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More edits of the Wellie Wonder. :D




Gosh, he just looks like such a darned sweet guy.




BeFunky_1016252_600568113308335_1083841176_nMc_or_mac on twitter.jpg

OK, slept from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. and have been awake since then. Starting to pine for more sleep . . . maybe I will dream of some nattily dressed tall, dark and toothsome dude with a majestic beard and dazzling smile.¬† ūüėÄ

Eye candy with sophistication; or how much I like a sharp-dressed man


I’m frustrated and in pain, the¬†kind of pain that¬†occasionally¬†makes you think a big handful of something that would send you into oblivion¬†might not be a bad idea.¬†But this, this makes me feel better. Playing with new images of RA popping up from film premiere, less than top quality though¬†some¬†may be.¬†¬†The subject is grade-A prime.¬† Dazzling!!


Please note, ladies and gentlemen, the nape curls. No cropping of the hair for RA during these pickups (hooray!) Whilst he has the sort of skull that can handle a very short haircut, I really prefer it with a little length. Because with length we get fetching, soft-looking nape curls that beg us to reach out and ruffle . . .¬† if Meri can be Beardstroker, I want to be Angie Nape Curl Teaser!¬† And look at that profile–the noble nose and that distinguished and neatly trimmed beard.¬† And the soft smile . . . *sigh*


Well, hello, there, sharp-dressed, immaculately-groomed man of our dreams!! If the world can end with us looking at you, it won’t be so bad!


Loving this suit and tie combo on him. Looks perfectly tailored to that impressive physique. Oh, Mama . . .

Can’t wait for more pix to turn up!