Guyday Friday: Epic




Moody and temperamental, passionate and desperate, wanting to trust but finding himself constantly betrayed. A dominating alpha male with a surprisingly tender and vulnerable side. An ambitious master-at-arms determined to woo and win the woman of his dreams, devastated and driven to the edge of madness by her loss at his hands.  A dark knight who ultimately found the road to redemption–the beautiful, mercurial, ferociously sexy, truly noble Sir Guy of Gisborne. You cannot take your eyes away.






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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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          • Totally agree–it’s always nice to see one you don’t find all the time. Hope you get some sleep soon–have been suffering quite a bit from hamster-in-the-wheel brain myself lately, which is why I’m keeping such weird hours these days. Just seems like there’s always too much to worry about and I have a real problem with getting my mind to shut down just because I might want to sleep!

  1. Happy Guyday Friday !
    Ah, those Gizbornes…they have a highly decorative genetic code , don’t you think?
    Beautiful pictures, thanks Angie 🙂

      • LOL! daughter loves Archer 🙂 IMO, Clive Standen shoud play Robin, the battle for our hearts would be more fair, don’t you think? 😉

  2. It’s a nice family picture, but I was so disappointed with S3 of RH I only watched it to see RA. They jumped the shark so many times they should have filmed it at Sea World. There would have never been a woman sheriff in that timeframe and I don’t think Isabella added anything to the story line. I often wondered if they brought in the extra women because JA needed a distraction.

    • Kate was brought to keep a feisty, spirited woman as part of the gang with Marian gone, but I swear I wanted to strangle her. The beachy hair looked all wrong, I hated her stupid fake braid, and JF screeched most of her dialogue. In fact, I refer to Kate and Tuck as Screechy and Preachy. 😉 Isabella was brought in to further complicate poor Guy’s life and to be another “romantic interest” for Robin. But I got sick and tired of her, too. “You married me off when I was a child.” How many times did we hear THAT?? It was the Middle Ages. People did that sort of thing then. Get over it already!

    • I think Richard was the only reason most people watched season 3–the storylines were all over the place and there was too much focus on the women characters (never thought I’d say THAT!) and Robin’s so-called romances (after the love of his life was practically murdered in front of him).

  3. Yeah, Isabella was kind of meh for me, but RA is delicious in S3. Sigh. I loved the brooding and the hair and the darkness and I think his acting and his beauty are peaking in that season. In the dungeon with Meg, he breaks my heart. Just breaks it.

    • Oh the storylines were ridiculous==I believe I suggested at Live Journal the writers were smoking something funny (and that was before the debacle of Spooks 9!) but Richard was absolutely sublime in his performance. It has a sort of operatic grandeur to it that I love–he’s quite Heathcliffian at times here, too. And good grief, was he gobsmackingly gorgeous!! I can’t watch the ep with Meg without wanting to cry every time–oh, what am I saying. I DO cry every time. To finally find someone who accepts him and loves him unconditionally and then to lose her like that. *sniff* AND at least Guy got to die an honorable death, proud and free. Certainly didn’t give that to Lucas, did they?? 😦

        • I can’t even re-watch it, Christine. It’s the only thing of his on DVD I don’t own. I mean, I have Cleopatra and Ultimate Force and The Golden Hour, etc. etc. As good as his performance is–and it’s heartbreakingly good–I can’t put myself through the wringer again. Nope. Just can’t. That’s how deeply down the River of Denial I float. 😉

          • It’s good to hear I’m not the only one. I can just about watch the fanvids, and they make me weep already… so I’m just, I don’t think I’m up for it yet. Maybe some year I’ll girt my loins emotionally and make it so.

            • I have a hard time looking at some of the screencaps from later in the season. Fanvids I can just manage. Yeah, I would put it aside for now. There’s other stuff to appreciate that isn’t quite so–gut-wrenching.

              • I saw Spooks S9 first-run on TV. I have not been able to watch it since. I had to regard it as Richard’s audition tape for the Richard III project. What the Spooks writers did was so wrong on so many levels, I could not believe it.

              • I actually watched it on computer after downloading very shortly after broadcast. I re-watched the first couple of eps on my computer. After that–no interest to go any further.

            • Why did they have to do that to him? Perform character assassination, and then launch him off a tall building to smash into a car? I confess I was hoping by that point he’d throw Harry off the roof or take him with him. But of course, they couldn’t kill off Pearce. 😦

              • I wonder if they realized at that point that in losing Richard, it would likely be the death-knell of the show. I have not watched any of season 10 ( I understand from various sources that it’s pretty awful), and most likely wouldn’t have anyway since Richard was gone, but I honestly do NOT understand why they had to do what they did to Lucas’s character. It was so out of left field–I mean, where did that lunacy come from? Lucas was always a bit ambiguous (good Lord, they left him sitting in a Russian prison for eight years, who wouldn’t be changed by that?), but the change from hero to villain was simply unforgivable.

