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Be it Richard or Thorin–goodness gracious, it’s ALL good.


I came in after another night of rehearsal for our mystery theatre, simultaneously tired and wound up. I’d been away from the computer and internet since the early hours on Monday, so there were lots of goodies to peruse when I finally got around to it. FB had a lot, much of it from Pinterest and Tumblr, it seems. All the edits are my own.

I didn’t get the Extended Edition digital download–slow connection and limited space weighed in against it–but I must confess I do enjoy the images thus far captured and shared hither and yon.  And I have to have a little fun with it, too. 😉




Seriously, I love the behind-the-scenes glimpses of our ever-attentive and focused actor at work and those rare moments when RA’s glorious grin shines through the Thorin guise and makes my heart do a curious flip-flop. I delight in the masculine beauty personified by Richard Armitage.



Oh, dear. The nape curls. The downcast lashes. The beard.  The desire to tease those soft little curls with tips of my fingers and lay my cheek against his beard . . . *whimpering just a little*


Oh, sweet mother . . . the THIGHS.  Not to mention the biceps. And shoulders. And just general . . . yumminess.


Oh, what a handsome dwarf prince he is . . .


Oh, and this image below~~~our Richard presumably studying his lines between takes . . . *sigh* Wanted to give it the feel of an old photograph.


Tonight I am watching the film on HBO and reveling in the beauty he also brings to the complex and conflicted character of this mighty dwarf warrior. And there’s more of it to come in December . . .







Eye candy with sophistication; or how much I like a sharp-dressed man


I’m frustrated and in pain, the kind of pain that occasionally makes you think a big handful of something that would send you into oblivion might not be a bad idea. But this, this makes me feel better. Playing with new images of RA popping up from film premiere, less than top quality though some may be.  The subject is grade-A prime.  Dazzling!!


Please note, ladies and gentlemen, the nape curls. No cropping of the hair for RA during these pickups (hooray!) Whilst he has the sort of skull that can handle a very short haircut, I really prefer it with a little length. Because with length we get fetching, soft-looking nape curls that beg us to reach out and ruffle . . .  if Meri can be Beardstroker, I want to be Angie Nape Curl Teaser!  And look at that profile–the noble nose and that distinguished and neatly trimmed beard.  And the soft smile . . . *sigh*


Well, hello, there, sharp-dressed, immaculately-groomed man of our dreams!! If the world can end with us looking at you, it won’t be so bad!


Loving this suit and tie combo on him. Looks perfectly tailored to that impressive physique. Oh, Mama . . .

Can’t wait for more pix to turn up!

One last post: This pic is too freakin’ beardalicious.



And there’s a podcast interview, too, here:http://www.graffitiwithpunctuation.net/2013/05/01/pod-save-our-screen-14-praise-thorin-an-interview-with-richard-armitage/  Warning, there is some profanity from the pod hosts (is that a word? Or something off Star Trek??)

Richie has been a busy, busy boy over the last couple of days.  And looking and sounding so good amidst all his business, too. *thud*

OK, peeps, going to try to get some sleep before the big event in the morning (here) re the Q&A.  Love ya!

It’s my freakin’ RA friends on Aussie TV! AWESOME!



Meri (blonde) and Bechep (brunette) are seen towards the end of this interview with Richard Armitage done with Channel Nine Mornings in Sydney. They are the lucky ladies from the photos in the reblog I did from Servetus’s blog.  Richard looks and sounds wonderful here–so youthful and rested and HAPPY–and again, what lucky, lucky ladies to get to meet him and get their photos taken with him.

And TONIGHT (or 4 a.m. my time tomorrow) they will be part of the sold-out audience for RA’s Q&A before the screening of TH. My understanding is no live streaming of this event, but it will be recorded to share at a later date. Hoping for some photos of the event and Tweets as the Q&A progresses. I am pretty sure I will be up anyway. 😉  Lots of RA excitement in the last couple of days.

(On a less happy note, I injured my left little toe today on a sprint through the house without my shoes. Blood pooled up beneath the nail and it’s mighty tender.  Due to the awkwardness of  Lefty trying to treat it, I waited until Benny was home to receive any first aid. Still managed to walk out to the mail box and back and down to the little house and back to check on Seabee, but I never forget the darned toe. :-/ So the RA stuff came at a really good time to cheer me up!)

BTW, the ladies describe RA as nice and sweet and gorgeous. Was there any doubt??



Bold Meri gets to stroke a certain beauteous bloke’s beard. She liked it!

New Pic of RA Showing Beardy Goodness. You’re Welcome.

Richard Armitage with Alice Tynan in a photo she tweeted a short time ago.

Richard Armitage with Alice Tynan in a photo she tweeted a short time ago.

Oh, those poor AAAs who are attending the encore Hobbit screening and preceding Q&A session with Richard in NSW this week. This is what they will have to look at, the vision above and of course, the awesomeness of Thorin Oakenshield. Don’t you pity them? 😉 Yeah, riiiiiight . . .


Such a delectable man: Final Sunday SmoRgAsbord


BeFunky_London-23ddWith the allure of a star of the classic silver screen.   Nobody makes a tux look any better than he does (yes, Mr. Bond, that includes YOU).


Such masculinity in the pose, in those strong-looking, beautiful hands, the toned arms beneath the shirt, and the intensity and directness of his gaze beneath those bold dark brows.  Quietly confident.

BeFunky_photomania_15315704.jpgAnd then there’s those moments when he is just so boyishly cute and adorable. *sigh*

BeFunky_Cambear-05dddOh, Richard. *thud* The eyes, the smile. The hoodie and leather.


Richard Armitage. He’s made of magic. Nuff said.


The dazzling unforced smile. And windblown floppy hair.  😀


Stunning bearded beauty.

You made me love you . . .



Another rainy day, difficulty getting warm, FMS aches and pains, had no incentive to get going, frankly. Ah, thundering yet again. Benny and I have been watching Ramsay Behind Bars and cuddling a bit. I can’t send you a cuddle (I do wish I could send you some sweet Benny hugs), but I can send you a bit of pre-Valentine’s Day pretty courtesy of Mr. A.