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Obambulating with Armitage: TAE Word for the Day


This week’s words from A.Word. A. Day feature selections that sound as if they might be tied to the candidates in the presidential election here in the U.S.–but actually have no connection.

I loved this one:

obombulate: (verb) to walk about. From the Latin,  ob- (to) + ambulare (to walk). Earliest documented use: 1614.

Oh, I do enjoy watching Mr. Armitage and his various ChaRActers doing a bit of obombulating, don’t you?

Harry Kennedy obombulates in Dibley with its charming vicar, Geraldine in a screencap from “The Vicar of Dibley” (courtesy of RANet).

Sir Guy is obombulating a bit unsteadily when he answers Robin’s challenge in the first ep of RH S3.

Oh, dear. Obambulate as much as you want to in that outfit, my Dark Knight!

Sgt. Porter obambulates in the desert (and amazingly, gets a signal on his smartphone).

Watching Richard Armitage obombulate with those long, long legs, those slinky hips and the Derriere of Delight can be downright discombobulating (throwing one into a state of confusion).

If you could obambulate with Mr. Armitage or one of his characters, when and where you choose to do it?

The Man with the Diapason Voice: TAE Word for the Day


diapason \dahy-uh-PEY-zuhn\, noun:

1. A full, rich outpouring of melodious sound.

2. The compass of a voice or instrument.

3. A fixed standard of pitch.

4. Either of two principal timbres or stops of a pipe organ, one of full, majestic tone (open diapason) and the other of strong, flutelike tone (stopped diapason).

5. Any of several other organ stops.

6. A tuning fork.

The pipe organ of San Giovanni in Laterano courtesy of rosemarybaileymusic.wordpress.com. A magnificent instrument–as is RA’s voice.

When I saw this word and its first definition, I could only think of Mr. Armitage’s marvelous instrument of a voice-that rich, honeyed baritone, like aural chocolate, dark and silky, impossible to forget. 
Whether speaking dialogue, telling a children’s story, performing an audiobook, doing the voice-over for an advertisement, singing a dwarven song, or, as he is in the video below, reciting poetry, Richard Armitage’s voice is always arresting. Its musicality, expressiveness, flexibility and sheer beauty mesmerize us.  It is truly a diapason voice.

Here is an extract of Richard reading The Lords of the North:

And I must include one of the delightful CBeebies stories by Mr. Storyteller himself. I think the true joy he takes in sharing his talents, the pleasure he receives in creating all these characters’ voices shines through in these performances.

Our Munificent Man: TAE Word for the Day


Munificent: ( adj.) extremely generous

Munificent is a word often used in reference to someone who makes large donations to a worthy cause–a munificent supporter of the American Cancer Society or the humane society or a college scholarship fund, for example.

But a munificent person can also be someone extremely generous in other ways: generous with their talents, creativity, time, compassion, kindness, friendship, humor.

Surely, then, our Richard is a not only amazing, marvelous and magnificent, but also munificent?  Of course, he is a supporter of a number of charities himself and seems to engage whole-heartedly in efforts to help raise funds to “raise up Christchurch” after the earthquake in New Zealand.

Richard posing with an official at one of the Christchurch fundraisers he and fellow TH cast members participated in.

But he is munificent in other areas of his life, too. Witness the recent meetings with fans and their family members on the Black Sky set. Richard was under no obligation to take the time out of his busy work schedule to talk with fans, pose for photos and sign autographs. But he chose to do so in a truly munificent manner.

Photo courtesy of RAlover of Richard obligingly posing for pix on the set of Black Sky.

Lucy Griffiths described RA as a great screen partner. It seems he was munificent as he worked with this younger and less experienced actress. There was certainly a lot of enthusiasm in her voice when she talked about Richard (but then again, can we blame her?).

Screencap courtesy of RANet of Richard and Lucy as Guy and Marian in Robin Hood.

And our hard-working actor who keeps putting his all into his parts, who researches each role, creates bios for his characters, a man who has mastered sword fighting and archery and horseback riding and dealing with his water phobia, a man who can hair act–this, dear friends, is a man who is truly munificent with his gifts and talents. And we all benefit from his munificence, don’t we?

Richard Crispin Armitage: a munificent man in many ways.

That Richard Armitage is a Lulu: TAE Word for the Day


Today’s word is lulu (pronounced LOO-loo): noun. A remarkable person, idea or thing 

Etymology: Possibly coming from the nickname for Louise. Earliest recorded use: 1886.


Wow, when this word appeared in my A.Word. A.Day email this morning, I could only think of a certain TDHBEW.

Richard Armitage: blindingly handsome, extraordinarily talented, with a keen intelligence and wit and charisma to spare. A man who is sweet, thoughtful, modest, kind and gentle; a man who believes in nourishment and nurturing.  Richard is remarkable, no doubt about it. Richard Armitage, ladies and gents, is a real lulu, wouldn’t you agree?




Perhaps my favorite photo taken on the set of Black Sky, courtesy of RALover and RichardArmitageNet.

Richard Armitage: the Ne Plus Ultra of Celeb Crushes


The word for the day is NE PLUS ULTRA (noun) the ultimate or perfect example of something. From the Latin, literally, “not further beyond. “

For me, Richard Armitage is the ne plus ultra in terms of a great celebrity crush.  He’s charismatic, gracious, sweet, good-humored, modest–a true gentleman who is good to his fans.  He’s intelligent and insightful. He’s so very, very talented and versatile in that talent. And, oh yeah, he’s tall, fit, beautiful and incredibly sexy, while still maintaining that boy-next-door vibe that is so endearing.

Richard Armitage: my own lovely ne plus ultra.