The ramblings of an RA blogger; or, why I am still around.


Sometimes I ask myself why I am still around, doing this blog. Goodness knows, there are plenty of RA-related blogs, websites, forums, etc., etc., etc. out there these days. I don’t even attempt to keep up with all of them, or to always be the first to post the latest news.  I appreciate those of you out there who do, even if I don’t say it enough.

My life has gotten busier with the growth of the video production company and my own little side projects. I am doing more writing and shooting for the newspaper, and still doing what I can to promote the humane society and its work. My hand/wrist issue continues to plague me. Last week I had two nerve tests and an MRI; tomorrow I go back to get the results of the latter. It seems as if it’s been going on forever. I feel drained, physically and emotionally.

So it’s not as if I don’t have enough going on in my life that I am still around blogging about RA.


I guess I chalk it up to the fact I really, truly like Richard Armitage–Armitage, the actor and the person I perceive him to be. He’s undeniably a likeable guy–generous, humble, a great sense of humor, thoughtful, kind, hard working.  He’s got a lot going for him, with all that talent, charisma and masculine beauty, yet it seemingly has never gone to his head.  People graced with far less have much bigger egos . . .


And surely this is a wonderful time to celebrate Richard Armitage–the man who has conquered the London theatre scene this summer with his brilliant performance in “The Crucible;” the actor who brought us another Everyman hero we could root for (and a happy ending!) in “Into the Storm” and one who will once again grace the big screen in December as the majestic and conflicted King Under the Mountain, Thorin. There is still “Urban” to which we can look forward, and who knows what else may transpire? So proud of him and for him.

And he looks so good. I don’t just mean in terms of being tall, dark and handsome; we are accustomed to that with Mr. A. He seems to be in such a good place in his life: confident, at ease, comfortable in his own skin. Glowing. I think he’s happy and that makes this old fangirl happy.  I want the people whom I love and like and care for to be happy and fulfilled in their lives (even the ones who have no idea I actually exist!).





There is so much positive to focus on, it seems, in terms of Richard Armitage and his career, and yet there are fans snipping and snarling and yapping and complaining, arguing amongst themselves and accusing RA of falsehoods about his life in a way that I find truly distressing. It’s taken some of the joy and fun out of being part of this fandom for me and, from what I am told, for others.

No matter what, I am solidly behind Richard Armitage, the friend I’ve never met. Jane expressed my feelings well with this quote:

Love ya, Richie. You da man.



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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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    • And I’m so happy you both are! It says much about both you [pl] and Richard.

      I have had crushes/admiration/interest (level of fervour in exact inverse to age) for actors as long as I can remember – mostly fleeting and one after the other – but I have never really, genuinely *liked* someone as much as Rich. Now that may be a function of access to information to a degree unimaginable 30 yrs ago, but I believe it is way beyond that: unless he is a real-life actor of Olivier-esque (?) ability, we all agree he is a genuinely good man whom we have all taken into our hearts and whom we want to see progress and thrive and reach the stars he aims for. We are all stakeholders in his success and happiness. Now I’ve never experienced *that* before.

      As for you and Angie (and others), you must always bear in mind that not only have you gifted the rest of us with a stage to discuss, gossip *hem*, admire and debate all things Armitage and non-, but you have come into our lives and become part of our lives. But above all, speaking personally, I have made *real*, valued and (I hope) life-long friendships. That is a blessing beyond price.

      And it is down to *his* devilish good-looks and sheer old-fashioned gentlemanliness (? again) and *your* dedication and devotion, battling pain and adversity, that I am here and can say these things. For goodnessake, keep it up!!

      BTW & (slightly) OT: I was brought up to *try to* live by and up to the saying, “manners maketh man” which is the motto of one of our oldest and best – what we call -“public” schools, Winchester. I reckon our Rich is the embodiment of that motto. Just sayin’

      • That’s me, Wydville. I have had actors I crushed on, but never truly felt the degree of deep, abiding affection that I have for RA. It’s on a whole different level. I want only the best for our dear RA. And thank you for your kind words, my dear. It’s been a pleasure to make so many lovely and lasting friendships through this fandom. Richard’s gentlemanly nature is one of the things I love most about him—being a southern girl who has been blessed to know many fine southern gentlemen (including my own dear Benny), I do appreciate that quality in a fellow.

