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Let’s talk tongues . . .


Guy's ToC is evident as he presents Marian with her betrothal ring.

Lucas’s ToC appears as he waits and wonders if his telephone ruse with the terrorists will work.

Presenting the Tongue of Concentration or ToC . . .  one of Mr. A’s most appealing mannerisms, seen both in real life and with his characters. We wonder, did young Richard stick out his tongue in such a way whilst learning his multiplication tables or how to tie his shoelaces?

A mischievous Richard shows a Tongue of Concentration (if not his Lucas tattoos) to his interviewer.

No doubt lothario Lee shows a lot of tongue and a little of everything else to the ladies. The problem is, can you trust a single thing he says with it?

Guy has just heard proof of his sister's duplicity and debates his next move.