After eight years, Richard Armitage, you still move me.


I don’t have the extended edition of the BOTFA yet (maybe for Christmas if I am a very good girl). However, I have certainly appreciated getting to see the clip of   the preparation for Thorin’s final scene and the numerous screen caps from various bonus videos people have posted.


Seeing these various images–some solemn, others light-hearted–touched off a wellspring of emotions inside me.  How could I not fail to be moved seeing Richard’s preparation for Thorin’s death scene? Seeing how he lay there so quiet, so still and deep in thought, as the crew members moved around him, shifting snow, adjusting his costume, saying very little themselves as if recognizing the solemnity of the occasion.

untitled (2)

And then watching Martin and Richard acting that scene–absolutely heartbreaking. I remembered my husband reaching over and squeezing my hand to comfort me as the tears flowed freely down my face watching that scene in the theater. And I cried once again as I watched it unfold on the screen of my laptop.

Richard Armitage, I am not sure there is anybody who can die more–beautifully, poetically–than you onscreen.  I might be prejudiced, of course–but you do have a tremendous capacity to move me with your artistry.


I was also very touched seeing the little shrine the crew created on the spot where the death scene took place.

It was a fitting way to honor this larger-than-life character and the rather extraordinary man who brought him so vividly, unforgettably to life.  Here’s to Thorza!


Seeing the smile on your face as you talk about it makes me believe you were also touched by the tribute, both proud and humbled by this gesture.

Seeing you in full concentration mode–the dedicated, focused actor who is always on task–and in those lighter moments when Richard breaks through the Thorin guise and we see the grins and laughter, the humor, sweetness and genuineness reflected in those eyes–well, I am once again impressed by that dedication and drawn to the man I perceive you to be. Unpretentious, good-humored, attentive, discerning.







And huggable. Huggable is very important.



Oh, those eyes. That smile. I won’t even get into how impossibly sexy you also are here (ah, there goes that head bob as you murmur a self-deprecating remark). Beyond the obvious attractions of grey-tinged beard (growing older ever so gracefully, you are), glimpsed chest hair, lovely crinkles and that plaid shirt with its tempting snaps, there’s that aura you exhude. Yes, even in a screen cap of a candid moment.  Especially in such a moment.

Richard Armitage, after more than eight years as a fan, you still move me. Move me to tears, to smiles, to giggles, to that funny little flutter in my heart and in my stomach.

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  1. I watched th EE version in theater, and I was touched even more so than the multiple times I had seen the “cinematic” release…..This man, this actor, so became Thorin Oakenshied that no one will ever be able to fill those boots……Will he, in this role, be able to cause that reaction over time, yes, I believe every time I read my favorite book, The Hobbit, and watch the movies, over and over again….

    • Thanks for the reblog and comment, and welcome, Tessa. 😀 I have re-watched a number of his performances over the years, and it’s amazing to me what I bring away from each watch–things I didn’t notice from a previous watch. And yes, I still cry when these chaRActers I love die.
      His detailed, nuanced performances show not only a high level of craftsmanship and a passionate dedication to his profession; they show me humanity, they show me myself. This was a dream role for him and one that gave him immense satisfaction as an actor, and I am so happy that a legion of new Armitage admirers sprang forth from his portrayal of a majestic and charismatic hero with all his faults and flaws. I really cannot imagine anyone else in this role, either. It almost seems heretical to suggest it!

      • I completely agree, every character he portrays, every death, just brings me to tears…But it is HIS Thorin, (my fav book, fav character), that leaves me weak..I have not as of yet, recovered from the EE on the big screen, it was so powerful, so somber, so overwhelming to watch the funeral, the affect on “The Company” and Bilbo…For those who have not seen the EE, tissues will definitely be needed…..Richard Armitage was perfection in the role of the King under the Mountain…..

        • I think all of us have been disappointed at one time or another with screen portrayals of beloved characters from our favorite books. How wonderful that someone as caring and dedicated as Richard could be the one to bring your favorite fictional character to life on screen, Tessa. ❤ Seeing it all unfold on the big screen with Thorin's funeral must have been amazing. Lucky you! 😀

          • It was an experience I will never forget…Our theater showing was sold out, so many fans, so many more tears, so many memories….Thank you Richard Armitage where ever you are………..