              • Having read an interview with the writers of 9, I got the definite impression they were smug bastards who wanted to “shake things up” and make everyone sit up and take notice (and no, I don’t remember where I read it online, sorry)–well, that, they accomplished. As far as retaining any sort of proper link to what had previously been established about this character, to using what was already in place and expanding on it in a logical and plausible manner-we noticed they did a proper bloody rotten job of it. Would I have been surprised if Lucas had experienced some sort of crack up or breakdown? No, given the hell he lived daily for all those years, but don’t turn him into some murderous bomber guy he doesn’t remotely resemble, except they are both males with dark hair. It makes MI5 look like a bunch of clowns. What, they had no photos, no fingerpaints, no anything on the “real” Lucas North?? And I won’t forgive them. Badly done, writers, badly done.

              • Well, if they were trying to accomplish killing off the show, they certainly did a great job of that. I’ve also heard that most of the new characters they brought in for season 10 were less than stellar, along with the actors they brought in to play them. As I said, I most likely wouldn’t have watched anyway, but the show had been around for a long time and got a real shot in the arm with the addition of Lucas North for those several seasons–but after losing Ros and Jo and then turning Lucas into some kind of monster, what did they expect?

              • And then they killed off Tariq and Ruth, the last couple of people I cared anything about in that final season–honestly, if they DO a Spooks movie, who the heck is gonna be in it? Sorry, but Harry Pearce is not enough to draw me to see it. Possibly some sort of prequel–before everybody was dead. :-/

              • You know, I hadn’t even considered that–I did hear some buzz about there being a “Spooks” movie, but you’re right–who was left to be in it, besides Harry? He alone wouldn’t get me into the theatre either–never liked him all that much.

              • The truth can be told now, I did, too. Spooks 9 was so nearly unwatchable anyway, and Harry had become such a sanctimonious jerk–that, along with what they did to Lucas, pretty much finished me. When I want a Lucas fix, I watch season 7 or 8.

              • He was a total smug, self-satisfied hypocrite by that point. I know there are people who loved that character dearly and couldn’t bear for anything bad to happen to him, but when I think Ruth gives her life to save HIM–what a waste!!:(

              • Absolutely–thinking about Ruth sacrificing herself for Harry makes me see little red sparklers in front of my eyes. And I saw so little of the humanity in Harry, even in the best of moments– when Lucas came back and though Harry had a pretty good idea of everything he’d gone through, I still don’t feel that Harry treated him with the consideration he deserved. I hated that.

              • I always suspected Harry had more to do with Lucas ending up in that prison and/or spending so long in it than was ever revealed. I am not so sure it was all due to Connie. And poor Lucas was so eager to prove himself to Harry. Bastard. *grumble grumble*

              • I think Lucas was so anxious to prove himself to the whole team–and especially to Harry–again, even with everything he’d been through, I thought they were very hard on him. He lost so much in those years, and I have to agree with you–Connie may have been the one who betrayed him so that he was captured, but I never believed for a second that there wasn’t more that Harry could have done to get him out of there. I think he waited until it was politically expedient for him to do so, at a horrific cost to Lucas.

              • Yes, I always felt it wasn’t so much what Harry did as what he didn’t do–the sin of omission when it came to one of his own stuck in a foreign prison. What’s that quote about when good men stand back and do nothing? Not that I ever thought Harry was a particularly good man to begin with. :-/ But I do believe Lucas was a good man; damaged, yes, and vulnerable, but essentially a decent, caring human being who was devoted to his country and who genuinely cared for his colleagues.

              • Really–with friends like Harry, who needed enemies? And Lucas was supposed to be his protegee–imagine if he’d been someone he didn’t “care” about. Yeah, right—

      • Despite the loss of Meg, I thought their brief relationship was beautiful–and I cry every time I watch it, too, Angie. His reaction to her death is completely heartbreaking–as if he recognized that he’d finally found someone who loved and accepted him for who he was (which Marian certainly never did, even when he saved her life) and who gave her life to save his, only to lose her moments later.

        • When he says, “You’d do that–for ME?” And you realize how little he thinks of his own self-worth. And the smile he gives, that they give each other, is just so beautiful. He is so noble in those moments before the near-execution in his words to his sister. And the gentleness and tenderness with which he treats the dying girl is incredibly touching. Unconditional love. He hadn’t had it in years. It is truly a beautiful, heartbreaking episode, one of my all-time favorites of RH.

          • Even knowing that it would probably do no good, he still did his best to get evil Isabella to spare her–I also think that it says quite a lot that his plea moved Robin to step in and try to save her, even though Gisborne was his mortal enemy. One of Robin’s better moments in the third season.

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