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OK. I am feeling kinda sorry for E.L. right now. However . . .


EL James recently held one of those Twitter Q&As. Not sure she will do another one anytime soon, as the “50 Shades” author apparently got raked over the coals. (See the link below for an MSN story about the debacle)


Now, our own Wydville happens to be acquainted with Ms. James in real life and can attest she is a funny, bubbly sort of individual who is probably well aware she is not the second coming of Shakespeare. And I can’t help feeling twinges of sympathy for anyone undergoing trial by Twitter. I have sort of been there myself and it ain’t pretty. I hope Mr. A never has such an unpleasant experience via social media.

Then again–I have to give James’ detractors credit for getting in some good zingers.

“What do you dislike more, Independent strong woman or the English language?” (tweeted by “90210” actor Trevor Donovan)

After the success of ‘Grey,’ have you considered re-telling the story from the perspective of someone who can write.”

But there were serious tweets along with the snarky ones, such as this one:

“how do you feel knowing that you have essentially invalidated the experiences of many abuse survivors around the world?” 

Having read not only comments on the post I wrote about “50 Shades” from individuals who had experienced abuse but the emails they also sent me privately, I know how hurt and disappointed many felt by this fractured fairytale. As if they’d been assaulted all over again. And I confess that is what I have such a hard time getting past in terms of her wildly successful trilogy.  That, and that far better writers are out there struggling to get their stuff read. Well, whoever said life was fair?

As for my trepidations about her new novel “Grey” (after reading those random cringe-worthy lines US posted)–seems my fears were justified. Entertainment Weekly’s  Jessica Goodman had a review of the book in last week’s issue. It got a D+. It seems the story when told by Mr. Grey does make you wonder what in the world poor sheltered Ana ever saw in the creepy stalker guy in the first place, helicopter or no helicopter. I quote, “Swapping out Ana’s ‘inner goddess’ for Christian’s freakish musings leaves you with a guy who pretty much fits the definition of sociopath.”

No arguments from me.

Apparently there’s another Twitter chat slated–Thrandy vs. Thorin



Courtesy of Kathleen Evans at Richard Armitage Friends Network at FB




This is slated for tomorrow (Monday) at 10 a.m. GMT. That’s early morning here, and with my crazy sleep schedule, I just might be awake (I didn’t sleep at all last night). A “Thow-down” between these two could be very interesting indeed. Of course, in my biased opinion, Thorin always trumps Thrandy. 😉 But I won’t get bent out of shape if I miss it.

Been busy with RL stuff and quite frankly, I still haven’t watched/read all the interviews and articles from this latest press juggernaut. Unlike last year, I just don’t feel compelled to do so. I love RA as much as ever–but you can get overloaded on it all. Enough real life stresses and strains for yours truly without making things worse . . . I am getting more and more excited about seeing the film next weekend. I’ve done something Christmas-y last weekend and this weekend and I see DoS as an early Christmas present. Mr. Armitage–the gift that keeps on giving.

Speaking of gifts–these from Yennefer Ice on FB. And now I guess I will get ready to struggle with live streaming the big event from Berlin . . . wonder what he’ll be wearing?



‘It’s like we never left . . .’: McTavish Tweets & I Look Back


BeFunky_Inkify_1qyyote.jpgThe wait is now over, Rich. I bet you are a happy man right now.

I bet Tami is also glad to see the world’s most gorgeous dwarf back in her chair, too!

This showed up on Twitter tonight. It made me smile.

Richard ‘Freakin” Armitage, ladies & gentlemen. A funny radio interview


Richard did a phone interview with Scott and Nige on a radio station in Canberra this morning. I listened to part of it live, but buffering issues made me miss chunks of it. Thankfully, the ladies at RAC captured the whole thing and here’s the link:


There are some rather hilarious and rather–er, surprising responses to some of their questions in the “10 Questions” portion of the interview.  RA seems once again to be relaxed and enjoying himself, and quite took to his new middle name as given him by the DJ: “Freakin.'”

OK, I liked these DJs a lot more than the ones earlier–they were jovial but didn’t sound as if they were on methamphetamines–and it didn’t hurt at all that they mentioned me and my Tweet on air. Yes, and those of a number of my RA friends, too! In fact, there were so many freakin’ RA fans from all over the freakin’ world, that #RichardArmitage was soon trending on twitter across Australia!  The DJs said they’d never seen such an enthusiastic response to any celebrity they interviewed.

Well, that, ladies and gents, is the power of the awesomely lovely and talented Mr. Armitage.


