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Thorin Therapy: are you counting down?



December 13 the Magnificent One, the Devastatingly Majestic Dwarf, the King of our Hearts . . . finally returns to the big screen. I know there are several new faces in this installment, but I am still going to be focused on a certain charismatic Leader of the Company.  And as that date draws closer, will we be inundated with new images, moving and still, of Thorin (and his alter ego, a certain charismatic actor named Richard Armitage)?

New interviews? Another Twitter debacle (maybe TPTB learned their lesson)? Who knows  . . .


Will we see any more magazines with our beautiful Thorin on the cover?


Glimpses from behind the scenes? *oh the intensity of that look–gulp*


More of this would definitely be NICE.


But then I am not sure anything can quite top THIS. *sigh* *drool* *thud*

See you Friday for Guyday, if I don’t see you sooner . . . happy Richarding!