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Want some early Armitage emoting?


Thank you, Nadia, for the heads up on this black & white film trailer at Vimeo featuring a young Richard Armitage and an actress named Jennifer Taylor Lawrence.

“Staged” was filmed in London at the Hackney Empire Theatre in 1999. The trailer was uploaded by Darren Denison, who directed the film. Denison said Richard and his co-star, who were chosen out of hundreds of applications by actors and talent agencies, were “amazing to work with.” Take a gander.    Would love to hear your thoughts!

(If you have RealPlayer, you can also download the trailer to your own computer.)

The link to the trailer is here:
I suspect as RA’s star continues to rise, we will see more of this sort of thing, of photos, trailers, et al. from his earlier career appearing online. Personally, I am waiting for the Cleopatra DVD to get a new cover, touting RA as one of its “stars.”  🙂
This is Richard with his co-star in the stage production "Use Me as Your Cardigan." He does a bit of smouldering in this trailer, too.

This is Richard with his co-star in another role, in the stage production “Use Me as Your Cardigan.” He does a bit of smouldering in this trailer for “Staged,” too.

Sunday Smorgasbord: Sunshine, Smoulder, Sex Appeal


Oh, the sunshine of that smile. Darling, darling Harry.

Sir Guy. Such haunting beauty.  Those eyes . . . the mouth.


Oh, Danni, you lucky girl, you. That is one gorgeous and sexy hunk of a hero you’ve got there!

Lucas. Brave, haunted, damaged–but still a hero.  Still Lucas. John who?


Porter from that fantastic viral video. One minute of raw intensity. What a performance. And the thoughts we find in our head . . .

Speaking of intense, here’s our favorite dwarf warrior. He has no trouble smouldering, does he??

One intense minute


A post by gisbornesboy trying to locate the source of a particular GIF led me to this entry. Even if you’ve never seen Strike Back, don’t intend to watch Strike Back or simply haven’t visited this particular video in a while, you owe it to yourself to take only one minute and watch this, trust me.
It’s the SB Viral test video made by seanographic.co.uk.
Sean shot the video footage while a promotional photo shoot for SB was talking place. I swear, I can almost feel that gritty sand on my own skin. The earth tones, the sound effects, the editing and Richard’s brilliant acting all add up to one INTENSE minute. The video impacted me so strongly, I ended up writing a ficlet based on the video called Captive not to mention the fanart and GIFs based on it.

This fanart is based on one of the photos taken during the shoot that coincided with the viral vid shoot. A very powerful image.

To hate and to love: Guyday Friday kicks off with angst


I love how Richard showed such a myriad of emotions crossing Guy’s face as Marian admitted to being the Nightwatchman by showing the scar on her hip. You could see as he entered the room that part of him still simply did want to believe his own eyes. There was a certain naivety, a gullibility at times about Guy that was so heartbreaking.

And still, even after this betrayal, he came up with a plan to save her from execution.  Guy, you were the one who truly, deeply loved Marian, not Robin. It’s a pity she could not see past the puppy love of her childhood and her lofty ideals and misguided allegiance to not-so-good King Richard to fully appreciate the man you were and the potential within you.

There’s just something about the man in a tux . . .


Even back in the day when he wore the dodgy elastic bow tie and rode the Tube to the BAFTAS, Richard Armitage already exuded that star charisma. He is simply dazzling in general and even more so when you put him into a tux. That mega-watt smile, that presence–he simply commands your attention and keeps it. There’s that real old-fashioned, silver screen movie star vibe to RA.

And it doesn’t hurt at all to know this talented, gorgeous, charismatic man is also modest, kind and sweet-natured, a true gentleman.  No wonder we love him.




 From a photo by Hedgey taken at the 2009 BAFTAs.








Some Harry Kennedy can be good for what ails you


Back again.  Thanks for all your good wishes and for keeping up the comments whilst I was away for a bit. I finally managed to get close to six hours of sleep this morning. My back is still hurting, but none of the sudden, intense spasms experienced yesterday. I just feel–what was that expression my daddy used to use?–weak as tater water (Daddy was full of colorful expressions, some of which could not be repeated in mixed company).

Apparently in the midst of tossing and turning in a right old Lucas moment during my futile attempt at a nap yesterday, I somehow twisted my back, then proceeded to re-twist it whilst playing with Callie. After I almost fell walking through the den, Benny gently suggested I might want to lie down again. And so I did. 😉  The humidity is back up with a chance of rain and thunderstorms, which always plagues my fibromyalgia. Same ol’ same ol’ . . . and so I indulge in something that satisfies my need for something sweet.