 Richard Freakin’ Armitage: Simply Awesome 

Lucas & I spy a busy week ahead for Fedoralady



Oh, I wish I had your speed, grace and stamina, dearest Lucas. It would come in handy next week.

It’s been a very busy Sunday for me. I gave Benny a haircut and got my own hair colored–it’s a bit darker now, and that pesky grey/white seems to have been covered well (took two boxes of color). I built a Facebook page for Pecan Ridge Productions (you are cordially invited to go and “like” it at http://www.facebook.com/PecanRidgeProductions) and there’s a Twitter Account now, too. Now I’ve got to find someone who can build a website for us.  Any takers?

I managed to sneak in some time playing with the pups, enjoying the lovely spring weather and doing a bit of reading. I finished “proofing” the Relay video for sound and Benny and I discussed plans for the Arts Council intro and other aspects of covering that production this week.

Between recording the performances Monday and Tuesday nights, editing the footage and rendering the finished vid, assisting with the specialty videos we’ve made to be shown during the production, and selling the POTR DVDs to audience and cast members Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, it’s gonna be a busy week.  Keep me and Benny in your prayers that we will hold up OK. This is really important to our business, and that business is really important to our income and to adding some things we need to build this production company.  You know, it takes money to make money, right?

So, some more Luscious Lucas to share with you along with the acknowledgement that you may not see as much of me in the next week.  But I will be thinking of all of you!  May we all be blessed with a happy, healthy and productive week.








Male eye candy, and not just Richard Armitage: my winding road of dreams.


Last night (or should I say today, as I couldn’t sleep last night due to knee problems) I had, for once, a good dream. One I didn’t really want to awake from.

It’s not that I have a lot of nightmares, but so many of my nocturnal journeys find me in difficult situations that leave me frustrated and exhausted before I even wake up. And often they do involve journeys, in cars, on buses, by foot, on trains  . . . even inside these huge houses that seem to go on forever.  And I never arrive at my destination . . .

by james jordan

                                                                                                    “Winding Road” by James Jordan

But this dream was pure physical pleasure. Involving 18th century costume and Alexander Skarsgard. Alex is actually a (unusual-for-me blonde) bit on the side for me in terms of actor crushes.



The ones where I win the lottery, have a truckload of new books delivered, or enjoy sexy time with delectable guys. You know, the good ones.


He’s not RA, but I could think of much worse males to have a sexy dream about than Mr. Skarsgard. Who is apparently a big sweet goofball in real life. My kind of guy.

I  recently saw some previews of an upcoming movie he’s in and I can only assume that’s why Askar visited me in my dreams rather than Mr. Armitage.  The 18th century costume has to relate to my novel. It has been stagnating of late in terms of actual productivity, yet my dashing highwayman is never far from my subconscious, it seems.

And then I saw this late this afternoon and it spurred a few fantasies about Mr. Armitage and chest hairs. RA with Todd Snyder in NYC, courtesy of Instagram:


OK, jacket needs unzipping as the shirt looks a bit silly sticking out at bottom. Otherwise, loving the beard’s return (sorry, Judi) and while startled by that extra button being undone–we don’t usually see this much of his chest when he’s wearing a shirt–really admiring the scenery. Wanting to bury my face in that manly chest.  And sigh a deep, happy sigh.

Was he at Todd’s atelier trying out yet MORE leather jackets (how many DO you own at this point, Rich??) picking up some new threads before heading back to the other side of the world? Did he change shirts/do up one of those buttons/doff the TS jacket before hitting the streets again?

As I suggested at Twitter, he is more than welcome to swing by here the next couple of days if he needs a taste of summer–mid-80s. Mind you, he’d need to bring some (tight-fitting) short-sleeved shirts the better to ogle his biceps in so he can be nice and cool in the warm weather.


Richard reading lines and providing us with an awesome screencap of Manly Beauty here.


Something with a V-neck would be ideal. Chest hair, you know. Bring the shades, too, that sun is fierce.

And what will I dream when I finally fall asleep? Who knows . . . but I wish you all sweet ones when next you sleep, wherever you are.

All Hail Our Hero Bilbo! (Snow Who??)



Yes, with more than 1.6 million votes cast in his favor, the Little Halfling Who Could beat out a certain fairytale character by a margin of more than 100,000 at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night.

Above is the link to tORN’s article about the outcome of the battle.



“Congrats, my little friend! You are truly Hero of the Year!”

