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Guyday Friday: Just another hard day for a hot henchman


So–to catch you all up!

Yeah, Benny is happy with my editing of the “bonus feature” for the kindergarten vid. He’s also found an extended version of the song I am using that will be exactly the length I need so it won’t necessitate repeating part of the song during the six minute video. He said he will download the longer version for me tomorrow at work (takes FOREVER here . . .)  Later, we may embed the vid on the Pecan Ridge website –not right away, but later.  After battling a sinus/allergy malaise all week, Benny is finally doing a bit better. Still not resting really well at night.

There is an outside possibility we will be shooting another stage production this weekend in a neighboring county. A friend of mine is checking tomorrow about copyright issues. It’s not as if we don’t have a lot on our plate right now, but we don’t want to miss out on opportunities when they arise.

And now, without further ado–thank God it’s Guyday!!!!!!

Even if it IS the same old song . . . with Hoodie & the Tree House Gang once again getting away with the goods and making the Hot Velveteen Henchman, the Treacherous Troll and the castle guards all look like complete numbskulls.
It’s enough to drive a poor misunderstood baddie to the edge–or at least to Ye Olde Pub. Sir Guy may be knocked down by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (not to mention Hoodie and the boyz) but he gets back up again . . .

Because, really, you can’t keep our good baddie down for too long!

1promo11 (2)sirugy


You just know someone will be thwarting Guy once again.  But dang, doesn’t he look good all angsty and angry and thwarted? *sigh*

And of course, when he turns from the Dark Side, he is still our gloriously sexy Gisborne with his tousled bedhead and energetic swordplay. And his magnificent bellowing. LOVE it when the man bellows.



And I leave you with this image. Which, oddly enough, remains one of my all-time favorite screencaps of Sir Guy. I just can’t quite point my finger on it . . .

Happy Guyday Friday!