I’ve been communing with Harry Kennedy this morning–with his images, at least–and with those of his cReAtor from his behind-the-scenes VoD interviews. Harry is such a sunny, funny, honey of a character, so endearing. And Richard does say Harry is the character most like him in real life. Which makes me wibble a bit just to think of it. *sigh*

There’s a reason why Harry is one of the anchor characters in my Sloth Fiction series.  He’s the peacemaker, the voice of reason, the gentle yet strong soul who binds the group together.  He seemed the perfect choice to deliver the inspirational speech from Shakespeare to the lads before they set out on the black ops mission to avenge Lucas.  Harry, like my husband, never fails to make me feel better. To make me smile. To remind me there is still goodness and light in the world.

Seeing Richard having such a good time during the VoD rehearsals is a real pleasure. I love his big, genuine belly laughs and those geeky giggles we get now and again.  I know he says he is “so NOT funny” but I think once again it is a case of selling himself a bit short. Yes, he’s primarily the straight man to Dawn French, but he definitely has comedy chops, too, and his own delightful sense of humor.




SND Wednesday continues: Let’s end the death streak, Mr. A


I saw a Tweet that said something along that lines of “Sean Bean dies in every 1.25 movies.” He does seem to shuffle off the mortal coil an awful lot in his films. Here’s hoping that Richard does not rack up a similar average as he embarks on his film career. After all, with Guy, Lucas, Portah, Heinz and now Thorin, we’ll have a death streak that is depressingly long enough. It’s starting to get crowded here in the den with all the SND chaRActers.

Here’s to Richard having a lovely role in a good film in which he gets to laugh, gets to love, and gets to live past the closing credits. And honestly, Richard, we don’t ask this for purely selfish reasons. You’ve wanted to do something “all about love,” right? It would be so beneficial to your mental and emotional health.

Oh, and, maybe–throw in a shower scene. Or two. OK, that request might be for selfish reasons. But we’ve been in such a long drought–the thought of your bare skin water is so very appealing.
In the meantime, more of our wonderful SND chaRActers.






A Blue Monday post: Baby’s got blue eyes


I’ve always liked blue eyes. I was surrounded by them growing up in a singularly blue-eyed family, so I guess blue eyes make me feel at home.

Tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed men are my cuppa tea.  Married one, the love of my life. Have a mad, passionate crush on another one.

A man with an amazing pair of expressive, beautiful, eloquent blue eyes that are more changeable in color than my own (which take detours into grey and green, but never khaki!).  Pensive eyes, sleepy eyes, sorrowful eyes, keen eyes, eyes that plead and query and smoulder.



Sleepy, dreamy blue eyes with lids at half-mast. Irresistible.




Lucas’s blue eyes-intelligent,  sensitive, wary, the eyes of a man who has seen too much suffering in his lifetime. Unforgettable eyes.


The tough soldier’s eyes soften at the thought of his sweet little girl as he sends her a kiss from far away, the warmth of his feelings evident.



Those eyes . . .


Kohl-rimmed eyes. Smouldering, sexy and dangerous. Oh, Sir Guy . . .







Sir Guy in his Dark Night of the Soul: Those Amazing Images


I have expressed my admiration on other occasions for the lighting and camera work in Robin Hood’s third series. We got some breathtaking images of Richard as Sir Guy. Oh, he was gorgeous throughout the show, but it reached a whole new level in S3. The story arc had a sort of operatic grandeur with Richard as our tragic anti-hero, and he looked every inch the part.

The Meg episode with Guy imprisoned by his sister and resigned to his fate, only to be challenged by this spirited young woman and forced to face his demons, featured some of the most striking lighting of the series. Mr. Armitage is a living, breathing work of art and this was so beautifully captured on film; not only his physical beauty, but his ability to express so much with his eyes and his body language. I could not fail to be inspired by these screencaptures as a basis for fan art.

Fedoralady is feelin’ frisky and so, it seems, are the lads


So, I ‘ve been thinking of Truce since Leigh mentioned it and of the love scenes in it and–well, feeling–frisky. Yes, very frisky.  And playful.

So let’s re-visit some of my fun n’ sexy vids and the lads talking about just how sexy they are. I get amused thinking about this because their Creator is so modest and self-effacing and scratches his lovely head over the very idea of being a sex symbol.  Which only makes him even more appealing, of course.


Blue, blue, blue Monday: Not a bad thing when RA is involved


Those beautiful, keen blue eyes . . .

“A pretty man came to me, never seen eyes so blue . . .”

Eyes that can hypnotize . . .

Smouldering, intense azure gaze . . .