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NZ Press Conference: NEW photos & RL journalist’s chronicle


I love how photos and reports from  things that happened months ago just keep popping up. NOT that I am complaining. Here, a journalist’s chronicle of her experiences at the NZ premiere of TH.


And here are more photos from that NZ press conference. Her object of affection is Martin Freeman, but we get some yummy RA here, too.  *sigh* Look at those smiles, the bared forearm and beautiful hand pouring the water, the laugh, the cute vest-plaid shirt-tie ensemble. So handsome and relaxed and youthful looking!!

(And doesn’t Philippa look pretty??)






Feeling festive again!


I know some of my RA friends. including our own dear Judit, are going to be in London for tomorrow night’s big premiere of The Hobbit.  My fellow blogger, Seba aka gisbornesboy, is in a theatre in Stockholm (?) Sweden right now totally enraptured, I am certain.

The fantastic story is unfolding before him and Richard stands larger than life as Thorin, that deep, chocolatey voice resonating through the theatre. It must seem like Christmas has arrived a couple of weeks early.  I wish everyone participating in red carpet/premiere activities tonight and tomorrow a wonderful time. What a holiday season this one has already been for Richard Armitage/Tolkien fans!  Truly it helps make our spirits bright . . .



Hopefully this gif works. Click on it if it doesn't.

Hopefully this gif works. Click on it if it doesn’t.