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The good news is, my knees are better.  Hooray! The bad news, well . . .

After some research and probing, what I thought was a pulled muscle in my side now seems more likely to be a hairline fracture on the left upper rib cage. Since I have no health insurance (and I can tell you from past experience fractures and breaks of this type don’t always show up on X-rays anyway), I can’t say with absolute certainty. Then again, I could shell out money to the doc only to be told what I was told several years ago:

“Yeah, appears to be broken/fractured. Take some pain relievers, rest it and try using heat and a pillow.  Taping? No, taping/wrapping are not recommended anymore, good luck! Oh, and here’s my bill.” 😉

(OK, he didn’t actually hand me the bill then and there, but I did feel worse after I saw a list of the charges.)

Hey, I know it could be worse. And it’s not going to kill me, it’s just gonna continue to hurt a lot at times. The weather is about to turn cooler and wet for a few days, too.  This will not help.

Obviously, I need something–or someone–to take my mind off it all.

So I thought of the wonderful sunny-smiled, sweet-natured, funny, cheeky, hopeful romantic Harry Kennedy, one of the first RA ChaRActers I discovered after meeting him as Sir Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood.

Harry, an asylum for the spirit, a balm for the blues; Harry, the frown-flipping antidote to a bad day.

And so I wrote this ditty, to be sung to the tune of “We Need a Little Christmas” from the musical “Mame.”

We Need a Little Harry Right Now

Haul-out-the screencaps!

the pain is diggin’ in — I quic-kly need a fix!

Pop-in-that DVD–

it’s the anti–dote to what is ailin’ me–

Now . . . .



I need some sunny Harry right this very minute

A smile that simply dazzles, so much sweetness in it

Yes, I need a little Harry, right this very minute

I need some Mr. Kenn–e-dy!

I–need–the Jumpered One

all co–zy, striped and ve–ry cud-dl-y

tall, lean and lan-ky

with a gorgeous smile that is just–for–me NOW

Yes, I need some gorgeous Harry, right this very minute

A heart that is so lovely, so much goodness in it

Oh, I need a little Harry, right this very minute

I need some Mr. Kennedy!



I need a little Harry right now.


I ran this the other day in the “Lucas!” post.

It’s based on a cropped screencap from the “Lucas punches up Russian baddie Robinov in the pool” ep. I  love those amazing masculine curves. In RA’s case not a contradiction. That gorgeous man definitely has BACK.

So here’s what I am planning to do: using a karaoke soundtrack for Sir Mix-a-Lot‘s hit Baby’s Got Back, I am going to rewrite the lyrics to celebrate the divine derriere of the most talented, gorgeous and delightful actor I happen to know of. And then I am going to record it. That will be the audio track for my Richie’s Got Back video.  This part I can handle with the able technical assistance of my husband, who thinks I am a fruitcake but is all the same tickled to see me broadening my creative horizons.

The second part of this project? The visuals. This is where you, my readers, can help. If you have a particular favorite rearview or a screencap showing Mr. Armitage in action that showcases his erm—lush mounds, please share. If you have a link you want to share, that’s great!

If you want to send me link or pic via email, that’s fine, too. These can be images of RA in characters and as himself.

Obviously, this one is going to take more time than my usual side-show vid, but if all goes well, I would like to have it up for Christmas–a sort of pressie for you all.  So if you can get back to me with your favorite RA bodacious bootie photos before the end of November, it would be so grand.

Thanks in advance for your help–I think this is going to be lots of fun! I am feeling quite cheeky of late, ladies. 😉

What’s your favorite RA rearview? (Major Video Project Ahead!)

Love is risky. It makes us vulnerable, and that can be scary. Love can open us to the possibility of rejection, disappointment, loss, to heartache and heartbreak.
And yet, what is life without love? Love for our soul mates, family, friends, pets. Love enriches and inspires.  It liberates.  It teaches. Love makes us fully human. It can cost us everything. But without it, we are nothing.
Touched by An Angel
We, unaccustomed to courage, exiles from delight
live coiled in shells of loneliness until love leaves its high holy temple
 and comes into our sight to liberate us into life.
Love arrives and in its train come ecstasies,
old memories of pleasure, ancient histories of pain.
Yet if we are bold, love strikes away the chains of fear from our souls.
We are weaned from our timidity,
In the flush of love’s light we dare be brave
And suddenly we see that love costs all we are and will ever be.
Yet it is only love which sets us free.
Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is only love which sets us free


I always thought Maeve looked like a lady I’d enjoy sitting down with for a cup of coffee or tea and nice chat.