I missed the awards, but my understanding is the announcement of Best Hero was done in most underwhelming way, almost as if they planned to sneak it by the audience. No presentation of Golden Popcorn to someone in Martin’s stead, for example. One suspects if Ms. Stewart had won, there would have been considerably more ballyhoo.

Also interesting is the fact MTV solicited Twitter votes and yet failed to list Best Hero winner on their winners page online.  Honest oversight or something else? Inquiring minds sincerely want to know .. .

Someone on Twitter suggested that everyone with a Bilbo action figure send a twitpic with a trophy and speech and stage their own celebratory event. I like the idea–if I had a Little Bilbo, I would do it!

Although I began to experience a certain fatigue and had to take a few breaks, I enjoyed Tweeting a large number of votes for Bilbo. I was tossing in song references and silly poems; we were seeing quotes from Shakespeare and Tolkien and I believe I tossed in one from Dorothy Parker along the way. There were memes and fake recruitment posters and lots more coming in from all over the world. That little hobbit has a big fanbase, it would seem, and a very imaginative and clever one.

Again, congrats to Bilbo and his CReAtor, Martin–it’s good to see the little guy with the big heart end up on the winning side of things!  And come on, MTV–he won fair and square. Acknowledge this on your winner’s page, please!


10,000 followers at Richard Armitage Net today. Congrats!


Just found out via Twitter that Ali’s wonderful site–an absolute must for any true RA fan–has now gained 10,000 followers. Ali told us earlier that the numbers really spiked upward after the Twitter Q&A and today reached that milestone. Hooray!

I told Ali earlier I was a fan from the days of a previous site, Army Dreamers, and I have enjoyed watching Richard Armitage Net grow and flourish over the years.  Who of us doesn’t love the Picture of the Day (POD), or checking out the latest poll results? And we know Ali works hard to keep us abreast of all the latest Richard news, from the most recent photos (and older ones that have newly surfaced) to print and video interviews.

As Richard’s career grows and his fanbase widens, more and more people will come to discover Ali’s site. I just want to say “thank you” for all your hard work, Ali. Congrats!

You can follow Ali at Twitter at @Ranetdotcom (which I highly recommend if you aren’t already following and you have a Twitter account) to stay uber-up-to-date.  Or keep her page bookmarked on your computer and refresh it regularly.  www.richardarmitagenet.com  She is also at Facebook!

And here’s that latest interview with Lorraine in HD–courtesy of Ali’s 13-year-old whiz kid. Seems it runs in the famly.

Rich, you don’t look like you felt great, either. Get some rest, hon!


Is Richard currently battling a cold? Or did the great Twitter debacle yesterday just take the mickey out of him? Either way, he didn’t quite sound like himself and he looked rather tired (gorgeous, yes, but tired) on Lorraine Kelly‘s show this morning on ITV. I confess I am in the midst of an FMS flare-up and not feeling “so sporty” myself, as my dear old dad used to say, so this may be coloring my view this morning.

Unfortunately, we didn’t really learn anything new from this morning’s interview, other than the possibility Richard might be interested in doing some classical theatre–Chekov was mentioned–but nothing re Richard III or any other new film projects possibly on the horizon (of course, Black Sky is in a bit of a limbo with the VFX company used for the film now in bankruptcy).

Richard was his usual charming, modest, rather shy self–did he seem somewhat more subdued than usual to anyone else, I wonder? Again, this could be due to him being a bit under the weather.  We did get to see the beginnings of the beard (sorry, Judi!) and the hair is definitely shorter (mixed feelings on that).  And was that chest hair I spied? I do believe it was.


Richard posing with Lorraine. From Lorraine’s Twitter.



Richard outside ITV studios, courtesy of Maria Neronova on Twitter. Richard, you look “weak-eyed,” as my dear old Mama used to say when this blue-eyed girl was ill.

I hope Richard gets some R&R before he returns to hit it hard in New Zealand filming the rest of TH. And not climbing Machu Picchu or anything of that sort. REST is a four-letter word, yes, but not a bad one, RA. Looks like you could genuinely use some.  You are a super human being, but you aren’t superhuman. I don’t want Margaret having to worry unnecessarily about her boy. Or us, for that matter!

Twitter is a-stir; RA is coming, RA is coming (to visit if not to stay)


UPDATE: I still don’t have a time when this is going to take place, but it appears Andy Serkis and James Nesbitt will also be in on the Q&A. Not as excited now TBPH. Can see Jimmy taking over the whole thing. *sigh* Feel like crap all way around this morning anyway. Hope your day is going better, my dears!


