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V-A-M-P-S, black leather & other assorted and sundry thoughts on a Sunday night

Images taken at the True Blood panel at San Di...

Images taken at the True Blood panel at San Diego Comic-con with Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Rutina Wesley on Saturday July 25, 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m mourning the end of the second season of Game of Thrones–who knew I would become so addicted I’d watch one episode no less than five times?–but the return of that “cotton candy batsh*t” (as one person described it online) in the shape of the new season of True Blood is helping tide me over. Particularly because a certain lovely young Brit actress you may all be familiar with has a featured role this season.

For anyone who has read my not-for-the-faint-hearted Guy and Rebecca stories, Lucy Griffiths‘ character Nora, a double agent within the Vampire Authority, reminds me of Rebecca. She’s beautiful, clever and dangerous. And looks great in black leather. red lippie and cat’s-eye makeup.

A new publicity shot of Lucy, looking sleek and sexy and back to her stunning dark hair, following a hiatus as a blonde.

Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgaard and Lucy Griffiths in the first ep of True Blood. Lucy rocks the black leather and sexy high-heeled boots.

Nora, “an irreverent British lady from the Elizabethan or Victorian era,” and Eric share the same maker, Godric.  It’s an intense love/hate relationship that leads them to bicker like siblings and to engage in some very unsisterly-brotherly behavior, if you catch my drift.  And she doesn’t take off her black leather gloves when she engages in it. “Bad-arse,” as she describes Bill and Eric in one scene.

I could only think, “Boy, how hot she and Richard would be together . . .” *sigh* And they could both wear black leather this time.  Not that Alexander Skarsgard isn’t totally yummy as Eric. Boy, if he’d played Robin Hood . . .  so, poor Lucy. Had to play opposite Richard Armitage‘s ultra-sexy Sir Guy and now she’s locking lips and other things with Eric Northman as portrayed by the gorgeous Askar.

Lucky Lucy–and doesn’t she look adorable at the TB premiere?

I wonder if she and Richard will have an opportunity to at least talk when he comes to San Diego for Comic-Con. She might end up on the True Blood panel, who knows?  At any rate, while I had my definite reservations about Marian as scripted on RH, I have always liked Lucy. She truly seems like a sweet, down-to-earth young woman (who appreciated her opportunity to work opposite RA and made the effort to learn from it) and I do wish her tons of success.

(images courtesy of aceshowbiz.com)

And speaking of True Blood, it looks like this season is going darker after getting a bit twee with all the fairy dust stuff in the recent past. There is Christopher Meloni of L&O:SVU now on board as head of the Vampire Authority and the deliciously evil Russell Edgington is back. And Pam still has her wonderful way with a quip.  I’m looking forward to it, “cotton candy batsh*t” and all!

I want to once again say “thank you” for everyone’s good wishes since the news broke about my going to Comic-Con next month. Frenz is trying to assist me in getting the donation button set up.  She is a true techie and I’m just an artsy-fartsy wanna-be.  Sometimes I need all the help I can get!

We had rather miserable weather this weekend and I’ve felt a bit “bat sh*t” myself sans the cotton candy, so I will hopefully get it together  tomorrow and bring you more posts. Still chasing that elusive thing called a good night’s sleep.  I think Sir Guy understands that quite well.