  2. Beautiful post Angie. Once again it’s as if you are in my head, but you articulate so much better than I ever could my thoughts and feelings about our darling man. I am holding out for the DVD EE release here in November, but the death scene video and all the wonderful caps have been too good to miss.

    • Thanks so much, Mezz, glad I could express your feelings as well as mine. I definitely want to get the EE–I have a DVD of the original theatrical release supplied to me by my husband–but from what I’ve heard and seen I will really want to enjoy all the extras plus the deleted scenes . . . certainly what we’ve been given so far provides a taste for it. ❤

      • With the previous extended editions, it always seems to be the appendices I keep going back to to watch, with intermittent viewings of the movies themselves. There’s something about the behind the scenes footage, especially if Thorin-y Richard is to be seen, that I really love. It certainly doesn’t take away from my enjoyment of the movies themselves, that some of the production mystique is removed. If anything, knowing what goes on behind the scenes only serves to enhance it, and my appreciation of the time, commitment and love that goes into film making. Can’t wait for the BOTFA appendices. 🙂

        • Oh I am right with you there, Mezz. I always love Richard’s BTS stuff for his any of his projects, and we have such a feast of it with the Hobbit films. I think being in video production myself has made me even more interested than I used to be in how things are done, how some of that movie magic came to be, and it doesn’t spoil the cinematic experience for me, either. And Richard’s obvious enthusiasm for his work, his passion for it, always shines through in the interviews and BTS footage. I never seem to tire of it.

          I also love the WETA Chronicle books, and used part of an Amazon birthday gift card to pre-order the final one to complete my collection. I really look forward to seeing more of the artists’ conceptions for bringing these fictional worlds to life on the screen. I am so impressed with the overall level of artistry and attention to detail shown by the many, many talented artists, craftspeople, costume designers, seamstresses, makeup and prosthetic peeps who worked together on the trilogy. As an actor, it must be so satisfying to work with a cast and crew who care so much about their contribution to the project and doing their best to get it right. ❤

  3. Yes, yes and yes to everything you said! I haven’t seen the EE yet either but all these images and clips move me as well. You’d think after 9 years (for me) of being a fan there’d be some sort of RA saturation there but nope… still addicted…

  4. Amen from start to finish. I love all his chaRActers (did not see The Crucible), but Thorin’s role is that one, the special one and it was a very technical one – and he made it beyond memorable. Rare are such actors who give all of them on screen and make audience weep, cheer… for them (even when they play a baddie). I too can’t even imagine anyone else but him as Thorin. He was just born for that part, just like Sir McKellen was born to play Gandalf or Viggo Mortensen to play Aragorn. Can’t wait to get my hands on BOTFA EE, and I will weep everytime, just as I do when watching LOTR.

    And i can promise I will never get enough of him for the rest of my life – those eyes are unforgettable ❤

    • Thanks for the comment, and welcome, Andrea. Yes, I have a very soft spot even for RA’s baddies, because Richard gives them humanity, vulnerability and allows us to feel a connection to them a lesser actor could not achieve. We go on a journey with each and every one of them (as harrowing as some of those journeys can be–Francis Dolarhyde, anyone??).

      Those eyes *are* unforgettable–so beautiful and so expressive, able to convey a multitude of emotions without him speaking a single word. I am grateful to Tami and the other makeup and prosthetic artists that RA’s face was not buried under so much character makeup and latex that its expressiveness was lost or greatly diminished.

  5. I meant to comment before now, but was trying to watch the bts of Thorin’s death scene before I did. I can’t do it. I’m not sure how I’ll watch the EE.
    This is a great post, and although it hasn’t been 8 years yet for me, I’m sure that you’ve spoken for me when I’ll reach that anniversary.

    • Hey, Cill, I completely understand. It is painful and as I said, I couldn’t keep back the tears. I still can’t watch Guy’s death scene and don’t even mention Lucas’s last moments . . . can’t go there. I am glad you enjoyed the post. 😀

  6. I have a question about the lady with Richard in the photo. I found some gifs of this scene, but I haven’t seen the extras yet and don’t know who she is. Any idea? Thx

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