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One last look at Thornton . . .


                                                                     For today at least.  I am off to take a shower. More later.

                                                                    (Stills & screencaps courtesy of RANet and Cinemaring)

Looking ahead to Thornton Tuesday


An image from the 1818 Neckclothitania demonst...

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By special request, here are some photos of our tall dark, and handsome Victorian cotton mill owner, none other than John Thornton of Elizabeth Gaskell‘s North & South.

Cravated or cravatless, he is always absolutely gorgeous.  But which do you prefer, Mr. Thornton’s sober black cravat for everyday, or his wine-coloured cravat, his  gold cravat for formal occasions, or no cravat at all with an open collar?

Screencaps courtesy of Richard Armitage Central