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Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler! Happy Mardi Gras from Thorin & Co.


What can I say? I simply could not resist. Today is Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, first celebrated in the U.S. NOT in New Orleans—but right here in Alabama, in our port city of Mobile. Mobile, like NO, has a number of organizations called krewes who participate in parades, parties and balls during the carnival season. My older sisters used to march with our high school band in Mardi Gras parades in Mobile every year.Those on the parade floats throw items to parade goers–beads being the most common, but souvenir coins and, here in Alabama, Moon Pies are among the goodies also tossed. Many smaller communities across the Gulf Coast also hold some type of Mardi Gras celebration. Here are a couple of links to learn more:






I’m impressed. A step-by-step fashion tutorial featuring Thorin


Fernanda Matias shared a link to this video by FashionARTventures at YouTube. The artist gives us a tutorial featuring her detailed illustration of Thorin, from his vambraces (arm bracers), coat and tunic to his luxurious mane of hair. I think she captures a good likeness of RA as Thorin here, and I also like that it’s all done freehand–no digital wizardry. Definitely worth a look! And thanks for sharing, Fernanda!

Thorin Therapy: All Hail the HAIR!


With the recent photos of RA’s growing Mullet of Magnificence, thoughts turn to Thorin’s long and flowing tresses, the sort of hair many a female would envy (and many long to run their dainty little fingers through, to braid and unbraid . . . *sigh*) Yes, ’tis a wig, but RA works that marvelous mane, baby and makes it, like the character, his own.

There’s nothing like Thorin and his . . . HAIR. Hallelujah, I adore it!

(all photo edits are by fedoralady. Please credit if posting elsewhere. Thank you!)








It’s Thorin Therapy for Tuesday. You’re welcome. (NSFW)


I found these images on FB posted by Fernanda Matias. I am not sure who the original artist is on Tumblr; if you know, please share, so I can give them credit.  Ah, there’s lots to appreciate here.  Yep . . . *sigh*  EDIT: I think the artist may be serecenskyrim at Tumblr–”Let Sleeping Thorins Lie.”




Thorin Thursday: One more day closer . . . *sigh*



Or slightly less now. ;) Snaffled from FB and Thorin of Erebor. Not that we are eager to see more of Thorin or anything . . . oh, here’s more of Thorin, by the way! ;) This stunning artwork by an unknown talent. If you recognize it and know who the artist is, please share!


Oooh,  he’s all pensive and angsty and gawh-gus!


“Oh, you are so beautiful with you’re all wide-eyed and windblown and regal, my king . . .”


Yes, I am. Saying, “Don’t be a stranger, oh, majestic one . . . stop by and see me some time.”


“Well, if that is how you insist on dressing–err-NOT dressing, I can handle it, dearest Thorin.”

thehobbit-p1_1277dd“And now you’re looking at me like THAT, and I–I am just . . .” *sigh* *drool* *thud*

Happy Thorin Thursday! :D

Thorin Thursday: Photo Edits, GIFs & other Hobbity stuff



Oh, Thorin. What a gorgeous creature you are, even tousled and tangled and worn by your misadventures. In fact, it all makes you that much more appealing, you sexy beast!


The latest Weta Workshop Chronicles book is now available to pre-order at Amazon. I have the first two and I LOVE them. Worth every penny.


Ah, those two old friends, Dwalin and Thorin.  They fight together–and stick out their tongues at each other in rehearsals . . . cheeky RA.


Can’t wait to see this scene in the film!! Wet, roaring, raging Thorin–in a barrel. Yes.


This is an updated version of that work in progress by bohemian weasel I have featured here in the past. Really love the art nouveau-ish feel of it.

This is an updated version of that work in progress by bohemian weasel I have featured here in the past. Really love the art nouveau-ish feel of it.

More GIFs. Hope they work OK for you.




I’ve been busy. But not too busy for Thorin Thursday!

Another lovely work of art by evankart

Another lovely work of art by evankart

What can I say? Better a bit late than never. It has been that kind of a day . . .

BJAwGZQCEAEJICcDon’t mess with the Thorin. Really, I don’t recommend it.

BeFunky_thehobbit-p1_4389.jpgBut gosh, he is beautiful. One can understand certain fantasies about him that mischievous sprites at Wikipedia have implied . . . ;)  Ah, kingly, imperious, volatile, angsty, alpha Thorin . . .  who would have thought an almost 200-year-old hirsute dwarf could punch us so hard in the solar plexus?


BeFunky_29-Thorin-EWiPad-July2012befunkythorinletter44http___makeagif.com_media_6-12-2013_b_u9arthorinbarrelgifWet, raging Thorin always stirs that sexy imagination of mine . . .


And boy, does this photo still do it for me! *thud*


And the mane . . . the dwarf’s, I mean, not the horse’s. Although hers is very nice, too. And they could always toss them in tandem, right??

Go give this artist some love: Yanagoya


. . . if you loved the edit (which apparently he/she did NOT do) or immersing yourself in the full splendor of this artwork, which we have displayed here before. I was misinformed on FB as to the actual artist’s identity, an honest mistake in my case, as I certainly was not taking credit for this amazing piece of fanart. ;) Also FYI while I have a tumblr account, everything posted there goes directly there from here. Still haven’t figured out how to navigate the darned thing. So I am never actually “there.”


Here is Yanagoya’s artwork, as I said, apparently edited by someone else. I have to say this edit still has amazing power and intensity. Really brings focus to the eyes.


And here is the magnificent original:


Enjoy! Again, I apologize for any confusion or misinformation concerning the identity of the artist. Looking forward to more!

FYI Yanagoya is, as I believed to be the case, also known as Aaorin at Deviant Art. Thank you, Guylty, for confirming that.

Still Thorin Thursday somewhere . . . so feast your eyes.



Aaorin of Deviant Art created this gorgeous piece of fanart. And yes, you’ve seen the artist’s stuff here before. ;)  EDIT: I was misinformed as to identity of the artist, this is an unauthorized edit done of Yanagoya http://yanagoya.tumblr.com/post/41711190148/i-had-to-get-it-out-of-my-system-looking-at
See original (and stunning!) artwork at the tumblr site. I regret any confusion or inconvenience caused. Lots of talent here!!

Thorin Thursday: Thorin Goodness from Around the Globe



Unfinished artwork by Bohemian Weasel

Unfinished artwork by Bohemian Weasel

1045081_659293790750839_1808054508_nThe dwarves as minions as seen in the “Despicable M”e films. Thorin cracks me up every time I look at him. Even as a minion, he’s fierce.

Courtesy of the evil pickle at tumblr. A proud uncle holding his baby nephew. Awwww.

Courtesy of the evil pickle at tumblr. A proud uncle holding his baby nephew. Awwww.

Not sure to whom we should attribute the brawny half-naked Thorin, But I thought you might enjoy him.;)

Not sure to whom we should attribute the brawny half-naked Thorin, But I thought you might enjoy him.;)

Pardon my French, but it IS funny. ;)

Pardon my French, but it IS funny. ;)

What if Thorin texted??

What if Thorin texted??


The mighty smithy. . . is mighty hot.

The mighty smithy. . . is mighty hot.

Just some things I’ve gleaned from FB and one or two of my own. Hope you will get some chuckles (and perhaps a few sighs) from the collection!