Maeve Binchy passed away today at 72. Binchy was a bestselling author from Ireland. Before she became a short story author and novelist, she was a teacher and later, a journalist and columnist. I could relate to her personal history and I enjoyed her writing, which combined humor with poignancy and humanity.  Her first novel, Light a Penny Candle, was rejected five ties before it was published.  When it was published, it became a bestseller and her books went on to sell more than 40 million copies worldwide.

And she just looked like a sweetheart.

Rest in peace, Maeve. You were an all together grand storyteller and you’ll be missed.

RIP, Maeve


I wouldn’t mind trying it out to test the theory—touching his beard, that is.  Or those delicious forearms (so strong looking!) to stroke those downy hairs . . . *sigh*

WP is being a pill, the humidity is 91 percent and the A/C is going to run through the night tonight. I don’t feel like sticking to my pillow. Hair is up in a ponytail to help keep me cooler.

Watched The Help. Cried. Personal reasons as well as the storyline. Very strong performances. More on my emotional connection later, maybe tomorrow.

 Comic-Con is coming and I’ll be headed to San Diego July 11 to cover the excitement . . .

I wonder if touching his beard brings good luck?


Sometimes I just don’t know what the world is coming to. First, there was the conundrum that is the massive popularity of the Kardashian clan, a family devoted to plastic surgery, nasty sex tapes, and marriages that look suspiciously like publicity stunts.  A mother who pimps out her daughters for fame and profit.  How enterprising.

And now–good grief–a global merchandising license for The Trilogy that Dares Not Speak Its Name in My Presence.  Yes, boys and girls, you will soon be able to sleep between 50 SoG sheets, apply 50 SoG blush and lipstick, adorn yourself with 50 SoG jewelry, spritz on 50SoG scent, decorate your house or apartment with 50SoG home furnishings, slip into 50 SoG lingerie and purchase 50 SoG-themed “adult products for adult women.” Hmmmmmm.

Give me a frickin’ break. As someone pointed out, it’s one thing for your youngster to have a Harry Potter poster on the wall or a Katniss Everdean comforter on the bed. We expect this sort of merchandising for popular franchises such as these which are aimed at kids and teens. Heck, we fangurlz and boyz of a more mature age are eager to get our hands on a Thorin action figure, right?

However, 50 Shades clearly ain’t for kiddies. I am more than a bit disturbed at the  thought of  an image hanging in my bedroom of Christian Grey wielding his belt and tie while wearing a sadistic grin on his face. Personally, it would be the stuff of nightmares.  But that’s just me.

Still, we all know this Shlock Fiction is a huge cash cow and, clearly, E.L. James and Company are going to milk this baby for all it’s worth.

With 13 million copies sold here in the U.S. alone, I ‘m sure there’s a market for the merchandise . . . in fact, I’m surprised she and her literary agent didn’t ink a deal earlier. Then again, she was busy with that $5 million movie deal. Oh heavens. There will be merchandise tied in with it as well, probably . . .

An officially  licensed speader bar and your own Ana handcuffs for your Red Room of Pain, anyone?

I’ll pass.

OT: Milkin’ that cash cow for all its worth


“He’s got eyes of the bluest skies,

as if they thought of rain,

I’d hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of pain~

He’s got a smile that it seems to me

reminds me of childhood memories

where everything was fresh as the bright blue sky . . .”

Sheryl Crowe’s version of the Guns n’ Roses song is now downloaded on my iTunes.

I think it will work for that “sweet child of ours” RA, don’t you?

A new video is bubblin’ in my head . . .


After years of depravation, those choccie-covered doughnuts must have been absolutely delicious to Lucas. I think I understand in some small way.

Eating supper tonight I could only think of a smiling John Mulligan and his fish and chips bag. Handsome devil.

