Oh, Richard. Thank you, LAMDA.


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We’ve seen this image before of RA, performing in a play during his days at the London Academy of Dramatic Arts. A fan snapped a pic of young Armitage that was displayed there at the school and kindly shared it with fellow fans. Even with the glare across the surface of the photo partially obscuring the image, the masculine beauty of young Armitage was breathtaking.

Today LAMDA itself tweeted the image.


I feel as if a young Sir Guy got his leathers dirty, gloves and all, and had to slip into a bathrobe while the minions cleaned them.

*double sigh*

On a morning where sleep eluded me again, I can only gaze upon this image and say, “I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy . . .”

Thank you, LAMDA.

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  1. And I was supposed to go check out the text of the inscription – about 6 mths ago. Soz, all. Will do at some point. Honest.

  2. Oh my …..is that almost a smoulder?? No female there had a chance, did they?
    I had never seen this before….. do we know what year it was taken?
    (If he’s not at least 17, that’s against the law!)

    • He was in his 20s when he attended LAMDA—he’d spent a few years in musical theater after leaving Pattinson’s and the circus stint for his Equity card—so no worries, he was “legal.” With the longish hair, he’s positively Byronic. If Wydville can remember, she is going to pop by there at some point (she lives in London) and read the inscription below the pic on display at the school and share. That way we will have a date and the production he was performing in. This is *definitely* one of my very favorite photos of him from early in his acting career.

        • Yep, I have a few things done, but not having slept any last night (and only 2-3 hours in the last couple of days) I am going to try for a nap. Getting a little punchy. The problem is our older cat wants to glue herself to me. Now it’s a little cooler and drier right now—but at 81 degrees I don’t need a laptop and a lapcat!

          • Bless your heart (no sarcasm 🙂 ….. we have cats too,
            they pick the most inconvenient times to be affectionate!
            I hope you get good rest, that’s the REAL priority.

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