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What a day–and it’s not even the premiere!


I sleep in today after being up until 4 a.m. with various aches and pains. And then I spent the rest of the day trying to catch up with all the Hobbit hoopla whilst keeping my laptop working, which is no mean feat these days–either task, actually.  Didn’t get around to responding to comments until the past hour or so. As always, thank you ladies for keeping the conversations going!

What I also got accomplished was donating to Richard’s Just Giving Fund as part of a fan effort to “bomb” the site with donations just in time for The Hobbit premiere. If you haven’t given yet, consider it, even if it’s only a few dollars/pounds/euros/what have you. Little becomes much when many give it.  Here’s the link below. There are several organizations, including the Salvation Army, Childline, Barnardo’s, and Shelter.


Now, on to Mr. A. and the excitement of that “flying billboard” arriving in Wellington with some of the cast onboard, waiting to be greeted by the rest.

Not a sight one sees every day. My, that stern-looking bearded fellow with the lion’s mane is quite handsome, isn’t he?

Richard–wait–do you realize you are in front of the pack for a change?? Just where you belong and looking delicious! I suppose they told you to stand there . . . 😉

Yummmm. A more close-up view. He does tend to stand head and shoulders above many of his cast members, doesn’t he?

Group photo of cast members with Sir PJ and Phillipa. Richard on the front–yet again–and looking happy–yet again–and gorgeous—as always.

I loved Richard’s look for today, skinny jeans and all (don’t his legs look impossibly long? And great footwear as usual). The vest and jacket combination with the plaid shirt and jeans all worked well together for him.  Yes, he looked a bit more dressed up than many of the other cast members, but nothing wrong with being well turned-out when all those camera are going off. There was nothing flashy that screamed “look at me! I am a superstar” about the outfit. A nice blend of the casual and conservative in which he seemed very comfortable and relaxed.

And here’s a link to a video of the plane’s arrival, with a lovely welcoming  hug shared by Richard with Aidan Turner at the .49 mark. Thanks to Mezz for sharing it.


One suspects these comrades are glad to see each other again and to share in all the excitement of this huge premiere event.

Now what will Richard be wearing tomorrow night (or should I say “who,” assuming it’s designer threads)? Stubble or clean-shaven? (I tend to think he will be clean-shaven).  And what shoes will he be wearing? Is he nervous? Does he have butterflies in his beautifully toned stomach? Is he eager for it to be over? Wondering how audiences will react?  Oh, how excited I am for him.

Richard, I just know you are going to amaze us all. I hope all the fangurlz who got to make the trip have a terrific time. 😀

And I couldn’t resist sharing another version of this pic . . .