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So I haven’t been hiding under a rock . . . Fedoralady’s been wearing her other hats



Well, hello out there, if anybody is still listening! In spite of my quietness, I am still to be counted as an Ardent Armitage Admirer. If you are on Facebook, you know that I have been posting at my RA page, “The Richard Armitage Effect.”

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Richard-Armitage-Effect/ (Although there have been days when the posts have been “slim to none.”)

It’s been ages, it seems, since I have been here at TAE.

I confess I am behind on reading other bloggers’ posts. I’ve saved my notifications so I am hoping to catch up at some point. However, my good intentions may fall short. Mea culpa.

Real Life has been BUSY. Busy with volunteer work for the humane society, busy with assignments for the newspaper, where I am now a regular contributor of one to two stories, along with photos, each week, and busy with our video production company, shooting year-end school events and community theater, dance recitals and more. After the shoots comes the really time-consuming process of editing both stills and video. Rather than go into great detail about the events, I am simply going to share some of my photos . . . .

2cailynthompson I love it what I do. Oh, yeah, I get tired. Cricks in my neck. Eye strain. My back hurts. IBS strikes. Restful sleep is forever eluding me. Yet, I feel as if am in my element. I am helping document the milestones of my community and its inhabitants, giving back to it.  And making some money along the way while I’m doing it. Getting a chance to be creative.  That is very important to me.

PIC 14 relay

PIC 7 relay

PIC 1 relayPIC 5 relay (2)


I love it when mamas make the photos I’ve taken of their young’uns their profile photos on FB, or proudly share them on their pages. I love promoting some of the amazing talent we have in this county.





P1080975 (3)


P1080999 (2)


P1070673 (3)


It’s been a season of celebration–endings and beginnings. A lot of smiles and a few tears along the way.
Now we are gearing up to cover my friend Sonya’s year-end dance recital. To call this ambitious production a recital doesn’t really do justice to all the creativity,P1090524 (2) imagination and scope she incorporates into these shows. I can’t wait until this weekend. Tomorrow I go and shoot some video and stills of rehearsal. These are from the other day, picture day for the Pink class–mostly five-year-old budding ballerinas. Funny, sweet, sometime rambunctious.


P1090567editI love when I can capture the little ones *not* giving me one of those cheesy grins. Said toothy smiles look fake and give you squinty eyes, and these eyes are too lovely not to get their proper due.  Thank you for bearing with me through all these photos and keep in mind, I actually took a few thousand or so . . .  so I am actually sparing you! 😉




OT: Presenting PRP’s new YT Channel and First Music Vid!


I created a YouTube Channel for our video production company yesterday–PRPVideoServices–and Benny got the first video, a new version of the music video I did for the FDA Kindergarten graduation, uploaded for me this morning.  We will be adding more of my music video creations–made as bonus features for our DVDs–as time passes and also plan to create a showreel of the best moments from our various projects.

Please, when you have the time, take a few minutes to watch this and if you enjoy it, please “like” and comment at the channel. Of course, comments are welcome here, too, but it would help tremendously to show some love at YT, too. Many thanks! The video IS blocked in certain countries, so I know some of you won’t be able to watch 😦

Presenting “Little Grads, Big Dreams” shot by Benny Long and edited by Angie Long using Muvee “Soar”

Good Sunday Morning from Fedoralady/Video Production Lady


Fedoralady is also Miss Video Production Assistant in RL, and yesterday our video production company www.PecanRidgeProductions.com undertook our first wedding. It was really a trial run for us–our business partner Harry’s wife also caters and she did this event–and we feel that, other than a few minor technical glitches, it all went well. And hopefully they will like what we put together enough to buy some DVDs!

We shot the ceremony with three video cameras–one mounted in the choir loft to shoot the ceremony from the front , with Benny and Harry shooting from different vantage points in the sanctuary, and yours truly shooting some stills from yet another location.  We were restricted somewhat by the wedding director’s rules but we prevailed. 😉


I was roaming up and down the stairs of the church from vestibule to sanctuary to Family Life Center, where the reception was held, shooting with the still camera and with one of the video cams.  We were trying to capture all aspects–behind-the-scenes preparation, the wedding itself, the reception and aftermath. We spent between four and five hours there and our plans to go grocery shopping afterwards kind of went out the window by the time we were done. (Actually, I said, “Benny, I can’t hack Wal-Mart. I would need one of those electric gizmos to ride around on.”) I was hurting from head to toe. Yep, definitely have to shed some pounds and build up my upper-body strength and my troublesome knees–and realize I will always have to pace my FMS-riddled self.


My friend Jerry, a church minister of music, performed on the viola for the ceremony while my other friend Gerry played the piano. 😉 They aren’t a couple, but they do make beautiful music together.


I caught the ring bearer and flower girl entertaining themselves with a video game before the ceremony.


We are trying to finish up with the FDA graduation package today–well, we have to, as we’ve promised them for pickup tomorrow afternoon! I really love the little music video I put together to the class song “Can’t Go Wrong” by Phillip Phillips. Lots of smiles and laughter and sweet moments.  We are about to create a YouTube Channel for Pecan Ridge and the Kindergarten Graduation DVD music video will be the first one up. So y’all will be able to check it out! 😀

One more shot–look at the gorgeous “flowers” on this cake!





Carry on, Fedoralady, carry on.



So I’ve been busy with working on opening and closing credits for The Wizard of Oz DVD tonight, trying to keep busy and not think about a certain puppy too much.  No sightings yet.  I figure do something constructive in RL that involves creativity and might prove lucrative, right?

I incorporated a spinning SFX to some screen caps for the DVD opening, which looks cool, but feels bittersweet. It also reminds me of the storms that hit the Midwest once again. I will throw my hat into the ring with other RA bloggers and remind all who have it to spare and haven’t already given, donate what you can to charitable relief for these hard-hit areas. I always remember it could have been us.

I also share a few of my favorite signs I have snaffled from FB.  Yes, they frequently involve animals, for some strange reason.  What can I say, they are a big part of my life.




And I share this to hopefully give you a good chuckle. Grateful we didn’t make such a mistake when we created our business name.


And because this is an RA site, I have to share this piece of fanart I found on Facebook . .  . Semi-naked Thorin with his Arkenstone.

Created by Aaorin at Deviant Art

Created by Aaorin at Deviant Art

Man, that Thorin is seriously—-buff. Look at that trail of dark hair . . . *wibble* *thud* *guh*

And I add this to all of you out there . . . thanks for being my kind of different. Love ya.