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Some Macalwain for Monday


Before Sgt. John Porter in Strike Back, Richard played another soldier, Captain Ian Macalwain in several eps of the “macho boys with dangerous toys” TV series, Ultimate Force.  Ian was a by-the-book kind of officer who “got no respect” from his men and ultimately got an ending he certainly didn’t deserve. I can’t watch Ross Kemp in anything now without wishing dire things for him. Not that I liked Kemp much before, frankly.

Anyway, UF was far from great, but Richard, as usual, gave a good performance as an Army officer whose arrogance masked his shyness and vulnerability. He does look terrific in a uniform (and out of it). And the rugby kit? Yum.  Here’s to the Haughty Hottie!

Sunday Spotlight: Let’s talk about the Haughty Hottie


Macalwain meets Pete's wife and sparks seem to fly. He later initiates a kiss but she pulls away, only to show up later at his hotel room with romance on her mind.

A seduction is underway . . .
Macalwain suits up in camo for a mission.
Captain Macalwain attends a morale building exercise for his men with a game of ruggers. For the audience, it’s a chance to see those lovely legs in action. Shallow, I know, but true.

Since I shared some photos of Captain Ian Macalwain earlier this weekend,I thought we’d go ahead and shine our Sunday Spotlight on this character, who appeared as a no-nonsense SAS officer in five of the six eps of the second series of Ultimate Force in 2003. Ian is the new “officer on the block,” one who expects the men in his unit to behave and conduct themselves in a professional manner and to follow rules and regulations. Unfortunately, this does not sit well with many of these soldiers. Ian’s seeming arrogance and aloofness also alienates him from his men, one of whom, Pete, is dealing with some mental health issues.

Pete’s wife is aapparently miserable in their marriage. Laura tells Ian of her hatred for Pete and seems to be reaching out to him for help and perhaps a bit more.. After going out for a drink, Ian kisses her in the car and she pushes him away and runs away, leaving the captain confused.

Still, she is  taken with the handsome and fit young officer and makes a serious play for him, visiting his hotel room and stripping off her clothing to reveal sexy lingerie underneath.  The captain, who rather shy and insecure beneath the aloof exterior, doesn’t respond at first, but quickly succumbs to the temptation. The two begin an affair and Ian develop deep feelings for the woman. The affair becomes known by Macalwain’s men, leading to tragic consequences.  Ultimate Force is definitely a “boys with their toys” sort of show with lots of  violence, macho posturing and male bonding. Richard gives his customary fine performance and provides us with that preview of how effectively he can play a soldier and how good he will look in uniform in Strike Back. I think the man was born to wear a beret. As a side note, you get to see Richard with what we believe is his natural hair color–a deep reddish brown.

The ending of the series, however, offers a very unhappy fate for Richard’s character. Although I own it on DVD (a cheap copy I found. You don’t want to spend much for it) it is something I am not sure I will ever watch again, at least not the final ep.  Maybe the towel scene . . .  and the ruggers.