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Storms & Smiles on a Sunday


It was a dark and stormy night . . . Oh, I know it’s a horrible old cliche, but that’s the way it was.  Lashing rain, jagged bolts of lightning streaking the sky, loud claps of thunder, the whole nine yards.  Not particularly conducive to rest even if you don’t have FMS or arthritis.

My cats normally don’t really react to inclement weather, but Callie was perturbed by those bright flashes in the night sky. I’m not all that keen on them, either.  We’ve lost a satellite receiver, our oven element and an integrated phone/answering machine to lightning strikes over the years (the cord on the latter was actually melted into the machine).

Happily, no nearby strikes last night and we didn’t even lose power for more than a few brief seconds. More showers and thunderstorms are likely today . . .  I fear I may need a nap later on. I’ve been working on the novel some more this morning, watching TCM, reading through lots of emails, lots to which I need to reply.   It’s a gloomy day out there–I am thinking I need some Harry/RA sunshine. Maybe you do, too.