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Thank you, RA, for bringing the sunshine to Anna and all of us


I just learned tonight of the passing of one of our own in the RA community, Anna Paton. Anna was amongst the ladies who got to meet Richard during the Wellington Premiere and later shared¬†wonderful photos along with¬†a lovely post in which she talked about Richard’s smiles being for all of us, for all his fans from around the world. Her words really touched a lot of hearts.

Anna lost her battle with cancer late last month, leaving behind a husband and two children. But her kindness, generosity and willingness to spread the RA sunshine through her own sunny spirit will not be forgotten. My sincerest condolences to her family and loved ones. May they remember and treasure all the happy, joyous times.

Often, when I am feeling low, looking at those wonderful Richard Armitage smiles-the very smiles that have drawn so many of us together-can be uplifting.

Some sunshine for a rainy winter night.


Yeah, having fun playing with Windows Movie Maker again and its new bells and whistles. Didn’t figure you all would object. It’s another rainy night–just rain, thankfully, no thunder and lightning and tornadoes threatening–with rain forecast for every day until Friday. Had to take two muscle relaxers last night. Didn’t do a lot today . . .

Uncle is being cremated by a mortuary in Montgomery. Thursday night there is a sort of celebratory dinner in honor of Uncle at Nanny’s Restaurant. Benny’s cousin wants to take him to lunch one day to Krystal’s Hamburgers, a favorite haunt for the Long family back when you could buy a whole bagful for a couple of bucks and feed four hungry boys. Things have changed.

When Benny and Uncle used to go out once a week, Uncle would offer to pay, and Benny would always wave him off and say, “One day you can buy me a few Krystals.” So Cousin is going to keep that promise to Benny.

In case of a need for sunshine, watch video below