Yes, in case you somehow haven’t heard, hell has apparently frozen over and our own Richard Armitage will be on Twitter tomorrow with the assistance of @TheHobbitMovie answering fan-submitted questions. Just don’t ask him what he had for lunch.  😉

Tomorrow,  wants to answer YOUR fan questions! Send your questions now using http://twitpic.com/c8x400


I’ve already asked several questions, one of which was if we’ll hear more of Richard’s singing voice along with Thorin playing the harp. And there’s been plenty of activity in the Twitterverse as questions have been coming in fast and furious from all over the globe.

Not word yet on the actual time of day this will take place, but a lot of bated breaths over there at Twitter, let me tell you! I will post more info as soon as I know.

Do I think this will make RA a convert to Twitter? Uh–no. I think he may be feel more than a little overwhelmed at the tidal wave of questions, serious and silly, coming his way–although I am sure he will handle it all with his typical aplomb.

And to be honest, while I am thoroughly looking forward to this event and seeing his answers (and hope he does more such Q&As in the future), I still don’t see Richard Armitage as a guy who will choose to hang out a lot in the Twitterverse.  Just doesn’t seem like his style.

Then again, I never thought I would do it, either.  Life can surprise you!

Do any of you non-Twitter folks have questions you’d like me to submit on your behalf? Leave me a comment.


Someone’s already asked if RA plans to have more swing and sway moments of hair acting with his horse.

RA shooting more ‘Black Sky’ in LA with movie sons


According to a Tweet today by young Nathan Kress Richard Armitage is currently doing more work on the upcoming movie Black Sky.  Richard plays widowed teacher Gary Morris, dad to two sons played by Kress and Max Deacon (here’s the Tweet):

“So pumped to shoot more Black Sky stuff today with @MaxD9 and Richard! I finally get to be Trey again!”

Love that youthful enthusiasm.


Nathan at last year's Kid'sChoice Awards. Re the cardi, like father, like son?

Nathan at last year’s Kid’sChoice Awards. Re the cardi, like father, like son?

Thought it would be fun to revisit Nathan’s uStream video describing working with that “super-nice” Richard Armitage and his intimidating yelling dad technique (no doubt perfected whilst playing Thorin!).

And here’s a little snippet of Nathan talking about the characters of Trey and Donnie, the roles he and Max Deacon play in Black Sky.

Max Deacon in an earlier film role, "Flashbacks of a Fool," which also featured Jodhi May of "Strike Back" in a supporting role.

Max Deacon in an earlier film role, “Flashbacks of a Fool,” which also featured Jodhi May of “Strike Back” in a supporting role.

Can’t wait to meet Gary, Donnie and Trey on the big screen in Black Sky!  It should be super-awesome! 😀

And now, for a little more RA . . .


It’s My Blogiversary: Let’s Celebrate with Fun Facts, New Vid!


Here’s the stats!

Since February 2, 2012, when the first posts went up for my blog, The Armitage Effect, there have been:

* 28, 536 comments and 555,718 hits (and counting!)

*Total number of followers: 209 blog, 188 Twitter and 92 comments.

* Visitors from more than 60 countries, with the largest number of views from the USA (178, 834), followed by the U.K., Canada, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, Poland and Ireland with the Netherlands rounding out the top ten.

*Top recent commenters (other than yours truly) are Leigh, Bollyknickers, Judit, Obscura, Laurie C. and Bechep. Posts with most comments include “Sweet Baby Richard!,” “Richard set to visit US in July for Comic-Con,” “Musings and Some Mulligan for Monday,” “I wonder if touching his beard brings good luck?” “What Would YOU Ask Richard Armitage?” and “What Time is It, Gang?”

*Most Popular Topics: Richard Armitage, fanart, heroes, romance, inspiration, girlfriend


*Top referrer among my fellow bloggers is, by far, dear Servetus at Me + Richard Armitage (Mmmmmwwahhh).  I have to give props to Twitter and Facebook, too.

*Most-used search terms: Anything to do with “Richard Armitage” and “Richard Armitage girlfriend”along with wayyyy too many search terms related to 50SoG. *sigh*

*Top Posts:  Two posts have consistently placed in the Top Five: “In case you were curious . . . here’s Miss Capper.” and “50 Shades of Grey Trilogy *spoilers* Why I Can’t Recommend It.” (See above about most-used search terms 😉 ) Thorin-related posts have shown a big upsurge in the last couple of months–mmmmm, wonder why? And Guy, Lucas and Porter are perennial favorites.

