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My Fairy Godmother made a special delivery today.


Today I discovered a parcel from across the great Atlantic had arrived in my mail box. Happy, happy, joy, joy! ( dancing with glee).



Now all I need is a Thorin mug to enjoy a cup of coffee whilst I lounge around in my new Thorin T-shirt and ogle  read the magazine article once again. Life is sweet.

Good things come in small packages.



I am entranced with my Plush Thorin. He’s the perfect size to clutch to my heart. His blazing blue eyes and angry brows get me every time. I love his fuzzy hair. No braids to wind around my finger, but it’s delightful to ruffle with my fingers. I imagine a very, very young Thorin whose hair has not grown to its luxuriant lengths quite yet (I guess his beard got ahead of it. 😉 ) His nose also has a ways to go before it reaches its adult magnificence.

I am so glad Plush Thorin finally made it safely across the big pond to me this week.

(And I realized two things after looking at these photos: (1) I really need to touch up my roots again and (2) I mustn’t get carried away with the bronzer beneath the cheekbones LOL Trying to combat wan winter complexion. Ooh, and I need a haircut!)