stand out. She also studies dance with Miss Sonya and aspires to a career on Broadway one day. I hope those dreams can come true for her.



The show was simply delightful. Pinkalicious Pinkerton loves pink–and pink cupcakes–so much, she always wants just ONE more . . . she even dreams in pink. And lo and behold, one day she wakes up pink from head to toe! She’s come down with a serious case of Pinktitis, which can only be cured by avoiding pink and consuming lots of green foods . . . otherwise, she will end up (literally) seeing RED! Soon she’s being plagued by bees, birds and butterflies, who think she’s a flower, and fighting with her BFF Alison. What’s Pinkalicious to do?


My Old Friend’s adorable grand-nephew as the world’s cutest bee.

Fortunately, with the help of her little brother Peter, Pinkalicious is able to return to normal and learns some valuable lessons–a little pink can go a long way, and green foods can actually be good–not just good for you! The whole family learns to celebrate pink–a color that emphasizes love, happiness and joy.  And yes, BOYS can love pink, too.



After the show, I snapped more photos and took the time to congratulate as many of the cast members as I could for a job well done. I saw Abbie with a group of young admirers quickly growing around her. Miss Congeniality at her school, Abbie was more than happy to sign autographs, pose for photos and even pucker up to press lip prints to the pink programs. It was really sweet and endearing to see the happy faces of those little girls.



Hmmmm, sort of reminded me of someone else.

Richard making our friend Valentina very happy. ❤


In fact, I think Richard would be a great role model for young performers like Abbie–how to behave like a class act both on and off stage. ❤

Guyday Friday: Ladywriter unleashes her inner scream–it’s FUN!


“It’s been quite a week for you, hasn’t it, Ladywriter,” Sir Guy said, before popping another Danish Christmas cookie into his mouth and chewing with evident satisfaction (two tins for $5 at Walgreen’s. Ladywriter could not resist).

“Yep. And it’s all caught up with me today.” Still wearing her Gerri-like rose print PJs at 6 p.m., LW winced as she flexed her right hand and stretched her lower back. Both body parts were being downright stroppy. Weather changes were on the way, big ones, and WB (Weather Body) didn’t like them much.

She managed a smile for the Hot Velveteen Henchman. “Of course, having you in the audience last night for our mystery dinner theatre was a treat. You and Benny–my two favorite tall, dark and handsome knights. Gave me that extra boost of confidence I needed.”BeFunky_Grunge_1cc

“And it all went splendidly, my dearest LW. You proved a most convincing drunk–and that scream? That young wench up front jumped–literally–in her seat. Most blood curdling.”

LW flashed him a grin. “I did my best to channel those scream queens from the slasher movies. And what do you know? Turned out the killer actually had done away with me earlier and that scream was a recording from–a horror movie!” Ladywriter looked downright gleeful. “So I got it right and didn’t even know that’s how it was going to turn out!!”


“And I have to say, Sir Guy, I enjoyed letting it all out. Does that make sense?”

Sir Guy gave her a wry lop-sided smile. “The need to scream? Oh, my lady, no one understands more.”

Ladywriter thought of Sir Guy’s dealings with the Treacherous Troll, Arrow Boy and She Who Must Not Be Named.

“Too true, my dear Sir Guy.” She held out the cookie tin. “Have another . . .”

“Don’t mind if I do, dear LW.”


Oh, it was always such a pleasure watching that ChaRActer eat . . . *sigh*


And apparently, it’s quite entertaining to watch me get schnockered. 😉