It’s been a very fun and interesting ride this past year and I appreciate how many of you have stuck with me on this journey. Not only have we celebrated Richard Armitage and this exciting new phase of his career, but we’ve marked our own milestones together. We’ve made new friendships and deepened others. We’ve even learned (and created) some new words along the way. 😉  

Many, many thanks to everyone who has visited, commented, reblogged, referred.  It would be no fun just being a party of one.  Richard Armitage is just too irresistible not to share.

I would love to know what your favorite aspects of this blog have been–types and subjects of posts, for example, and what you’d like to see or see more of. Do tell!

Oh, and the celebration is not over yet . . . more to come.


I told you there would be cake. 😉

Richard Armitage, a fellow dreamer



There was a discussion about the importance of holding onto dreams over at Twitter today and I shared these words from one of my favorite poems by Langston Hughes. I decided to do a bit of artwork to go with the words. And naturally, thoughts of my favorite actor, a man gifted with the ability to dream and dream big (and work hard to make those dreams come true).




Todd Garner  producer for Richard’s next film project “Black Sky,” actually Tweeted this quote below today. And it reminded me of Richard, too, and that sort of Zen-like aura he often seems to exude.





How wonderful it was to see Richard’s dream of playing Thorin come to fruition this year as he gave such a compelling performance, truly claiming the character as his and his alone. Richard certainly put that vivid imagination to very good use.

How proud his family and close friends must be, as those of us who have never met him are as pleased and proud as punch over his accomplishments. Hooray for my fellow dreamer! Here’s to many more dreams coming true.

So, I am now at Pinterest . . .


For any of you who are also hanging out there (or considering doing so), my user name is http://pinterest.com/fedoralady where I am part of two community boards, Black Sky and (surprise!) Richard Armitage.

English: Red Pinterest logo

English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s fun to see and learn more about the young actors who will be acting alongside RA in Black Sky, particularly that supercute, supernice young Nathan Kress, who found his screen dad’s commanding presence (and voice!) a little intimidating in the beginning.  Will be interesting to see how this board expands as we grow closer to the release of the film (whenever that will happen).

English: Nathan Kress at the Nickelodeon Choic...

English: Nathan Kress at the Nickelodeon Choice Awards 2011. Sydney, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve also got three boards of my own so far: Richard Armitage Owns Me, Fabulous Felines, and Words & Images That Inspire: RA & More.  There are a number of categories and scads of boards there; I’ve just touched the surface of what there is to discover.  It’s quite easy to sign up for Pinterest and you connect through Facebook or Twitter.

Pardon my relative lack of posts today. My sinuses are giving me grief on top of everything else, so once I had played with Pinterest a bit, I succumbed to a few hours of much-needed sleep (didn’t get any last night).  Hope you all are having a good weekend!

All this social media and Richard Armitage along with my stuffy sinuses has my head in a whirl (or is that a birl?).



I will not abjure from my Armitage avidity: TAE Words For the Day


(Or abjure from alliteration, it appears.)

Yes, folks, it’s the day after Christmas and you get not one, but TWO words for the day here at The Armitage Effect.

Abjure: (verb, tr.) 1. to avoid or to abstain from. 2. to renounce under oath.

Avidity (noun) 1. enthusiasm or dedication. 2. eagerness; greediness.

Being without electricity for several hours due to the nasty storms that moved through last night, I was forced to abjure from any Richarding online (in the sense of being forced by circumstances beyond my control to abstain from it).

I certainly never seem to purposefully avoid Richarding. And if Richarding were made illegal–oh, don’t even go there!–and I was asked to renounce all Richarding–

Well. As I said, I do not even want to go there.

Avidity for Armitage? Oh yes, that I will gladly claim.  I am an enthusiastic, eager, dedicated and ardent Armitage aficionado.


I try very hard not to be greedy about it. But when we are in the midst of a long drought, one does long for anything–a new pic or an old one that’s been unearthed; a snippet from an interview, a fresh quote about him from one of his fellow cast or crew members.

Of course, we’ve been inundated in recent weeks with Armitage goodies–so much I admit I haven’t kept up at times. And, not wanting too many spoilers for the film, I started avoiding (abjuring!) watching the new Hobbit spots.  At times I feel a tad overwhelmed–but I am not complaining. I will simply stretch out my enjoyment.

But I can never stay away from Mr. Armitage’s many charms–his talent, charisma, beauty, humor, sex appeal, sweetness–and the chance to share them and discuss them with fellow aficionados for very long.

I just can’t abjure from my Armitage avidity, it seems.