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Guyday Friday: Move over, Batboy. The Original Dark Knight is here.


1-16_RadioTimesPoster2006thudheart (2)

He’s slinky, he’s sexy, he snarls and smoulders like nobody’s business. Sure, Batboy may have the mask and cape, but Guy’s got the smokin’ hot liner and the world’s most irresistible smirk.  And he did the sexy form-fitting black leather FIRST.

Angst and conflict? Sir Guy knows all about that. Bruce Wayne inherited billions whilst Sir Guy had to struggle and pull himself up by his own black henchman boot straps after his parents died tragically. And Wayne didn’t have a psychotic libidinous sister or a sadistic little troll of a boss to contend with.

Yep, Sir Guy is the Original Dark Knight.  The first, and the best.







And let us not forget what lies beneath the black . . . did someone said the CReAtor was too “soft” to play the Caped Crusader?

Come ON.