Guyday Friday: Ladywriter gets some TLC from the Dark Knight


“It’s a hard day, Sir Guy. A high pain day. Even my hair hurts.”

He tilted his dark head, brow furrowing. “I am sorry to hear that, my lady.” His kohl-rimmed eyes softened as his mouth curled into an affectionate smirk. “Such shiny, lovely hair it is, too.”

LW grunted and tossed a pillow in the dark knight’s direction. “NOW you sound like Mr. Ladywriter, you tease.”

Sir Guy adroitly caught the pillow with one hand and swept her a gallant bow. Flicking back his raven mane, he flashed her one of those dazzling grins.

“We are both here to serve you, my dear LW . . . now may I get you a cold drink and a compress  . . . perhaps a gentle foot and hand massage?” He purred.


Well, who am I to tell Sir Guy “no”?!?

Happy Guyday Friday




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  1. Just a note, Angie–I saw your edit of Richard as John Proctor on the Harem Board–far and away the BEST I have seen. I love it.

    • Oh, wow, thanks, Steph, there are some good ones out there. May I ask which one it was? I’ve gotten so carried away this week I have done quite a few . . . *shrugs helplessly*

  2. That was lovely ladywriter. I have discovered in the last couple of days that I have arthritus in my pelvis I have been in a lot of pain recently so if you could loan me Sir Guy for a couple of days that would be great. I’am going to see Richard next Saturday so I have something to look forward to. Take Care Angie xx

    • Thank you, AJ and I am sorry to hear about the arthritis. I’ve had it for years in my right knee and now it’s spread. Gentle *hugs* and yes, sending the beautiful Sir Guy your way to bring you some TLC and comfort . . . may you soon feel better. I hope the pain will abate and you will be able to thoroughly enjoy seeing the CReAtor perform on stage. ❤

  3. I am so glad our favourite dark knight is there for you. May his tender care bring you some relief! After that massage, might he offer you a goblet of sweet tea and a muscle relaxer?

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