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What people are reading: top posts at TAE


The Handsome Stranger surrounded by stacks of books as he meets his new neighbors in the eccentric village of Dibley. A funny, sweet, sexy fellow who also loves a good read. My kind of man.  (VoD screencap courtesy of Richard Armitage Central)

I have mentioned in previous posts  the countries where the blog has the highest number of hits and those readers who most  frequently comment. I thought you might also be interested in knowing what the overall most read posts are, so here we go!

Not surprisingly, the home page comes in at number one. Number two is A glimpse at young Armitage, followed by the F3 post, Fanfiction goin’ mainstream; the Paul Andrews BTS post; my essay on my fascination with RA,  Why Richard Armitage?; Guy’s F3 interview with LadyWriter on Sloth Fiction; I’m Just Crazy about Thorin . . . More Pics. More Thoughts; Up close with Luscious Lucas and a shakin’ spy vid; Be Dionysian with the TDHBEW:TAE Word for the Day Pt.2, and Marian, you’re an idiot.

Thank goodness Sir Guy made it into the top ten, or I would have never heard the end of it, I fear.

As for lovely Lucas, ahhh–we certainly haven’t forgotten him. Like our other beloved chaRActers, Lucas was Loved Into Being and now has SND status.

The Paul Andrews post actually has the most comments, I believe, of any posts. Nothing like a little controversy to get folks talking. It will be interesting to see which stories come out on top when TAE celebrates its first anniversary in February 2013.

Some sunshine for Sunday courtesy of Harry K. and his Creator


I look at beautiful spring flowers and I smile. Every time I look at Harry Kennedy I can’t help smiling. And every time I think of the fact Richard said his real personality is most like Harry’s, well–I start feeling positively ooey-gooey inside.

Because bookish, sweet, sunny, funny, sexy Harry is a darling, and he reminds me of my own dear fella. How can you NOT love Harry? The vicar certainly can’t. Lucky, lucky lady to win this Handsome Stranger’s beautiful heart!

Some VoD vids to celebrate their love, and some screencaps of Harry, surely a lad who believes in nourish and nurture, too, and Mr. A himself having a very good time of it on the VoD set. We really need a few more light-hearted roles along the way, Mr. A. Because you CAN do funny, on top of being a great kisser, a charmer and, well–everything else. *sigh* And how nice for you to get to laugh out loud as you obviously love to do . . .

In a romantic mood: Richard Armitage & Ladies in “Pretty Thing”


A clearly over-the-moon Gerri--and can we blame her one whit?

How could one resist such a glorious man looking at you like that?

Ah . . . if only things had been different.

Last year, I found this sweet, lively little song on iTunes, performed by Steve Miller and used it to make a vid dedicated to all the “hopeful romantics” out there. It features Harry, Thornton and Guy and their lovely ladies, and everyone–even Guy and Marian–get their happy ending.

FanstRAvaganza 3 continues, Harry K. & other things that make me happy


Richard as Harry Kennedy in The Vicar of Dibley. (screencap by RANet)

We’re in Day Two of the FanstRAvaganza 3 in FANFIC tagteam chain!

If you missed Day One, check out my post on fanfiction joining mainstream culture right here at The Armitage Effect.

 In Day Two, see my partners’ posts at http://mrjthornton.blogspot.com  and http://cerridewnspeaks.blogspot.com for more great F3 Fanfic entries!  Tomorrow, the FANFIC tagteam continues at C.S. Winchester http://cswinchester.blogspot.com and Maria Garza http://flyhigh-by-learnonline.blogspot.com. Don’t miss out on all the RA goodness.

Now, about those things that make me happy . . . other than Mr. Armitage and delightful characters such as the sweet and sunny accountant Harry Kennedy.

The unforced smiles on the faces of these little girls at a local sweet potato festival in a photo I took for the newspaper.

The breathtaking beauty of spring.

For Gracie: A dose of Harry K.


Harry and Gerri. Voted the Cutest Couple in this year's Who's Who.

Hello, gorgeous! The Handsome Stranger himself.

And for anyone else out there who is ill, under the weather, sick, poorly, in a blue funk or a brown study. This guy is good for what ails you.

(screencaps courtesy RANet)

Sunday Spotlight: The Rebel, Ricky Deeming


In 2007, Richard donned black leather–not to play Sir Guy, but a new character for the 60s-era BBC television drama George Gently. RA played the part of the enigmatic and charismatic leader of a Geordie biker gang, the Durham Defenders. When two of his gang members are murdered, Ricky is the prime suspect.

The rebellious Deeming does not care to play by society’s rules. His life revolves around the biker gang, which becomes like a family for its members, who all look up to their leader. Ricky glories in speed, telling detective George Gently about the attraction of it, “when you and the bike are one, the machine, the ghost in the machine . . .”

It is never spelled out in the script just what Ricky’s sexual orientation is, but several of the gang members suspect he might be gay. Homosexuality was still illegal in England at this time, and his reputation may endanger his life . . .

Richard faced two big challenges with the role: learning to master a 60’s motor bike and creating a believable Geordie accent. He actually tape-recorded a driver on the Vicar of Dibley set. Hearing the driver’s Newcastle accent, Richard asked the man to read some lines from his GG script to help him in perfecting his Deeming accent. His efforts paid off when a reviewer praised RA’s “excellent north-east accent.”

Once more Richard crafts a memorable character out of whole cloth and keeps us guessing as to what is going on beneath the surface with Deeming, an enigmatic rebel who captures our imagination. And on a purely shallow note, RA looks sexy as hell in those biker leathers.

More Sweetness for Saturday . . . Harry Kennedy


Harry and Gerri prepare for That Kiss--right this second.

A tall drink of sweet, sexy water. KInd of like his Creator.

And that sunny, sweet smile!

He loves good books and quotes from Thomas Hardy. I love a man with beauty AND brains.

Good-humored, bookish, sweet, a bit shy, well-mannered, great with numbers. A smile like sunshine. Dark hair that flops endearingly across his brow. His tastes in wooly jumpers may be a bit dodgy, but it doesn’t take away from his adorableness. And those long, long legs in those jeans . . . and kisses. With tongues. The apparent patience to put up with the daft citizens of Dibley in order to share his life with the vicar he adores.
And he’s the character Richard says most resembles his own personality in real life. How can you not love Harry Jasper Kennedy?