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    This was heartbreaking in the play when he was led out, hardly able to walk, chained and manacled, in bare feet after being imprisoned and tortured, and the whole audience gasped at the change in John Proctor, he was bowed and beaten and croaky, and SOMEHOW smaller! your heart went out to him! It was so very poignant and moving, some of the audience were crying at the end and Richard himself says that he has ‘cried every night for weeks’ – he really does, when saying a last kiss with his wife before going to his death. ( Don’t read this if you don’t want to know!)

  2. Sorry I meant when SHARING a last kiss with his wife! (Funny from where I was the passion was all his and not really from her) but he kissed her for a long long time! mmmm and she gets that every night and twice on Weds and Saturdays!! We should ask her how it feels?!

  3. Yes Sorry Angie, you really did that picture beautifully, I don’t know how you do it but its wonderful… I saw it and went off on one, as they say – ( a daydream)

  4. Oh FL, your distressing (or whatever it’s really called) is just beautiful and really fitting with this image. Reminds me of another beautiful redemptive Figure (played by Jim Caviezel, who like RA is also a lovely man in my book). I really love your edits.

    • Thank you, SH. I think I am getting pretty good at this stuff. 😉 I certainly enjoy doing it, it’s very cathartic and relaxing, actually.
      Jim is another favorite actor of mine, coincidentally. 😀

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