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My kingdom for a remote!


We have a plethora of remote control devices in this house. Remotes for various appliances, electronics, a ceiling fan. Enough remote controls for every human and animal member of the household with extras to spare.

I have a remote control for this DVD player. I have one–but I don’t know where in the %$#@# it is. Right now I have the satellite remote, and the regionless DVD player (not hooked up at moment) and the one that switches the air conditioner on and off, which I mistook for the DVD remote. I just don’t have the one I actually need.

I am trying to watch my DVD of The Hobbit (saving the Blu-ray for when I can wrest the PSP from spouse to hook up to the bigger flat screen with the Surround Sound). And I am slightly frustrated.


Ever tried to watch a film on disc without the remote control? It’s like being back in the archaic days of my childhood. There’s no rewinding, fast forwarding or pausing (except by pushing the “pause” button on the player itself). No scene selection. Thus, when you accidentally push the “Open/Close” button instead of “Pause/Play” on the player, intending to go act as Dishwasher Fairy, you find yourself back at the beginning of the film again instead of the campfire scene with Balin speaking to the Company. *sigh*

Well, Dishwasher Fairy has come and gone, that appliance chugging away now, and I’ve started over again watching the film.  Spouse is singularly unsympathetic to my plight.

“What did you do with the remote control?”

Snort. If I knew that, I’d have it in my hand, wouldn’t I?

Enough of my troubles. I’ve got the DVDs in my hands, which is more than many people do. And I will find the remote at some point. Actually, my husband will likely stroll in and lay his hands right on it.

Richard looks and sounds a right treat, I must say, his soulful eyes expressing a myriad of emotions, those deep, roughened velvet tones rumbling through the Surround Sound beautifully. *sigh* And that smile when he’s still in the burlap sack. My gosh, but he’s gorgeous!

And now–how about a pair of hot hairy dudes to make you smile?  😀