So I finally got to go out and enjoy a meal with hubby and make that all-important trip to the pharmacy for those necessary items–my medicated shampoo (I have a psoriasis-like scalp condition and can’t do without the stuff), new razors and scented shaving gel, sensitive skin cleansing cloths and most important, another box of John Freida medium golden blonde hair color. Because the white roots are truly shining across the crown of my head, so hubby gets to help return me to my yellow-haired status. Tuesday I get my hair trimmed. Hooray, I can get rid of the sheepdog bangs! Had to resort to a hat today to keep it out of my eyes. Worked like a charm. Fedoralady loves her hats.
But before our drugstore trip we went to Captain D’s for supper. I haven’t eaten out since December so even a trip to a fast food place is really a treat. I am not a great fish lover, but I do like shrimp and I love their chicken tenders at Captain D’s. Oh, it was so good. We were there early and the chicken was fresh and crispy, the baked potato nice and tender, delicious with butter and sour cream, the green beans, seasoned with bacon, so tasty–and the hush puppies. Topped it all off with sweet tea. Yummmmm.  Healthy? Well, not exactly. But it was such a treat, having gone without such food for quite some time.

Afterwards, we took a drive through downtown, where there are some beautiful old churches and homes. The pale purple of the wisteria with those graceful grape-like clusters, the brilliant fuschia, white and soft pink of the azaleas and frilled white buds on the flowering trees–it’s a beautiful time, spring, and right now it is putting on a show.

But I digress. I mentioned Mr. Mulligan and Mr. North.  Visiting  “a creat little seafood place” reminded me of John Mulligan with that impish and irresistible smile, standing on Ellie’s doorstep holding up the fish and chips bag. Talk about special delivery . . .

And the pleasure I found in my meal made me think of Lucas on his return from Russia and his craving for fish and chips, licking chocolate from his fingers after the doughnuts, something familiar, comforting, something that marked normalcy.

I tired out quite easily and the fractured tail bone and lower back began fussing at me again before we could get home. I couldn’t even eat all my meal, but Benny polished off the rest of it for me. (I have only been eating an average of one meal a day recently, so I was filling up fast). I am trying to return to a sense of normalcy in my life. Putting on my warpaint, getting dressed in proper clothes instead of PJs and lounge wear, venturing out into the world again.

Monday night we begin our Photoshop Elements class and Tuesday it’s back to town to get a haircut and brow wax. Practically a flurry of activity!  I haven’t, thank God, been stuck in a prison for eight years, just recovering from a freakish accident for a little less than five months.

Still, it felt very, very good. And the thoughts of two of RA’s gorgeous characters didn’t hurt either.

A Meal Out with Mulligan and Lucas–sort of


Thorin Oakenshield: He’s So Fine!

Thor-in, Thor-in, Thorin . . . Thorin, Thorin!

He’s so fine (Thor-in, Thor-in, Thor-in)

Wish he were mine (That heir of Du-rin)

That handsome dwarf right there (Thor-in, Thor-in, Thor-in)

The one with the long, long hair! (The heir of Du-rin)

I don’t know how I’m gonna do it (Thor-in, Thor-in, Thor-in)

But I’m gonna make him mine! (Thor-in, Thor-in, Thor-in)

He’s the envy of the fangurlz (that heir of Du-rin)

It’s just a matter of time! (before Thor-in is mine)

He’s got a big, sharp blade (that hottie dwarf I love)

With him, I’d have it made! (a gift of heav’n above!)

Makes me tingle just to think (of Thor-in, Thor-in, Thor-in)

Hey Thorin, give me a wink (you heir of Du-rin) . . .

If I were Thorin’s queen (Thor-in, Thor-in, Thor-in)

with him I’d share a throne (the heir of Durin)

I’d be his loving, loyal queen (Tho-rin, Thor-in, Thor-in)

And he’d be my very own! (my heir of Du-rin)

For he’s so fine (That hottie dwarf sublime)

He’s so fine (I’m gonna make him mine)

So fine, so fine, so fine . . .

Thorin for Thursday (because he’s soooo fine) with apologies to the Chiffons


A-Richarding we go, A-Richarding we go,
High ho, we love him so, a-Richarding we go.

We gaze upon his face, he makes our poor hearts race,
High ho, we love him so, a-Richarding we go.

