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Sunday Smorgasbord: First Round


I have uploaded something like seven or eight fan videos to YouTube  today that are new to the site (although in some cases they’ve been around for a while). Some I have spotlighted here at the blog. More will be going up tomorrow, but I am ready to pack in the uploading for tonight.  It’s been fun because I had already forgotten what I had done with some of these vids, and it’s nice if I still find them amusing/sexy/inspiring/creative.  I hope you will, too.

In the meantime, kicking off the Sunday Smorgasboard as it is already Sunday for some of you.  Benny should be here early afternoon tomorrow. 😀

Prowl: New Sir Guy fanvid & more fanart


I tried to load this last night and a glitch prevented it from happening.  *sigh* So after another four hours this afternoon, it’s finally done. Hooray! I incorporated a poem  that I wrote a while back about our sensual big cat in black leather into the vid, so it’s something a little different.