OT: Prayers for Boston


Today two separate explosions occurred close to the finish line of the famed Boston Marathon. At last report, at least two people are confirmed dead and 23 injured. The eastern Mass. Red Cross has moved in to provide aid.  Those on social media are asked to tweet to allow anyone in area bars and restaurants to know they will be sweeping the streets. http://t.co/GtUhyThYL7

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Boston and those visiting and their families who were caught up in this tragic event.  No word yet on whether or not these were bombs or explosions caused by some other means. Click on links below for more information.

UPDATE: (3:39 p.m. CST) According to the Associated Press, two more bombs were located in the area and are being dismantled.

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    • I know, just a sick, tired feeling in the pit of my stomach. I always think this sort of thing is not only needless but so cowardly, assuming these are two bombs. *sigh*

        • I think in terms of these being people’s brothers, sisters, parents, kids, neighbors, friends, classmates–all the relationships that are disrupted because of this. All the people who have loved ones in the area and don’t know how or where they are and can’t get into touch with them. How frightening and frustrating.

  1. Reblogged this on Me + Richard Armitage and commented:
    my grad school ex (The Physicist)’s brother is running. No news from there. He had already lost a first cousin in the 9/11 bombings. Please pray along with us. [Comments over there.]

  2. How ghastly!! Prayers being said fervently. I don’t have TV, so I’ll soon head over to the news channel on the computer.

  3. This all seems very close to home to me. I worked in that very vicinity for ten years, during the 90’s. My brothers ran that race in years past. Two brothers live in the area.
    If this is some desperate statement from a group, they have lost all our respect.
    Praying we can all see each other more clearly as brothers, not enemies.

  4. This all hits close to home for me. I worked very near that vicinity for ten years, during the 90’s. My brothers have run that race in years past. Two brothers live in the Boston area.
    If this is some desperate statement by some radical group, they’ve just lost our respect.
    Praying we can see each other more clearly as brothers, not enemies.

    • Amen. We are all human beings. When we reach the point where we can willingly choose to do this to other human beings for whatever cause we may champion, then there is something missing in our own humanity.

  5. Absolutely shocked and disgusted at this outrage. I never will understand why, whatever is the agenda of those who perpetrate these atrocities, they could think for one moment that this will do a thing for their cause. It only disgusts us. I too am praying that something would happen to remove the bitterness they must be carrying in their hearts towards other human beings. Such acts are beyond my comprehension and it breaks my heart. My thoughts and prayers are for those who were injured and their loved ones, particularly those who have suffered loss.

    • I know, it’s so upsetting. Whether it is an act of foreign or domestic terrorism, whatever their particular agenda, it’s WRONG. Thank goodness they found the third bomb and defused it safely before it exploded or even more people would have been killed/maimed/injured. I hope all the resources we have in FBI/CIA and otherwise can come together and find the culprits soon. But as you say, it’s the hardness and bitterness in people’s hearts that leads them to do such acts and that is not so easily remedied.

  6. I tend to lurk here (a lot) because I love your posts. I was happy to keep hiding, but for this incident. It’s heinous. It’s hateful. Whatever “change” those responsible are looking for won’t happen. It just causes enormous amounts of pain to innocent people who do not deserve it. This marathon is an institution in Boston. It is all about hard work, discipline and achievement. It’s a holiday for Bostonians for pity’s sake. Why can’t something as simple and celebratory as that just remain simple and celebratory? What is the point?

    • Well, thank you, my dear, and welcome. I am sorry it had to be such a horrific event that led to you delurking. And I completely agree. This should have been a happy day, family time, baseball time, runners from around the world seeking to achieve personal goals–a good day in this historic American city and instead you have THIS. So Unnecessary, so cruel and inhumane. What a complete shame.

  7. When I got to my car after school and turned on the radio, I was horrified to learn of these events. My prayers are with all of those involved!

  8. I learned of this when I came home from work and turned on my computer. How awful. My husband has family in the Boston area.

  9. I have very fond memories of my time in Boston – a wonderful town populated with lovely people. My heart goes out to everyone touched by this tragedy. But i also feel ashamed this has touched me more than the daily news reports of acts of terrorism elsewhere in the world – because all human life should have equal value. So i’d like to suggest we extend our thoughts and prayers to all those who have died, been injured, bereaved, displaced or traumatized because someone else felt justified in pursuing their political agenda with violence.

    • I agree, bolly. Whether it’s here or on the other side of the world, it’s a terrible thing to happen to anyone. We still are not accustomed to dealing with these acts of terrorism here in US, and in other countries they are all too common.

      • I agree too. This happens way too often. The political ends…no matter what they are…of the people who do this are not met. And the suffering just continues. Where does it end? When is the message finally received that violence is not the answer?

        • It certainly doesn’t solve any problems; it only creates more and causes unnecessary pain. And when I think of innocent children being killed, as an 8-year-old boy was today, by a device specifically designed to maim human beings in its path, it sickens me. These malefactors had to know people of any age, of any station in life might be injured or killed when these weapons were set up. And they just didn’t care.

  10. I’m a regular Lurker here and I also Love all your RA posts Angie.
    I’ve also talked to you a few times in the past on Live Journal.

    But over this I felt I must respond.
    Thank-you for thinking of people that live here.
    I live in Massachusetts near the start of the Marathon in the Hopkinton area.
    We go to support the runner’s every year. I have celebrated this day for 30+ years.
    Chinook’s Mum is correct it’s a Holiday here called Patriot’s Day.
    I have a friend who ran in today’s race.

    They just said that 3 have died and 100+ injured. Many lost limbs.
    My prayers are for them.
    You are so right in all your comments.
    It just sickens me that these people that do these things “just don’t care”

    • Hello, AuroraLoo, and yes, I do remember you from my LJ blog. It is good to hear from you, I just wish it had been under different circumstances.
      This seems like such a wonderful community event for the greater Boston area to enjoy. I am so sorry it has been marred in this awful way. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all, especially those killed and injured and their families and friends.I hope they soon make headway and discovering who carried this out.

      And please, don’t be a stranger, ladies. Always happy to welcome you here.

  11. On a day like today when 3 people were killed and over 100 more maimed and otherwise injured by what appears to be a terrorist act in Boston, USA, I think about my younger children and their innocence. I hope they get to keep their innocnce for as long as possible, but the world isn’t an innocent place anymore and children need to be taught to protect themselves at an early age. God Bless that innocent child who died in today’s bombing and his parents — and all the other parents and children who suffered horrific atrocities today and every day. May God have mercy on us all.

    I’m longing for a day when we’re all a little more innocent.

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