We hear his voice so warm, so deep and rich and warm,
High ho, we love it so, a-Richarding we go.

We love his gorgeous smiles, most dazzling for miles
High ho we love them so, a-Richardng we go.

His talent is so grand–and have you seen those hands?
High ho, we love him so, a-Richarding we go.

He’s modest, kind and sweet, this crush just can’t be beat!
High ho, we love him so, a-Richarding we go!

His body is so fit (so VERY, very fit!)
My gosh, we love it so, a-Richarding we go.

As Thorin he will shine, so regal it’s divine,
High ho, we love him so, a-Richarding we go!

For Judit: A-Richarding We Go (some silly RA fun)


Emily Blunt. (afterellen)

Natalie Portman and a dog who looks amazingly like our late, great pooch. 😀 (EW)
Kate Winslet(starpulse)

Gwyneth Paltrow (mainstylelist)

Naomi Watts (
Cate Blanchett in her role of Galadriel. (photo by fanpop)

I’ve been trying to put together a poll this morning but polldaddy/wordpress just isn’t cooperating. So if you want to put your two cents’ worth in on this one, you will need to leave a comment. I have photos of some potential leading ladies for Richard, ranging in age from twenty-somethings to forty-somethings of American/British/Australian nationality. All have proven their acting abilities onscreen with several Academy Award winners . And a couple of them (Portman and Blanchett) Richard has worked/will work with, albeit not in a major capacity. I don’t know if he will have any screen time with Cate in The Hobbit; his work on The Phantom Menace was very slight. Richard has also mentioned Cate as a potential screen partner whose work he admires.

Romola Garai, (gentsanddames@blogspot)

Possible leading ladies for RA? Take a look.


John Williams, Grace Kelly and Rene Blancard in TCAT

Lucas North in black ops outfit makes one think what a sexy cat burglar Mr. A would make.

*Screencap RANet, other images Wikipedia)

Can’t you just see RA dressed from head to toe in black,that lithe body moving with the stealth and grace of a great dark feline, slipping in and out of the bedchambers of the wealthy to relieve them of their precious jewels? Wooing the gems (and other articles of attire) right off some unsuspecting and enamored female?

Yes, I’ve been watching Turner Classic Movies again. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love TCM with its uncut, commercial-free films from silents to great movies of more recent vintage. I am always discovering some new gem I have never seen and happily revisiting favorites. Thank you, Ted Turner.

Tonight I re-watched Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch a ThiefSet on the French Riveria in the mid 1950s, it offers witty dialogue, a romance complete with fireworks and plenty of pretty for the eyes:  gorgeous location scenery, gorgeous attire worn by gorgeous Grace Kelly, not to mention Cary Grant looking suave–and quite gorgeous– in a tux.  There is also a lavish masquerade ball sequence  with attendees in 18th century attire including an anachronistic gold lame gown that must be seen to be believed.

Cary plays  John Roby, a former trapeze artist turned jewel thief (“To my credit, I only stole from those who could afford it”). Roby has been paroled from prison for his service to the French resistance in WW II and grows grapes and flowers to earn his crust these days. Kelly is Frances, a spoiled, bored rich girl ( Frances’ mother: “I wish I hadn’t sent her to that finishing school. I think they did finish her off”) traveling with her delightfully down-to-earth mum.

A series of jewel thefts is taking place on the Riveria and the authorities are sure Roby, “The Cat,” is back in business. Grant has to prove his innocence while trying to avoid the police . . .

It’s a very enjoyable movie and yet again, I found myself casting Richard in the lead role–elegant, intelligent, crafty, alluring with an interesting back story. And he gets the girl and lives past the final credits. I think you can see the appeal I find in that.

Wouldn’t he make a great cat burglar?


I’m in an artistic mood, ladies. Of course, our talented Richard played the passionate artist Claude Monet in The Impressionists, and I just happen to be a huge fan of the Impressionist school of art. So I give you more of Impressionist artist Pierre August Renoir’s luminous paintings–and two of Renoir’s portraits of Claude himself. Oh, and a little bit of RA, too!

Renoir's portrait of Monet reading.

Renoir and a little Monet (real and reel)