      • Aaaw. I console myself with my increasing awareness that the stupid shit is just that, and on the whole, looks much bigger than it actually is.

        • Yeppers. Some folks just want to stir up a heapin’ helpin’ of trouble. I had someone comment for the first time a short time ago, so it’s in moderation—and I don’t think I am going to approve it. It’s a bit confusing and I don’t think it adds anything to this discussion . . .

  1. Angie, blog when you can and when life is busy we understand. It is good to hear that you are busy, but sad to hear about your heath issues. I hope you can get some answers tomorrow at the doctors.

    I am with you on the busy life thing. I no longer stress out because I might have missed something like before. Back to school (collage and work) so less time for myself but that’s ok.

    Richard just seems to get better looking each year!

    • Katie, I can remember becoming so stressed when a livestream of an event wouldn’t work for me and I would have tears in my eyes. Now I tell myself, “It’s not worth it, just wait and you will see it eventually, kiddo.” Trying to be more “zen” about it all. I have enough real-life stuff to deal with, why get my panties in a wad over stuff like that, right? And RA is like the finest of wines—more delectable with each passing year!

  2. I have been saddened by the level of insult among fellow fans because of a disagreement. So ugly and sad. I just ignore it, but I’m lucky that I have found many like-minded RA well-wishers who don’t engage in that ugliness. You included, dear Angie!! 😀 😀 I pray your health issues see some improvement soon. Health is what it’s all about. A dear friend of mine had two hip operations and a knee replacement and it has just knocked it out of her. She is so frail now and she was so vibrant a couple of years ago. Those of us blessed with good health have nothing to complain about. Hugs!

    • Marie, I know you must be over the moon with your upcoming trip, I hope you will enjoy every minute. ❤ Re health, I think good health is one of those things we tend to take for granted until it starts eluding us. I have been battling with the FMS/CFS and its related conditions for nearly 20 years and now other things are going wrong—I am certain I will need a knee replacement eventually, and who knows what is going to happen with this darned old wrist. In my heart, I still feel pretty young; my body, however, is another story! Anyway, I will keep limping along, fighting the good fight when it comes to RA. He deserves nothing less.

  3. Love you!! Love this post!! Loved INTO THE STORM – a fun ride! Next up for me? GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

    Life has been moving at top speed, but I’ve been thinking of you, and holding positive, loving thoughts for you, your health and your test results. Am so sorry to hear about the wrist, etc. HUGS!

    Am also sorry to hear that there is (AGAIN!) dissention in the ranks (sigh) as people apparently have far too much time on their hands, and rather bitch, moan, whine, kvetch, whinge and cast aspersions rather than be happy. Which is just truly sad. And – ultimately – what does it accomplish? WHO CARES!!!???? I was unaware of the moaning, as I have been swamped, looking at a possible job change (after 25 years – hey, I started young – and now realize I am underpaid 30-50%, even in this market. YES!), so have no time for it.

    Plus, I am trying to no longer continence other people’s absurditites and dramas in my life. After all, I only have to turn on the evening news for that. And I have been in mouring for Robin Williams. So, small minded trolls just don’t concern me. And, as I have had to remind some people at work dealing with a social media issue, “Don’t feed the trolls!” Or it’s like the old adage…”Never fight with a pig. You’ll just get dirty and the pig will enjoy it.” So….

    I couldn’t give a damn what Richard does in his personal life. I do give a damn that I can’t get to London and see THE CRUCIBLE (for numerous reasons – time and money being foremost) and have done my best quietly, behind the scenes, to make select queries re: urging the possiblity of a taped TV program/DVD. I even proposed a DVD as a potential fundraiser to the Old Vic. All are stymied at the moment, I’m afraid. We shall see. I understand that others are making similar forays, apparently, so…fingers crossed.

    Good for you, Angie, for keeping up the good fight. Good thoughs, Love & Light!

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