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Happy for us; sorrowful for those not so fortunate


It’s calm here this morning. The temperature has dropped 15 degrees since the early morning hours when I couldn’t sleep. There is some sunshine peeking through the clouds. We still have a 50-50 chance of rain, but the thunderstorms that can spawn the dreaded funnel clouds are no longer expected.  Our homes, businesses and lives remain intact. We are thankful that once again here in south Alabama we dodged a bullet.

Everyone was not so fortunate. Tornadoes in northern Alabama that moved into Kentucky and Indiana destroyed and damaged homes, a school, a prison, businesses. Worst of all, at least 30 lives–that which you cannot replace- -have been lost.  As the rubble is sifted through, very likely that death toll will rise.  Some of those who suffered more damages had just recovered from last April’s killer tornadoes. It is heartbreaking; Our thoughts and prayers to all those victimized by this latest killer storm system.

I read a online article written by a reporter in north Alabama about the aftermath. The bright spot in it were these words: “I saw neighbors helping neighbors.” This doesn’t surprise me. Still, it is so encouraging to know the good people of this state embrace a sense of community.

I know that in Australia, where several of our regular readers and commenters live, there has been flooding with more rain expected. I hope that all of you and your friends and loved ones will remain safe.

It’s a tough old world. But if we stick together and help one another out, it makes picking up the pieces a little bit easier.

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Fastening our seatbelts . . . tornado watch

DVD collection

DVD collection (Photo credit: nickstone333)

We have a tornado watch out here until 5 a.m. That’s six hours from now.. My husband told me to be sure and have” pants, shoes and a flashlight at hand” when I went to bed–just in case. Fasten your seatbelts, it could be a bumpy ride.

Tornadoes have always scared me. I am amazed at the amount of destruction they can cause in such a very small amount of time; in the way in which they can demolish a block of houses while across the street, hardly more than a shingle is lost. I look at what happened last year in what we here call “April’s Fury,” the death and the devastation, and  know my sister, nephew, niece and her family all narrowly missed being victims of those storms.

They sound very much like a train when they are headed towards you and it can all happen so very fast. What do you grab? The cats. The laptop. The photo albums. My Kindle. I could never carry all my RA DVDs–there are too many of them. N&S, VoD, my RH boxed set, Strike Back. Spooks 7. . . . oh, it’s too hard a decision.

I just have to hope and pray the colliding warm and cold fronts don’t spawn a “March’s Fury” for us, that no one is injured or kiled, that no homes are destroyed.

It could be a long night.