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More of my favorite looks courtesy of Ilaria & RA



Who knew a cardi could be so darned sexy on a guy? Apparently Ilaria did. Thank you, sweetie!



Oh, how we love him in black leather, don’t we, ladies? And those black kicks are just great. The combo of the leather with that lovely, cuddly-looking shawl collar sweater is irresistible for me.


Loved this look, too.  The plaid and sweater vest beneath the blazer-traditional but NOT stuffy, casual yet classic. He looks comfortable and confident and indeed, every inch the winner that he is.


In his black leather jacket, hoodie and jeans, he looked young, vigorous and delicious. Another winning combination!


Ah, the cardi again under a dark grey blazer. Love this color combination on him. Blues and greys work so well with his complexion.  Again, Ilaria, thank you so much for helping our man look and feel his very best. Kudos!

Lego Goodness, Cover Boy Thorin, & Flirty-Girty RA: What a fun morning!


After collapsing fairly early again last night (all this Armitagemania is exhausting me!! LOL What must the poor man feel like??) I slept reasonably well and woke up around 6 a.m. to do some more Richarding. And some Richarding I have done! Twitter has all been a-flutter this morning with more links to photos, reviews, interviews, articles re RA and The Hobbit.

It’s been a busy day for cast members as they are popping up here and there all over NYC today promoting the film.

This has to be the cutest story out there today relating to the film. Go to the Buzzfeed link below to enjoy seeing TH cast with their mini-me Legos. All the photos are just great.  http://www.buzzfeed.com/donnad/the-cast-of-the-hobbit-pose-with-their-lego-dopp

A very sexy Richard Armitage in Thorin garb showing off his Lego figure. Never have I wanted a Lego so very much.

A very sexy Richard Armitage in Thorin garb showing off his Lego figure. Never have I wanted a Lego so very much.

And here is one of four collectible covers featuring the King himself, Thorin, on the special Inside The Hobbit issue of Entertainment Weekly. Mine should be in my box on Friday. Typically print subscribers get a copy with the collectible covers included. *squee*

Looking fierce, Mr. Armitage!

Looking fierce, Mr. Armitage!

And—-I finally got to see Richard on American TV! In a brief but adorable interview with Hoda and Kathie Lee on TODAY, Richard looked marvelous (Lucas in Guy black). He’s absolutely breathtaking in High Definition.  I recorded it on my DVR and I’ve rewatched it, oh–a few times. He get to see him drink wine and in full flirty-girty Lee mode, too (channeling all sorts of characters, it seems). We also see what a good, compassionate heart he has. *sigh*

Here’s the link to the YouTube upload.

And now, the latest post–featuring that beautiful young prince named Thorin. O. M. G.

Wow, just wow. What a morning, my darlings! What a morning!